04 Fluid Kinematics

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  Fluid Kinematics Fluid MechanicsFebruary 8, 2018  Fluid Flow Concepts and Reynolds Transport Theorem  Descriptions of:  fluid motion  fluid flows  temporal and spatial classifications  Analysis Approaches  Lagrangian vs. Eulerian  Moving from a system to a control volume  Reynolds Transport Theorem  Defined as particle moves (over time) Defined instantaneously Descriptions of Fluid Motion    streamline  has the direction of the velocity vector at each point  no flow across the streamline  steady flow streamlines are fixed in space  unsteady flow streamlines move   pathline   path of a particle  same as streamline for steady flow  streakline  tracer injected continuously into a flow  same as pathline and streamline for steady flow Draw Streamlines and Pathlines  Streamlines Ideal flow machineV 1 , b 1 V 2 , b 2
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