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1. Koala Bears By Aaron G 2. There once lived a happy koala named Greg. His wife was in the hospital about to give birth. Greg dad was out buying a present for his son,…
  • 1. Koala Bears By Aaron G
  • 2. There once lived a happy koala named Greg. His wife was in the hospital about to give birth. Greg dad was out buying a present for his son, Joey. When he got back to the hospital, he went into his wife's room and saw a new baby on his wife’s hands. He nearly fell out the window from excitement, but hung on. Two days later it was ok for them to go home. They were so happy to have a new baby at their house.
  • 3. <ul><li>“ Help It’s so dark in her,” Joey said. “Hey dad I can’t see, “Joey said. “That is because you were born yesterday,” his dad said yawning. All baby koalas are born blind and hairless. </li></ul>“ I’m cold,” said Joey. “I will call your mother to keep you warm his,” dad said “you’ll have to be in your mothers pouch from 5 to 6 months.” “But that is such a long time,” reclaimed Joey.
  • 4. “ Yes I know.” His dad said. As the years pasted by the young koala grew. “I’m going outside to explore.” Said Joey. “Ok I will go with you.” His dad said. “ Wow is this were we live” Joey asked excitedly. “Yes” his dad said. We live in the western part of Australiaaaaaaahhh. “Are you ok,” Joey asked as he hurried down the tree. ”Yes,” his dad said. “I slipped on a banana peel.”
  • 5. The highlighted areas of this Australian map are where some koalas live. Not all koalas live in these areas. Some koalas live in Northern Queensland or in southwestern Victoria.
  • 6. <ul><li>Dad I’m getting hungry. “Ok lets go find something to eat,” his dad said. On the way there Joey asked his dad a question. “What do we eat?” Well since we are herbivorous we only eat plants. </li></ul>“ Well we only eat eucalyptus leaves.” Said his dad. They are poisonous to any other mammal except for us. If we don’t find anything we wont eat. “Why not,” asked Joey? See, we koalas are very picky eaters if we don’t find what we are eating won’t don’t eat.
  • 7. <ul><li>“ C’mon lets go up that tree and eat,” His dad said. They started up the tree and a branch wacked joeys dad in the face. He fell down and landed on a pile of mud. </li></ul>“ Are you ok Joey,” asked his dad. “Yeah, but now I’m all dirty,” “Hurry up and eat so we could go to the river bank and wash up,” his dad said.
  • 8. “ When they finally arrived at the river his dad quickly got cleaned up. Ok lets go home we’ve had enough adventure for today. On their way home his dad heard some one coming.
  • 9. Shhh. Stay here. “Hello Marty,” Joey’s dad said, as the Marty the dingo starts growling at them. “Run home and tell your mother to lock the doors,” his dad said. Joey started running but turned back when he heard his dad scream. Joey came back running and grabbed a big rock. He saw Marty on top of his dad he threw himself on top of Marty and hit him three times on the head. Marty growled as his head started bleeding. Marty was going after Joey but his dad picked Marty up and threw him. Marty ran of whimpering.
  • 10. “ Glad that’s over with,” his dad said as they were climbing up the tree. “Yeah,” Joey said “Are you hurt,” he asked his dad “Just some cuts and bruises.” His dad answered him. When they got there his dad send him to bed. “We will go explore some more tomorrow,” “good night,” his dad said.
  • 11. Good night
  • 12. Bibliography bibliography
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