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ChargePoint Charging Forward 2017_FINAL
  All Roads Lead to e-Mobility Insights from 10 Years of Electric Vehicle Charging Data 2017 Charging Forward Report EV Street  “By 2040, 54% of new car sales and 33% of the global car fleet will be electric.”   Electric Vehicle Outlook 2017, Bloomberg New Energy Finance  2017 Charging Forward Report | © 2018 ChargePoint, Inc.2  What’s Inside EV Adoption Is Accelerating. Let’s Go! 31 | EV Sales Blast Off 42 | EV Charging Adapts to Every Lifestyle 133 | The Business Case for EV Charging Infrastructure 184 | Expanding Incentives for EV Drivers 25 5 | EVs Drive Advances in Renewable Power and Power Distribution 286 | The Future Is Electric 32For More Information 40 Contents Cover URL:  2017 Charging Forward Report | © 2018 ChargePoint, Inc.3   More than 1/21 in 41 million 1   m  i  l  l i o n +   EV Adoption Is Accelerating. Let’s Go! In many U.S. cities, electric vehicles (EVs) are a common sight on roads and in parking lots. And the growth of EV adoption is accelerating. The U.S. will reach one million EVs sold within two years. Approximately one in four new cars sold by 2030 will be electric, and by 2040, more than half will be EVs. 1  Soon, the default car will be an EV that charges whenever it’s parked, whether that’s at home, at work, around town or on a road trip. New charging stations are popping up in garages, workplaces, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, town centers, bus and fleet depots, and everywhere else vehicles are parked. Already, ChargePoint drivers initiate more than one million public charging sessions per month, and that number is growing. “Topping off”—charging for a short time to add range to your partially full battery—will soon be as much a part of the vernacular as “filling up.”In the 2017 edition of the Charging Forward report, we take a deeper dive into how EV charging is evolving to support everything from passenger cars to buses. We also peek into the crystal ball to share what we think is ahead for fleets, autonomous vehicles, and more. 1  Electric Vehicle Outlook 2017, Bloomberg Energy Finance. EVs will have been sold in U.S. by 2020new cars sold globally by 2030 will be electricof new cars sold globally by 2040 will be electricpublic charging sessions are initiated by ChargePoint drivers per month 202020302040  2017 Charging Forward Report | © 2018 ChargePoint, Inc.4 1   EV Sales Blast Off
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