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1. Most email addresses and chats about technical issues from the conference were removed from this version of the chat.<br />Beth Raney, eXtension: (we won't…
  • 1. Most email addresses and chats about technical issues from the conference were removed from this version of the chat.<br />Beth Raney, eXtension: (we won't be emailing you, just using it for ''attendance'' purposes :))<br />Stan Skrabut, University of Wyoming: and @skrabut and @uwcesedtech<br />Todd Beane: @toddbeane also on Twitter<br />Stan Skrabut, University of Wyoming: Is there a hashtag for this presentation?<br />AppaPhil: <br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: We can use a hashtag. What about #agSMExt<br />Stan Skrabut, University of Wyoming: Great!<br />Will Gilmer: All the milk and dairy lovers out there say #moo!<br />AppaPhil: Eat Mor Chicken<br />Sarah H.: Sarah Hubbart, Animal Ag Alliance in VA ( ) and @animalag<br />Sarah Jackson Hill: Is it too late to say moo?<br />Cathleen C. Williams: greetings from LSU dairy management class<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: never too late to say#moo<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: If you are tweeting use #agSMExt hashtag<br />Stan Skrabut, University of Wyoming: Twitter hashtag for presentation is #agSMExt<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Ask questions and comment here<br />Carrie Oliver 2: Carrie Oliver <br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: <br />alexandra: can you count your hits on blogger so you know how many people are looking at the blog?<br />Beth Raney, eXtension: If you haven't already, please type your email address here in the Chat Pod. Any questions can all go here.<br />Jacquie: How did you go about getting friends for facebook page?<br />Ana Henke: How does content differ between facebook & twitter & blog?<br /> (Mike Murphy): you can use twitter and facebook with shorter content snippets to drive traffic to your blog<br />Molly Smith: the words/screen are so small, i can barely see anything...can i make it bigger?<br />Floyd Davenport: You can press F11 to make sure you are full screen on your computer<br />Amy Burgess: Hi. Will! Congratulations on your recent election as the National Young Farmers and Ranchers chairman! I am sure that you will serve and represent Alabama well!! My question is this- How much time weekly do you think that you spend working in all of your social media outlets? <br />Cheryl Stubbendieck: Hi from NEFarmBureau<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Will tweets from <br />Ruth Seeley: How many fans do you have on your Facebook page & how long did it take you to get to that number?<br />Dena Leibman: How much time per week does all your social media efforts take?<br />rick m: where do you find the time to do all of this?<br />Esther Mitchell: The audio is low. Is there anyway to turn it up.<br />Suzanne Driessen: Will, are you using these tools in combination of promoting your farm and your Extension profession? How do you keep it seperate?<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Will is not employeed by Extension<br />Kathy Koza: so do you think incentives, such as contests are primary to increasing your visitor count /fans?<br />Samantha Rich: Are y'all recording this presentation and if so, will you share the link/presentation?<br />Presenter Audio: Yes it is being recorded<br />walt whitmer: can we also get a copy of the ppts?<br />alexandra: can we get a copy of those 6 points!<br />Ana Henke: can't see slide<br />Samantha Rich: will you share the recording/slides?<br />Marissa, UGA: would you mind going back one slide for a moment?<br />AppaPhil:'s all good here!<br />Debbie Roos: Debbie Roos - - had to leave presentation and come back in and now I can see slides<br />Linda Wiles: Do you have demographics for each type of social media?<br />Dennis Kahl: what will be the location for the archived webinar?<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Arlan tweets from <br />Linda Wiles: Do you have demographics for each type of social media?<br />Dennis Kahl: what will be the location for the archived webinar?<br />Beth Raney, eXtension: The Recording will be linked on <br />Debbie Roos: how do you evaluate the results of these social media tools? specific examples<br />Anita Stuever: will slides be available for us to download later?<br />Floyd Davenport: The recording will be available at after the sesson has ended.<br />Floyd Davenport: The recording includes audio and slides<br />Elizabeth Gregory North, Texas: Would Arlan be willing to share his slides as a pdf or ppt?<br />Debbie Roos: interested to hear how he evaluates impacts besides looking at numbers of followers, hits, etc.<br />Marissa, UGA: the person you mentioned you got the social media strategies from- what was her name?<br />Samantha Rich 2: you can google social media demographics and/or facebook demographics - there are a variety of resources out there that provide an overview and some good statistics<br />Rick Koelsch: I find twitter frustrating because of the character limits. Statements made with no evidence - often inaccurate. Comments?<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Marissa, Michelle Payn-Knoper<br />Lynne Phillips, Natural Art Garden Center: How much time do you spend each day tweeting?<br />RLD: Marissa Michele Payn Knoper<br />Travis: Have you been able to translate social media efforts into cold hard cash?<br />Lynne Phillips, Natural Art Garden Center: Rick - being able to link to a larger body of work like a blog with a link <br />Beth 2: Rick, you can always like back to you Web sites and news articles to support your point. <br />Marissa, UGA: ty so much!<br />RLD: Sorry <br />Climate Times: like anything anywhere<br />Karen Russ, Clemson HGIC: Verification = good links<br />Peg Boyles UNH Extension: Rick: Think of Twitter as a great tool for improving your writing.<br />Debbie Roos: I use Twitter to interest people in a topic, then send them to my website for additional details<br />Marie Flanagan: I tweet more when I travel! Airports are great for tweeting.<br />Tracey Sullivan: I prefer twitter market updates as opposed to any other source<br />Ana Henke: How do you deal with span followers on twitter?<br />alexandra: <br />Samantha Rich 2: what was the program he just mentioned? tweet what? thanks<br />Lynne Phillips, Natural Art Garden Center: Do you tweet exclusive of your twitter account (linking it to a blog, facebook, etc) Do you post to a blog & it links to your twitter account?<br />Lynne Phillips, Natural Art Garden Center: TWEETDECK<br />Samantha Rich 2: thanks<br />RLD: Tweetdeck it is a 3rd party Twitter aggregator<br />Ruth Seeley: Leaving the chat now, but love this initiative - great webinar - thrilled to meet tech-savvy agriculturalists. Erm, farmers. :)<br />Elizabeth Wallis 2: it combines on one screen everyone that you're following<br />Dan Toland: <br />Cheryl Stubbendieck: tweekdeck -- lets you group ppl you're following into columns<br />Tracey Sullivan: I'm brand new at Twitter (~2weeks)<br />Sarah H.: Do you use any online tools to track your effectiveness on Twitter- i.e. tweetstats, etc?<br />Lynne Phillips, Natural Art Garden Center: I thought my screen was moving!<br />Climate Times: Beef Geek :-)<br />Lynne Phillips, Natural Art Garden Center: Sarah, I like tweetstats. <br />Cheryl Stubbendieck: Rich Koelsch -- need to link to your proofs!<br />Susan Crowell:, which shortens long Web address, lets you track clicks-thru and where (nation) it is; also TweetReach lets you track ''reach''<br />AppaPhil: ..all of sudden I am hungry and thirsty<br />Sarah H.: Cool- I like those tools, too!<br />David: A service called ( ) allows you to track who retweets or views the articles you link to from your Twitter account.<br />Dan Toland: Ditto on Susan Crowell's suggestions. Good tools.<br />Lynne Phillips, Natural Art Garden Center: Susan H, excellent description<br />David: Yeah, what Susan Crowell just said.<br />Debbie Roos: will all of these great tips in the chat also be preserved after the session? I haven't had time to read them all yet!<br />Glenn Babcock: Carrie has about the best Background I have ever seen for a Beef loving consumer. Glenn<br />Beth Raney, eXtension: Debbie, I'm trying to capture them, but the chat pod only holds a small number, then they disappear.<br />Glenn Babcock: Background for her Twitter accounts. Sorry<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Carrie tweets <br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: and <br />Cheryl Stubbendieck: NEFarmBureau on twitter = Cheryl Stubbendieck =<br />Lynne Phillips, Natural Art Garden Center: <br />Sonja Jo Serna-NMSU: Right-click or CTRL click (MAC) and select all... then paste chat to doc.<br />Ana Henke: yes<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: is Carrie's blog<br />Sarah H.: Love Ohio's SM guide. I often share it, too!<br />Marissa, UGA: How do we access the Ohio guide?<br />janna howley: <br />Brad: How could I get a copy of Ohio Farm Bureau's social media guide? Is it on their website?<br />alexandra: me too!<br />janna howley: it's the url I just posted<br />Marissa, UGA: TY so much! :)<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: is ohio farm bureau<br />Dena Leibman: Do you have a dedicated staff member whose sole job is to maintain the social media aspect of the site?<br />Hans: Is their new site content management system (CMS) based?<br />Jeff Reisdorfer: What twitter client do you use so multiple people are tweeting through one account?<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Dan's twitter acct. Also OhioFarmBureau<br />jp: great points Dan! it needs to be an integrated approcah, not just a channel-by-channel deal<br />Marissa, UGA: ubertwitter is great for blackberry :) and tweetdeck for desktops<br />Todd Beane: could we get a copy of the hub and spoke model slide? Good stuff.<br />Travis: seesmic is another good client<br />@chrismore: ''go where the party is at'' - totally agree<br />Jeff Reisdorfer: @Marissa Agreed. But there are other clients which allow for sorting/assigning tweets to people in the office and then push out to the single source account<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: is ohio farm bureau <br />Dena Leibman: Do you have a dedicated staff member whose sole job is to maintain the social media aspect of the site?<br />jp: Ann -- any chance we could get a list of twitter users from this call created on your page? Would love the resource! <br />Judith A. Conway: is this being recorded and will you share site<br />Anita Stuever: Does a business even eed a web site any longer? Should we do it all from a Facebook page?<br />Floyd Davenport: This is being recorded and will be posted.<br />Hans: Great question Anita<br />Dena Leibman: Can you comment on the rate of farmer adoption?<br />rick m: any way to go back to the slide with the stats on facebook/twitter use?<br />Marissa, UGA: I would say yes to maintain ownership of content - there is lots of controversy about FB and content ownership<br />Debbie Roos: I would also love to get a list of Twitter sites from participants<br />Marissa, UGA: but FB is a great tool to drive traffic<br />Jeanne Gleason 2: l<br />Jeff Reisdorfer: @Anita I would never drop a website completely. At some point, Facebook will be replaced by something else (a la MySpace). It's always good to have a ''home base''<br />Kelly Jackson 2: Where do you get the icons<br />Beth Raney, eXtension: Everyone should add their Twitter info to their profile in <br />Jeanne Gleason 2: please listthat url?<br />Jeff Reisdorfer: If anyone is looking for social media icons, visit (for non-commercial use only)<br />Jeff Reisdorfer: they are free, btw<br />Stan Skrabut, University of Wyoming: Backchannel at #agSMExt<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Some info on farmers use of mobile devices and Internet <br />Samantha Rich: you can also google image and copy/paste/link<br />UF-MREC: You can setup a wordpress blog, to post to a twitter account which can post to and fb account automatically<br />Jeff Reisdorfer: @UF-MREC Wordpress is great. Have you tried ? It's great. If people can send email, they can blog (and use social media)<br />Sarah H.: has tons of great lists of social media tools to increase productivity<br />David: I had a Twitter ''aha moment'' today. Saw someone post a link to this conference after it had started. Quickly came here, saw it was worthwhile, notified a few other people at work, and now we're all here.<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Some great ideas are being shared in chat...Thanks so much everyone<br />Jeff Reisdorfer: btw, follow us at <br />Jeanne Gleason 2: I think Dan mentioned he has a pag with their guidelines for using social media? Right? if so could you post that?<br />@chrismore: is good - Chris Brogan has a lot of good info - don't follow his main twitter unless you want 100 tweet replies a day from him.<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Ohio Farm Bureau guide is here<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: <br />Travis: I'm an idiot web guy- Issue 2?<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Jerry Thomas, could you define Issue 2<br />Kathy Koza: Travis: we need to use TweetReach! tried it on a twwet I posted last night and provides amazing results.<br />Elizabeth Wallis: Issue 2 was a ballot measure<br />Jerry Thomas, Ohio State: ssue 2 was an ohio ballot issue to create a commission focusing on livestock and animal welfare. it passed last november<br />Travis: thanks!<br />Marissa, UGA: but issue two can be anything- twitter offers a real time connection on any issue as it is happening :) hashtags help folks search for topics in twitter and get involved<br />Dena Leibman: <br />Susan Crowell: (link is to our newspaper's coverage of Issue 2, if anyone wants to learn more) @farmanddairy (Farm and Dairy, Salem, Ohio<br />Jerry Thomas, Ohio State: we could have used a hashtag to collect all the tweets from this presentation.....<br />Max Spiegel: <br />Jeff Reisdorfer: #agSMExt<br />Marissa, UGA: yep we have one :)<br />Kathy Koza: but hastags have to be consistent <br />Erin Harwood - WSU Ext: Is hashtag a Twitter program?<br />Jerry Thomas, Ohio State: cool - thx<br />Jamie Seger 2: Erin - just a search tool<br />Kathy Koza: no # before the word/idea ou want people to find <br />Jeff Reisdorfer: Is this webinar being recorded for use later? <br />janna howley: <br />Ria-HGIC: <br />Susan Crowell: hashtag is great way to follow specific topic/search. I'm following this on Tweetchat <br />@chrismore: A #hashtag is a method for joining any tweet together with a common topic. example: #pennstate #ag #green<br />Floyd Davenport: This webinar is being recorded and the link will be shared.<br />RLD: Archive of the tweets related to webinar is at <br />Ria-HGIC: <br />Susan Crowell: Archive of the #agSMExt tweets <br />Jeff Reisdorfer: Have to jump out. and on <br />Jerry Thomas, Ohio State: <br />Peg Boyles UNH Extension: You rock, Dan! Thanks!<br />Dan Toland: Thanks! :)<br />Jeff Reisdorfer: Dan, what's your twitter url?<br />Jennifer 2: Thanks Dan! Great info!<br />Brad: Great job!<br />Abby Lillpop: Thank you for that presentation. That was very helpful and informative.<br />Elizabeth Gregory North, Texas: Thanks, Dan! Great presentation, great guidance for those of us who do this for our organizations!<br />Dan Toland: <br />David: Wonderful presentation, Dan. Good tips, and I loved the description of FB as ''social media with training wheels.''<br />Sharon Katz: Very helpful - thanks, Dan.<br />Dan Toland: <br />Dan Toland: <br />Jerry Thomas, Ohio State: Thanks Dan!<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Twitter chat is a chat on Twitter usually at a specific time and where specific questions are asked<br />Dan Toland: Thanks for suggesting this, Jerry!<br />Evrim 2: we are working with organic farmers here at Iowa. our concern is their level of technology usage. Some of them just prefer using email, because they are comfortable with that. how do you make them use twitter, facebook or other forms of social media?<br />Jesse Johnson: follow South Dakota Corn <br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: My Twitter is account is <br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: Chris Raines, Penn St, <br />Leslie Sivadge 2: We hosted a social media/pr seminar for producers and invited spouses and key influences, vets, nutritionists, etc. and it really helped to have those influencers present - took away some of the producers' reluctance<br />Donna Coffin - UMaine 2: We can click on the web address and go there.<br />Dan Toland: @Jeanne Gleason 2: We don't have a page of guidelines for social media. Hopefully the slide toward the end of the presentation helped.<br />Jennifer: Dan, are u able to speak for the OFB when you tweet, etc or do you have to run all your stuff through your supervisors before u post?<br />Anne Adrian-Auburn University-ACES: : Yes Twitter is FUN<br />Dan Toland: @PegBoyles @Jennifer2 @ElizabethGregoryNorth
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