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  AMITY UNIVERSITY RAJASTHAN  Name of School : Amity School of Languages   Program  : BBA/AIBAS/BJMC/BFT/B.Com/LLB Course Code : 244 Course Title  : UG/PG 2 Faculty-in-charge  : Dr. Dipa Chakrabarti Credits  : 2 Course Details a) Course Objectives: To enable the students to enhance all the four skills of language: reading, writing, listening and speaking related to ã   things & objects and their usages ã    possessions & belongings ã   situating objects and persons ã   comparison of objects ã    preferences b)Learning Outcomes: After successful completion of the course, students will be able to perform orally and in writing certain social functions: Students will be able to perform communicative tasks (oral and written) like: ã   To identify objects and explain their usage in French ã   To describe one’s belongings   ã   To show and situate objects ã   To describe objects ã   To compare the objects ã   To express one’s preferences   EVEN SEMESTER 2016-2017   Course Delivery Plan    I.   Prerequisites: Unit 1 of français.com (Débutant) II.   Pedagogy/ Instruction Methodology: Lectures with the help of white board, audio cassettes/CDs and videos clips and Language Lab practicals III.   Suggested Text and Reference Books Penfornis, Jean-Luc. Français.com (débutant) Paris: CLE international, 2007 IV.   Tentative Delivery Schedule: Lecture No. Topics to be covered Learning Outcome Suggested reading from Text Book (Section/Chapter No.) 1 Acquaintance with the course content of 2 nd  semester &revision of the Unit 1 Interactive Session: Connecting student with the foreign language content of the course Course Delivery Plan(Odd Semester 2016-2017) 2 The possessive adjectives Students will be able to express their possession of things Page 26-27 3 The useful objects To be able to learn vocabulary related to objects of daily life Page 26-27 4 Expressions to express the purpose Students will be able to express their goals Page 27 5 The negation French language Students would be able to make negative sentences Page 28 6 Language Lab 7 To pose a question in French To be able to ask questions in French in multiple ways Page 28  8 The concept of “Si” as a reply in French  To be able to correctly answer when a question is in negative Page 29 9 Role play of buying an object with the help of Dialogue on Page 29 To be able to buy something in French language Page 29 10 The prepositions To be able to locate and tell the positions of things and objects Page 30-31 11 Language Lab 12 An exercise based on the prepositions to ask the positions of objects and thereby telling them To be able to locate and tell the positions of things and objects Page 30-31 13 Revision MID TERM 14 Use of adjectives in French language To express the qualities related to the things and  persons in French. Page 32 15 Colors in French To be able to express the colors in French Page 32 16 To describe the positioning, adjective and the colors of the objects available in the class. To be able to describe ones surroundings Page 33 17 To complete the missing information in the emails and other letters.  Notion of the verb “manquer” “to lack” in French To be able to express the lack in day to day life. Page 33 18 Comparisons in French To be able to express the comparisons based on  prices, quality, colors etc. Page 34 19 The pronoun “On” in French   Importance of “On” Page 34   pronoun and its right use 20 The tonic pronouns To be able to put stress and accentuation in language Page 35 21 Faire le point/Chapter end exercises Page 36-37 22 Language Lab 23 Faire le point/ Chapter end exercises Page 38-39 24 Faire le point/ Chapter end exercises Page 40 25 Language Lab 26 27 Complete revision 28 Complete revision Evaluation Scheme: S. N. Evaluation Component Weightage % Remarks 1 Mid Term 10 Closed Book /Open Book 2 Viva (Language Lab based +Class based) 15 3 Attendance 05 4 Final Examination 70 Total 100  Name of Faculty-in-charge : Dr. Dipa Chakrabarti Mobile : 9772557736 Email : dchakrabarti@jpr.amity.edu Chamber Consultation Hours : 4. pm to 5 pm (Signature of the Faculty-in-charge)
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