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  COLLECTORATE OFFICE  AIM To design a collectorateoffice at Morena. OBJECTIVE  To design a flexible and technologically-advanced working environments that are safe, healthy, comfortable, durable, aesthetically-pleasing, and accessible.  Special attention should be made to the selection of interior finishes and art installations, particularly in entry spaces, conference rooms and other areas with public accessTo prepare a space that meets the business centre requirements catering world class facility to the surrounding.  Types of Spaces An office building incorporates a number of space types to meet the needs of staff and visitors. These may include: Offices  Offices: May be private or semi-private.  Conference Rooms/ Meeting rooms Employee/Visitor Support Spaces  Convenience Store, Kiosk, or Vending Machines  Lobby: Central location for building directory, schedules, and general information  Common Space: Informal, multi-purpose recreation and social gathering space  Cafeteria or Dining Hall  Toilets or Restrooms  Physical Fitness Area  Interior or Surface Parking Areas SPACE REQUIREMENTS  Administrative Support Spaces  Administrative Offices: May be private or semi-private acoustically and/or visually. Operation and Maintenance Spaces  General Storage: For items such as stationery, equipment, and instructional materials.  Food Preparation Area or Kitchen  Computer/Information Technology (IT) Closets. See WBDG Automated Data  Processing Center for PC System related information.  Maintenance Closets
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