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THE BOOK OF THE THOUSAND NIGHTS AND A NIGHT A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian Nights Entertainments by Richard F. Burton This promotional edition contains the first half of Volume One and the Conclusion from Volume Ten  The Dunyazad Digital Library www.dunyazad-library.net The Book Of The Thousand Nights And A Night
  THE BOOK OF THETHOUSAND NIGHTSAND A NIGHT A Plain and Literal Translationof the Arabian Nights Entertainentsb! i#hard F$ B%rton This promotional edition contains the first half of Volume Oneand the Conclusion  from Volume Ten   The Dunyazad Digital Librarywww.dunyazad-library.net  The Book Of TheThousand Nights And A NightA Plain and Literal Translationof the Arabian Nights Entertainmentsby Richard ! Burton irst published 1885–1888 The unya#ad igital Library$$$!dunya#ad%library!netThe unya#ad igital Library &named in honor of 'hahra#ad(s sister) is based inAustria! According to Austrian la$* the te+t of this book is in the public domain&,gemeinfrei-)* since all rights e+pire 70  years after the author(s death! .f this doesnot apply in the place of your residence* please respect your local la$!This is a promotional edition! Pro/ided you do not modify it* you may print* copyor distribute this e%book freely for any non%commercial use!This e%book has been carefully edited! .t may still contain O0R or transcriptionerrors* but also intentional de/iations from the a/ailable printed source&s) in typog%raphy and spelling to impro/e readability or to correct ob/ious printing errors!Thanks to .gnacio ern1nde# 2al/1n for additional proofreading!A unya#ad igital Library book 'elected* edited and typeset by Robert 'chaechterPromotional editionApril 20152  .nscribed to the 3emoryof 3y Lamented riend 4ohn rederick 'teinhaeuser*&0i/il 'urgeon* Aden)$hoA 5uarter of a 0entury AgoAssisted 3e in this Translation!  3  ,To the pure all things are pure-&Puris omnia pura) — Arab Proverb. ,Niuna corrotta mente intese mai sanamente parole!- — “Decameron” — conclusion. ,Erubuit* posuit6ue meum Lucretia librum'ed coram Bruto! Brute7 recede* leget!- — Martial. ,3ieul+ est de ris 6ue de larmes escripre*Pour ce 6ue rire est le propre des hommes!- — Rabelais. ,The pleasure $e deri/e from perusing the Thousand%and%One 'toriesmakes us regret that $e possess only a comparati/ely small part of these truly enchanting fictions!- — Crichton’s “History of Arabia.”  4
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