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Coro icu exam
  In Text Mode: All quesons and answers are given for reading and answering at your own pace. You can also copy this exam and mae a print out.!. hich of the following arteries primarily feeds the anterior wall of the heart#a. $ircum%ex artery&. Internal mammary arteryc. 'e( anterior descending arteryd. )ight coronary artery*. hen do coronary arteries primarily receive &lood %ow#a. +uring inspiraon&. +uring diastolec. +uring expiraond. +uring systole,. hich of the following illnesses is the leading cause of death in the -#a. $ancer&. $oronary artery diseasec. 'iver failured. )enal failure/. hich of the following condions most commonly results in $A+#  a. Atherosclerosis&. +Mc. MId. )enal failure0. Atherosclerosis impedes coronary &lood %ow &y which of the following mechanisms#a. 1laques o&struct the vein&. 1laques o&struct the arteryc. 2lood clots form outside the vessel walld. 3ardened vessels dilate to allow the &lood to %ow through4. hich of the following ris factors for coronary artery disease cannot &e corrected#a. $igare5e smoing&. +Mc. 3eredityd. 3167. 8xceeding which of the following serum cholesterol levels signi9cantly increases the ris of coronary artery disease#a. ! mg;dl&. !0 mg;dlc. !70 mg;dld. * mg;dl  <. hich of the following acons is the 9rst priority care for a client exhi&ing signs and symptoms of coronary artery disease#a. +ecrease anxiety&. 8nhance myocardial oxygenaonc. Administer su&lingual nitroglycerind. 8ducate the client a&out his symptoms=. Medical treatment of coronary artery disease includes which of the following procedures#a. $ardiac catheteri>aon&. $oronary artery &ypass surgeryc. ?ral medicaon administraond. 1ercutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty!. 1rolonged occlusion of the right coronary artery produces an infarcon in which of he following areas of the heart#a. Anterior&. Apicalc. Inferiord. 'ateral!!. hich of the following is the most common symptom of myocardial infarcon#  a. $hest pain&. +yspneac. 8demad. 1alpitaons!*. hich of the following landmars is the correct one for o&taining an apical pulse#a. 'e( intercostal space@ midaxillary line&. 'e( 9(h intercostal space@ midclavicular linec. 'e( second intercostal space@ midclavicular lined. 'e( seventh intercostal space@ midclavicular line!,. hich of the following systems is the most liely srcin of pain the client descri&es as nifelie chest pain that increases in intensity with inspiraon#a. $ardiac&. astrointesnalc. Musculoseletald. 1ulmonary!/. A murmur is heard at the second le( intercostal space along the le( sternal &order. hich valve area is this#a. Aorc&. Mitralc. 1ulmonic
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