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   Most Tzeltallive in communities in twenty different municipalities under the Mexican system called uses and customs , which aims to respect the authorities and traditional indigenous policy. The Tzeltalwomen often wear traditional huipilblouses and black; however men do not use a traditional dress   From this moment on, the people who spoke Mayan languages were grouped forming different but interlinked cultures languages. The Spaniards conquered the Maya territory in the mid-sixteenth century, including what is now the state of Chiapas, Mexico. They founded the city of San Cristobal de lasCasas, which was on the verge of Tzeltalterritory and subdued the indigenous system of entrustment, forcing them to pay tribute   The western Mayan language group is predominant in Chiapas, whose most common variations are Tzeltaland tzotzil.1 Both languages are part of the subdivision of the Tzeltaland are closely interrelated, it is estimated that began to spread around 1200 AD January 8 the two languages are also related to other Western state Mayan languages such as Chontal, Chol, Tojolabal, Chuj, Q'anjob'al, Acatec, Jakaltekand motozintlec
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