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  TREATMENT AND DISPOSAL BY BIOLOGICALMETHODS Fabregar, Noel Christian M.  BIOLOGICAL METHODS  Treatment methods in which the removal of contaminants is brought about by biological activity.  Biological treatment is used primarily to remove the biodegradeable organic substances (colloidal or dissolved) and nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorous) from wastewater.  Basically, these substances are converted into gases that can escape to the atmosphere and into the biological cell tissue that can be removed by settling.  FACTORS THAT AFFECT THE LEVEL OF TREATMENT ACHIEVABLE WITH BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES The type of Organic ContaminantThe concentration of the Contaminant The Presence of Inhibitors The extent of acclimatizationReaction Times  SEVERAL BIOLOGICAL TREATMENT PROCESSES HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED AND APPLIED TO MUNICIPAL AND INDUSTRIAL WASTES. Activated Sludge with Powdered Activated Carbon Activated Sludge Trickling Filter Rotating Biological ContactorFluidized Bed Contactor
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