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Cardiovascular System
  Cardiac Output When the heart contracts  Cardiac Vocabulary ã Contractility : Contractility is the intrinsic ability of cardiac muscle to develop force for a given muscle length.  Cardiac Vocabulary ã Preload : Preload is the muscle length prior to contractility, and it is dependent of ventricular filling (or end diastolic volume  …E! ã#his value is related to right atrial pressure. ã#he most important determining factor for preload is venous return  .  Cardiac Vocabulary ã Afterload : $fterload is the tension (or the arterial pressure  against %hich the ventricle must contract. ã&f arterial pressure increases, afterload also increases. ã$fterload for the left ventricle is determined by aortic pressureã$fterload for the right ventricle is determined by pulmonary artery pressure.
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