Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Pepper Mash and Hot Pepp

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  Louisiana State University  LSU Digital Commons LSU H'0'!a D'#0a0'+ a+ 5##Gaa0# S!&1986 Chemical and Physical Characteristics of PepperMash and Hot Pepper Sauce.  Abdul Rahman Awad  Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College F 0&' a+ a'0'+a  a0:&-://'%'0a!**+..#/%a!&_'0&## 5' D'#0a0'+ ' %&0 0 3 $ $## a+ -#+ a!!# 3 0&# Gaa0# S!& a0 LSU D'%'0a C**+. I0 &a ##+ a!!#-0# $ '+!'+ '+LSU H'0'!a D'#0a0'+ a+ 5## 3 a+ a0&'# a*'+'0a0 $ LSU D'%'0a C**+. F *# '+$*a0'+, -#a# !+0a!0%!0#1@.#. R#!**#+# C'0a0'+  Aa, A Ra&*a+, C&#*'!a a+ P&3'!a C&aa!0#'0'! $ P#--# Ma& a+ H0 P#--# Sa!#. (1986).  LSU Historical Dissertations and Teses . 4217.&-://'%'0a!**+..#/%a!&_'0&##/4217  INFORMATION TO USERS This reproduction was made from a copy of a manuscript sent to us for publication and microfilming. While the most advanced technology has been used to pho-tograph and reproduce this manuscript, the quality of the reproduction is heavily dependent upon the quality of the material submitted. Pages in any manuscript may have indistinct print. In all cases the best available copy has been filmed.The following explanation of techniques is provided to help clarify notations which may appear on this reproduction.1. Manuscripts may not always be complete. When it is not possible to obtain missing pages, a note appears to indicate this.2. When copyrighted materials are removed from the manuscript, a note ap-pears to indicate this.3. Oversize materials (maps, drawings, and charts) are photographed by sec-tioning the original, beginning at the upper left hand comer and continu-ing from left to right in equal sections with small overlaps. Each oversize page is also filmed as one exposure and is available, for an additional charge, as a standard 35mm slide or in black and white paper format.*4. Most photographs reproduce acceptably on positive microfilm or micro-fiche but lack clarity on xerographic copies made from the microfilm. For an additional charge, all photographs are available in black and white standard 35mm slide format.* *For more information about black and white slides or enlarged paper reproductions,   please contact the Dissertations Customer Services Department. T TA/fJ Dissertation   UiVll Information Service University Microfilms InternationalA Bell & Howell Information Company300 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106  8629151 Awad, Abdul RahmanCHEMICAL AND PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF PEPPER MASH AND   HOT PEPPER SAUCE The Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical Col.  Ph.D. University MicrofilmsInternational 300 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Ml 48106
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