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Condor V2033xl_sn_97051
  A div. of TIME Manufacturing Company SELF-PROPELLED ELEVATING WORK PLATFORM MODEL V2033XL, V2033 Serial Number X935-97051 OPERATOR S, MAINTENANCE, ANO PARTS MANUAL SHIPPING ADDRESS CONDOR® A DN OF TIME MFG. CO. 8300 IMPERIAL RIVE WAco TEXAs76712 (817) 420-5200 MANUAL 92350 JANUARY 997 SIN X935-9705 I M l LING ADDRESS CONDOR® A DN OF TIME MFG. CO. P.O. Box 21447 WAco TEXAs76702-1447 (817) 420-5200 ,  A div. of TIME Manufacturing Company SELF-PROPELLED ELEVATING WORK PLATFORM MODEL V2033XL, V2033 Serial Number X935-97051 OPERATOR S MANUAL ~ \ SHIPPING ADDRESS CONDOR® A DIV. OF TIME MFG. co 8300 IMPERIAL RIVE VVACO TEXAS 76712 (817) 420-5200 MANUAL 92350.001 JANUARY 1997 SIN X93S 970S 1 MAILING ADDRESS CONDOR® A DIY. OF TIME MFG. co. P.O. Box 21447 VVAco TEXAS 76702-1447 (817) 420-5200  INTRODUCTION The primary purpose of his manual is to provide the user with a thorough understanding of he proper operating procedures necessary to comply with the intended use of he CONDOR®. THIS MANUAL MUST BE RETAINED ON THE CONDOR® AT ALL TIMES Do not attempt to operate this ONDOR® until you have read and understood all information provided in this manual. Familiarize yourself with the functions and operations of the upper and lower controls. A good understanding of the controls, their limitations, and their capabilities wili maximize operating efficiency. The various decals attached to this CONDOR® contain vital information. Read all decals before operating this CONDOR®. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow procedures while operating this CONDOR®. The manufacturer of his ONDOR® cannot control the wide range of applications that may be carrying out a variety of obs. Therefore, IT IS THE USER S RESPONSIBILITY to . personnel when making decisions regarding the intended use of his CONDOR®. It is also YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to understand and obey all federal, state, and local reg ulatioltlS regarding the operation and use of aerial work platforms. A copy of he ANSIISIA A92.6-1990 Manual of Responsibilities is attached for your use. Condor Div. reserves the right to modify, improve, add, and/or delete certain design features of ts products without any obligation to incorporate new features into products previously sold. Manuals are continually updated to reflect these changes. DO NOT ALTER OR MODIFY THIS CONDOR® WITHOUT PRIOR WRI TEN APPROVAL FROM THE MANAGEMENT OF CONDOR Div SERVICE MAINTENANCE Many of he parts used in the manufacture of his CONDOR® have specific properties, and the manufacturer recommends that replacement parts be purchased through Condor Div. in order to ensure the srcinal integrity of he product. Repairs and adjustments should only be made by trained and qualified personnel. Please refer to the maintenance and parts sections of he Condor Operation, Parts Maintenance Manual for information on service and maintenance of his CONDOR®. MANUAL 92350-001 JANUARY 1997 SIN X935·97051 i    A div. of TIME Manufacturing Company CONDOR® SERVICE INFORMATION 1. If you need assistance or have any service or maintenance questions, CONDOR® service and parts personnel are always available by phone or fax. The telephone numbers are: (817) 420-5200 Telephone (817) 420-5299 Voice Mail (800) 443-5803 FAX 2. There are numerous written Maintenance Procedures available for this CONDOR® . These procedures are available through the CONDOR® Service Department to anyone who requests them. 3. Service and maintenance are not a substitute for trained, qualified service technicians. CONDOR® conducts service schools on a continuing basis. Call any of our service or sales persons for a schedule. Remember, training of mechanics is the responsibility of their employer, but CONDOR® Service Schools help you provide this training. 4. CONDOR® Service School Training Manuals are available for purchase through the parts department. The part numbers for these manuals are: 92333 for self-propelled models; and 92334 for truck-mounted models. 8300 lMPERlALDRIVE P.O. Box21447, WACO. TEX S 76702·1447· 817-420·5200, 817-666-4544 FAX MANUAL 92350-001 JANUARY 1997 SIN X935-97051
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