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Clinical Social Science: "Equallyokedtarianism" - Liberal Arts & Humanities - In just humanistic and philosophical terms “Equallyokedtarianism” is actually NOT better understood to be ‘perfectionism’ at all.
  • 1. Clinical Social ScienceClinical Social Science The Social Psychology of “Equallyokedtarianism” Social Psychology Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • 2. DisclaimerDisclaimer This material may be quoted for educational projects – i.e., graduate students, clinical researchers, and post-doctorate professionals All quotations here within are actually either direct or paraphrased quotes from personal interviews, public lectures, or: formal clinical research journals or mass media publications. So therefore, the use of any quotations here within is understood and therefore may be used for educational purposes in: counseling practicums, social psychology research, supervised clinical psychiatry and psychotherapy. Liberal Arts and Humanities
  • 3. PreludePrelude • In just humanistic and philosophical terms “Equallyokedtarianism” is actually NOT better understood to be abstract ‘perfectionism’ at all. If “Equallyokedtarianism” were indeed believed by the proponents of it to be truly a sense of ‘perfectionism’ – philosophically and humanistically - it would be the very psychosocial focus of all world government endeavors, all futuristic religious sciences, and the preservation and advancement of actual mandatory human cloning. The truth is; the diversity and variability of “Equallyokedtarianism” is so very, very, very vast – the meticulous clinical biological, psychological, and social/cultural research study of it can be only expressed in its immense proportions as exponential and massive computations. However, with respect for formal religion - religious salvation/preservation of humankind, “Equallyokedtarianism” is the doctrine of irreducible biological and socio-cultural architectural complexity - a truly well sought after - dyad of divine creation from God in heaven. Yet, as a modern/and up-to-date secular concept, “Equallyokedtarianism” is certainly a most important and valuable Waymark for marital unions subject to all fair and just contemporary social justice systems. Finally, in terms of it as an art and science, “Equallyokedtarianism” is at least ‘creative aesthetics’ at it very best and an ‘absolute’ necessary for scientific clinical accuracy for true applied Social Psychology/and Social Psychiatry... PhD/Professor Emeritus/Professor of Humanities PhD/Professor Emeritus/Professor of Humanities
  • 4. “Equallyokedtarians” Pronunciation: “Eek quel ee yoak‘d tar ee ins” • Definition: …are any individuals who by choice, i.e., purposefully choose to bond with and marry another of the same (or nearly the same) ‘Civil identity’* within any culture are ‘Equallyokedtarians’- couples ‘equallyoked’. • Any couples who are ‘equally yoked’ 1 * Recall: a ‘Civil identity’ - describes a collective of features about a person’s present : ethnicity, political party membership, race and color, religious membership, disability/ handicap, age group/generation, proper sexual orientation, and marital status. 2 Introduction to Social Psychology
  • 5. ““Equallyoked”Equallyoked” • “Equallyoked”: (is pronounced, Eek quel ee yoak‘d, and) is when a couple - who recognize, identify with, believe in, bonds with, and marries one another purposefully who are of the same (or nearly the same) ‘Civil identity’*, in a multi- cultural society. 1 Sociology: Soc101
  • 6. A “Civil Identity”…A “Civil Identity”… • Ethnicity • Political Party • Religion • Race • Age – minimal legal age for consent/marriage • Color • Sex • Sexual (pleasure peference) orientation • Marital Status 1,2,3 Social Psychology: SocPsy 200
  • 7. Review of ‘Principles’Review of ‘Principles’ • Why ‘Equallyokedtarianism’ is important. – Secular Judiciary/Law & Justice, Religious doctrine/Beliefs, Arts and Clinical Social Sciences, etc • Why it is important to take care of any ‘pre- equallyoked’ and/or ‘equallyoked’ relationships. – Dictates of conscience, Social Mores/Ethics, Social Harmony, Moral values, etc. • Why ‘equallyoked’ coupleships must ‘fit in’ to a diverse and varied evolving multicultural society. – Civil rights, Freedoms: i.e., the Pursuit of Happiness in Legal Citizenship, and Human rights, etc.1,2,3 Law & Justice 101/RLGN500/SocPsy202
  • 8. ““Equallyoked”Equallyoked” • A vast, through, and in-depth research project thru the professional literature has proven there is a very diverse variety of the use for the word/ terminology - pronounced and applied, such as: – “equallyoked” – “equally yoked” and – “equally-yoked” • Generally, the word as explored above represents a good variation in meaning from secular, religious and arts&sciences points of views. 1,2,3 Phil 101/Etymology/SocPsy 202
  • 9. PoVsPoVs (Points of Views)(Points of Views) Secular – spelled: “Equallyoked” - same pronunciation • A couple’s ‘Civil identity’ is the same/or similar and based upon features that are recognized by civil authorities. Art & Science – spelled: “Equally-yoked” - same pronunciation • A clinically preferred ‘reference couple’ for conducting formal research studies in the social sciences. Religious – spelled: “Equally Yoked” - same pronunciation • A guiding religious doctrine for couples/a system of beliefs, i.e., originated in heaven and designed by God. Social Psychology: SocPsy 202 1 11
  • 10. Coupling up….Coupling up…. • Nonequallyoked – Couples who do recognize ‘equallyokedtarianism’ as a social mores and yet for their own ulterior motives still choose to violate such social mores as their rash option. • Unequallyoked – Couples who are rather naïve, thus they inadvertently demonstrate an opposition to ‘equallyokedtarianism’–an established social mores. • Anti-equallyoked – Couples who are a bit mentally/ emotionally disturbed and are deliberately active against proper socialization, contrary to ‘equallyokedtarianism’ and social mores.1,2,3 …in a ‘hook up’ culture Social Psychology: SocPsy 202
  • 11. ““Origins” of BehavioursOrigins” of Behaviours “Equallyoked” • A socially ‘proper’ relationship-union • High level morality r/t established social ethics • Deep meaningful sense of relatedness “Concupiscence” • A random opportunity r/t a sex based relationship. • Infatuation, immoral, lustful, sexual passions • Fun, and/or orgasm orientated 1 Social Psychology: SocPsy 202
  • 12. SocialSocial IdentityIdentity && Civil IdentityCivil Identity “Social Identity” A person’s sense of belongingness to a variety of important identified social categories/groups such as; • Citizenship: a Nation • Residency: Location of home, etc • Property: OWNERship or co-Ownership in Real estate, e.g., homes, vacation homes, office buildings, land, and may include motor homes, RVs, cars, boats, planes, etc. • Profession: trade, vocation, skill, craft boards or unions, etc • Education: Credentials, degrees, diplomas, certifications, and also documentation of registration and licenses, etc. • Titles: clubs, associations, organizations, etc. • Socio-economic CLASS: Amount of money in bank, in stocks and bonds investments, in bank notes and certificates, tax classification, etc.1,2,3 “Civil Identity” A term first introduced in Social Psychology - describing a collective of features concerning an individual’s present • Ethnicity: Ancestry/Language • Political party: Membership • Race: DNA • Color: Skin • Religious: Beliefs/Membership • Disability/ Gandicap: • Age/ Generation: • Sex/ Gender • Sexual (Pleasure preference) Orientation: • Marital Status:1,2,3 Social Psychology: SocPsy 202
  • 13. Wholistic TheologiesWholistic Theologies • Theoevolution – The perfect ‘equally yoked’ couple evolved. • Prehistoric/Anthropological – Man & Woman • Theo-creationists – God created the perfect couple – equallyoked • Adam & Eve – Intelligent Design – DNA • Theological philosophy – Symbolic perfection - in the Garden of Eden • Eternal - Marriage and Family Happiness 1,2,3 Social Psychology: SocPsy 333
  • 14. Clinical Social ScientistsClinical Social Scientists • The optimal clinical ‘equallyoked’ couple are hermaphrodites – as ‘the reference couple’1 • A hermaphrodite couple - perfectly clinically matched as ‘equallyoked helpmeets’ 1, 2 • The very best clinical “Reference Couple” are indeed hermaphrodites – who are “equallyoked” 2, 3 Social Psychology: SocPsy 204
  • 15. ““PersPersoonal Identity”nal Identity” Family Identity Civil Identity Social Identity PersonalityPersonality Character Social Psychology: SocPsy 202 PP CC 1,2,3
  • 16. ““Equallyoked” CoupleshipsEquallyoked” Coupleships • Cycles – normative biopsychosociocultural circuitry • Stages – ‘pre-equallyoked’, early, middle, and late • Phases – variations in ‘equallyoked’ relationships 1,2,3 Social Psychology: SocPsy 203
  • 17. Sample “Civil Identity”Sample “Civil Identity” • Ethnicity • Political Party • Religion • Race • Age • Color • Sex - Male • Sexual (pleasure preference) orientation • Marital Status 1,2,3 Social Psychology: SocPsy 200 • Ethnicity • Political Party • Religion • Race • Age • Color • Sex - Female • Sexual (pleasure preference) orientation • Marital Status 1,2,3 Example 1 Example 2
  • 18. A “World View”A “World View” • “Equallyokedtarianism” is based upon axiological morality as absolute historical, universal, and experiential ‘truth’. 1 Philosophy 101: Meta-ethics
  • 19. Why “Equallyoked”? Motives - a couple who are ‘equallyoked’ may do so for a variety of reasons-some of which include: • Beliefs about: life, self-image, truths & God, death, etc. • Bonding for: long term love, romance, and sex. Marriage, family/children, and financial goals. • Self esteem – individuals with a clear sense of self- marrying someone of a ‘like’ civil identity. • Family identity – to maintain the longevity and integrity of the extended family identity. • Social mores – as a preserved standard in a multicultural society for the sake of community (biopsychosociacultural) health. 1,2,3 Marriage, Family, and Child Psychology
  • 20. A “Perfect Union”A “Perfect Union” • In view of the universe, Cosmotologists, Astrophysicists, and Theoretical Physicists as professional experts all agree that the Equallyokedtarian is a ‘more perfect union’. 1 Philosophy 101: Meta-ethics
  • 21. Pro-Social JusticePro-Social Justice • Human welfare – for an ultimate biopsychosociocultural equity • Personal/human dignity – for a more fair - meaning: of right or wrong • Pursuit of ‘happiness’ – for all people, always, in all ways 1,2,3 Law & Justice 101: Rulings
  • 22. The Global IntelligenciaThe Global Intelligencia • The ideal ‘one world government’ are Kings and Queens comprised of elite ‘equallyoked’ couples, i.e., basic equallyoked helpmeets. • Equally Yoked Help Meets - Kings and Queens for each and every nation around the world. • Kings and Queens - as equallyoked helpmeets who are providence/state governors. 1,2,3,4 Social Psychology: SocPsy 700X
  • 23. …educate and inform… • “The clinician’s effort to educate and inform the patient who is exhibiting genuine signs of a desire to know more about the tenets of equallyokedtarianism should be dialogued.” French Psychotherapy Psychiatry Paris, France Name withheld to protect privacy of therapist
  • 24. QQ//AA Social Psychology Liberal Arts and Humanities
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