Bookexg: a marketing outline

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1. Bookexg: A Marketing Outline 2. Executive Summary 3. What is Bookexg?? It is an Android app to carry out free book exchanges between people. 4. How does Bookexg work?…
  • 1. Bookexg: A Marketing Outline
  • 2. Executive Summary
  • 3. What is Bookexg?? It is an Android app to carry out free book exchanges between people.
  • 4. How does Bookexg work? ● Bookexg works by matching the book donors and book acceptors and make them exchange their books by meeting in a public place or using a courier service.
  • 5. Situation Analysis
  • 6. Company Overview ● Bookexg is a start up company ● Consists of 5 part time app developers and 2 graphic designers, and a manager.
  • 7. Core competencies ● Available in free and premium versions ● 3 Book exchanges per month can be carried out completely free of cost. ● Earns money by selling ads in free version ● Customised ads for users based on their app usage data analytics. ● Simple and lag free User Interface
  • 8. Opportunities ● Tap useful information from the users like their reading habits, type of books they love,etc. using data analytics and sell this information to advertisers. ● Build a large customer base.
  • 9. Threats ● Threat from competitors ● Possibilities of app malfunctions like crashes, etc. ● Shift of public towards modern ebooks and devices like kindle.
  • 10. Market Overview ● Book exchange is a relatively young market. ● Targets students and book enthusiasts. ● Heavy competition from other book exchange apps like bookswap and websites like,, etc.
  • 11. Goal
  • 12. Goal ● Build a large user base within a short span of time. ● After building a user base, focus on selling ads and make profits upto break even point. ● After break even point is reached, hire new developers and release new features to the app and further expand customer base. ● Then earn more with more ads and continue the cycle and aspire to reach 10000 downloads within 6 months.
  • 13. Strategy
  • 14. Target Market
  • 15. Competitors of Target Market ● Book exchange websites like, ● Book exchange apps like bookswap
  • 16. Collaborators ● Book Publishers (for legal permissions for book exchanges) ● App developers ● Graphic Designers ● Google Android
  • 17. Target Customers ● Habitual book readers ● School and college students ● Scholars ● Teachers
  • 18. Value proposition
  • 19. Value for Customers ● Upto 3 free book exchanges per month in the free version of app ● Unlimited number of book exchanges in the premium version. ● Very simple and lagfree user interface. ● Personal details are not shared with other users.
  • 20. Value for Collaborators ● Part time app developers are paid a fixed amount on a hourly basis. ● Special rewards for developing new features. ● Job security of 6 months for all the part time employees.
  • 21. Tactics
  • 22. How Bookexg works?
  • 23. ● Users first join Bookexg network by creating accounts. The app would get age, gender and address details. ● For book donations, users can post the details of books which they would like to donate on their public profile. ● Users can also search for the books which they would want to get and the app matches the book donors and acceptors appropriately.
  • 24. ● After matching, the app allows the donors and acceptors to chat with each other which helps them to decide how they can make the book exchange possible. ● The app provides them with 2 options for book exchange: Using Courier Services or Meeting in a public place.
  • 25. Exchange through Courier Service option ● Bookexg automatically finds and suggests the best courier service available between the donor and acceptor based on their locations.
  • 26. For Exchange by meeting in Public place ● This option is available only when the donor and acceptor are located in the same city. ● The app automatically suggests a public place which is at an equal distance between the users based on the information about their locations.
  • 27. Brand
  • 28. Logo and Tagline ● The Logo has a book and 4 people connected to each other by a globe. ● Tagline says that Bookexg is an app.
  • 29. Price
  • 30. ● Comes in 2 versions: Free and Premium ● Free version allows users to exchange three times a month with a charge of Rs. 30 for each additional exchange. ● Premium version allows unlimited book exchange. This version is also ad free. ● Cost of premium version for 1 month: Rs. 30 ● Cost of premium version for 3 months: Rs. 70 ● Cost of premium version for 6 months: Rs. 120
  • 31. Advertising
  • 32. Online and offline Publicity Online Publicity: Using Graphic designers, design posters and use social media websites like facebook and google ads to communicate to public. Offline Publicity: Post advertisements in well known english newspapers because the book enthusiasts are more likely to read news papers. Also post posters in public libraries and college notice boards.
  • 33. Implementation
  • 34. Organisational structure ● Head: Myself ● 5 part time app developers and 2 graphic designers to work under me ● Graphic designers will also be responsible for advertising
  • 35. Process of Implementation and Schedule ● Find a venture Capitalist and get some initial funds. ( before March 31) ● Finding and employing app developers and graphic designers. ( before March 31) ● Development of the initial test version of app. (before May 15)
  • 36. Process of Implementation and Schedule (Contd.) ● Testing the success of the app in a test market. For example: A college ( Test period from May 15 to June15). ● Evaluating the test results and making suitable modifications to the app. ● Make a second test to another market. (from July 1 to July 31) ● Evaluating the test results and making suitable modifications to the app. ● Rolling out the app in google Playstore.( August 15)
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