Automatic Fuel Shut Down Valve

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ComAp Automatic Fuel Valve
  DIESEL PROTECTION SYSTEMS  Automatic Fuel Shut Down Valve SELECTION, APPLICATION ANDMAINTENANCE  Valve Number FSX-100 TEL. + 41 62 916 50 30 FAX. + 41 62 916 50 35 ELECTRONIC - HYDRAULIC - SYSTEMS 4900 LANGENTHAL SWITZERLAND E - M a i l :  AUTOMATIC FUEL SHUT DOWN VALVE The Chalwyn FSX-100 fuel shutdown valve is designed to automatically close on engine overspeed when usedin conjunction with an air intake closure valve. It incorporates a manual reset control for use after automaticclosure as required by BS EN 1834:2000. DESCRIPTIONOPERATION Check the FSX-100 reset latch is pressed in. Startengine and run up to speed. Trip the engine airintake shutdown valve, the FSX-100 shouldimmediately latch in the closed (outward) position.Reset the FSX-100. Note: The FSX-100 only requires reset after closure due to the operation of the air intake shutdownvalve. It should not close as a result of a normal engine fuel shut down. MAINTENANCE After initial running period, check the FSX-100 forany sign of fuel leakage from the connections, jointsor vent. On a three monthly basis repeat above check. Also carry out the following: a)Stop engine using air intake shut down valve.b) Check FSX-100 re-set lever has moved outwards to expose approximatly 4 mm of the lever, but do not reset.c) Start engine. Engine should only run for a short period using any residual fuel trapped between the FSX-100 and fuel injectors.d)If above checks are not satisfactory remove valve from service and return to Chalwyn for investigation. At six monthly intervals: a) Remove the 6 off M5 screws and washers retaining the diaphragm cover. Carefully remove the cover and spring but do not remove the centre nut retaining the diaphragm.b) Clean cover and orifice.c) Clean and inspect exposed area of diaphragmand retaining disc. (If diaphragm is damaged withdraw the valve from service and return toChalwyn for investigation).d) Refit spring and cover. Carry out checks listed as three monthly before returning to service. CHALWYN LIMITED RESERVE THE RIGHT TO UPDATE THIS PRODUCT SPECIFICATION WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE. CHALWYN LIMITED Chalwyn Industrial Estate, Parkstone, Poole, Dorset BH12 4PF ENGLANDTel: +44(0)1202 715800 Fax: +44(0)1202 715600 CE226 - 2  APPLICATION The FSX-100 is operated by a pressure signal fromthe engine air intake manifold. It is designed for usewith Chalwyn ‘D’, ‘Z’ or ‘X’ air intake shutdownvalves. On closure of the air intake valve, thesudden change in pressure in the engine intake willtrip the fuel shut down valve which then latches inthe closed condition. This will occur even in thesituation where for any reason the air intake valvedoes not seal sufficiently well enough to fully stopthe engine. INSTALLATION Install the FSX-100 into the engine fuel line as close aspossible to the injection pump. Note. Fuel system pressure at the point of installationshould not exceed 14 bar. Connect the 1/8 bsp tapping at the base of the FSX-100 to a convenient point on the engine air intakemanifold using small bore metallic tubing. This tubeand its fittings must be able to withstand a 10 barpressure test or, if flame tests on the engine indicate, ahigher pressure (The FSX-100 is type tested to 20 bar). Reset Lever(Press to Reset)Fuel Out(3/8 BSP)Fuel In(3/8 BSP)Connection to Intake System (1/8 BSP)
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