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have to
    Can Use can + base form of a verb for expressing possibility. We can skip  classes. The teacher won’t notice.I’m too busy this afternoon. I can’t go out with you.Mayra can go to the party, but her sugar daddy can’t . In questions:Can  you go  running tomorrow at 3:00!es, I can . o, I can’t .    Have to Use have to/has to + the base form of a verb for expressing obligation. #orry, I can’t. I have to ork   late tonight.I !on’t have to go  to the ban$.#he has to sen! me her homewor$.%e !oesn’t have to   pay  the bills tomorrow. In questions: o  they have to ork   tomorrow!es, they !o . oes he have to stu!y tonight o, he !oesn’t .    Read this sentences carefully. Then complete each sentence with can or have to. #. I’d lo&e to go out tonight, but I ha&e a test tomorrow. #orry, but I ''''''''''''''' (study) . $. *im ''''''''''''''' (not meet) us for lunch right now. %e ''''''''''''''' (help) his sister with her car. %. +ood news I ''''''''''''''' (not wor$) late tonight.We ''''''''''''''' (go running) together at -:00. &. My sister ''''''''''''''' (not go shopping) at the mall today. '. *uancho ''''''''''''''' (go) to alifornia ne/t wee$, so he ''''''''''''''' (not play) bas$etball with us.    Can and Have to: form and common errors (e careful) It has to close  at :00. oes  he have to go  1T It has to closes. 1T 2oes he ha&e to goes 1T It has to closing. 1T 2oes he has to go (e careful) Use can ith the base form of a verb. #he can play  golf &ery well. Can  he play  tennis 1T #he can plays. 1T an he plays 1T #he can to play. 1T an he to play
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