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  Criminal Case Case by GUAIMALIA Page 1 of 5 Republic of the PhilippinesDepartment of Justice CITY PROSECUTION OFFICE  ________________ Pia Wurtzbach- Stockinger Complainant , -versus- Marlon Stockinger  Respondent. Docket No: _________or: iolation o! R # $%&%iolence #gain't Wo(enan) their Chil)ren !------------------------------! COMP*#INT + #FFI,#IT , Pia Wurtzbach- Stockinger , of le#al a#e, ilipino,married to the respondent, and a resident of Purok $, %lock&, 'ot (, )outhville *, +untinlupa Cit, after havin# beendul sorn in accordance ith la, hereb depose andstate: $. am and the same person ho is the complainant inthe instant case &. kno the person of +arlon, bein# m husband andho is currentl residin# ith her mother (./hat out of laful marria#e, e be#ot five 012children. +a. 3enus fifteen ears old 0$12, )hamcethirteen ears old 0$(2, Janine +ari telve ears old0$&2, 4riella nine ears old 052 and +a!ine piton# 062ears old Copies of their Certificates of 'ive %irthare hereto attached and marked as 4nne!es 7%8 and 7C8 respectivel *./hat in the be#innin# of our marria#e, e livedharmoniousl as husband and ife and parents toour children until later part that the m husband hadshon and displaed irrational behaviour not  Criminal Case Case by GUAIMALIA Page 2 of 5 e!pected from a mature and a responsible husbandand father to our children1./hat hen he ent to Riadh, )audi 4rabia tosupport our famil financiall 9./hat hen he arrived in Riadh e ere in #oodstandin# and e still have a #ood communicationhoever after 9 months our communication #otunclear, that it #ot to a point that e didnt talk toeach other at all 6./hat he didnt support us financiall hen he as inRiadh, that he never #ave us anthin# to help hisfamil ;./hat it came to a point that e suffered starvationand e ate leftovers from fast-food and e be##edfor rice from our nei#hbors 5. 4lso our children stopped #oin# to school because of financial constraint that our famil as sufferin#, as not able to ork because m husband forbid meto ork for our famil $<./hat m husband often hurt me hen his mood isnot that #ood, he punched me on different parts of m bod, there as a time that he punched me inthe face that resulted in the breakin# of five of mteeth and m nose brid#e as broken$$./hat he one time uses a flat iron to burn me in thearms, after the multiple times that he hurt me, healso be#an bein# violent in havin# se!ual intercoursethat he alas cursed me sain# that am a horeand as a hore for the hole cit$&./hat alas felt like dirt and orthless after ehave se!ual intercourse  Criminal Case Case by GUAIMALIA Page 3 of 5 $(./hat hen he returned to the Philippines ithoutm knoled#e he staed ith his mother ith thecompan of his mistress$*.=hen as brosin# 7facebook8 sa theirpictures lin# in bed ith onl hite sheets to coverthem hile the ere hu##in#$1. felt like as bein# poured ith a ver coldater and as in shocked$9./hat his overt acts of inflictin# phsical harm istantamount to phsical violence > Physical Violence > refers to acts that include bodil orphsical harm $6./hat his act of continuous failure to #ive supportsince the ear &<$$ tantamount to economic abusehich is defined under R.4 5&9& or 3iolence 4#ainst=omen and their Children as: Economic abuse    refers to acts that make or attempt to make a woman financially dependent which includes, but is not limited to the following:1.Withdrawal of financial support or preventing the victim from engaging in any legitimate profession, occupation, business or activity, except in cases wherein the other spouse/partner objects on valid, serious and moral grounds as defined in rticle ! of the #amily $ode% xxxxxxxxx.&   $;./hat his havin# a overt relationship ith +arJane is tantamount to Pscholo#ical 3iolence asdefined under the la as: $. ' Psychological violence > refers to acts or omissionscausin# or likel to cause mental or emotional sufferin# of the victim such as but not limited to intimidation,harassment, stalkin#, dama#e to propert, public ridicule orhumiliation, repeated verbal abuse and mental infidelit  Criminal Case Case by GUAIMALIA Page 4 of 5 $5./hat cause the preparation of this affidavit tosupport m complaint. N = /N?)) =@?R?A, have hereunto set m handthis ____________________ at ____________,Philippines. Pia Wurtzbach- Stockinger Complainant-4ffiant SUSCRIE, #N, SWORN  to before me this _______da of )eptember &<$1.  _____________________ Cit Prosecutor
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