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Profil metallurgy engineer
    1   CV. Material Specialists - Mechanical -Piping Engineer Engineer - Metallurgy- Welding- NDT-Coating- Inspection  – Oil &Gas -Pipeline transportation I am ready to   work in a challenging   environment,   requiring   skill and   all my   efforts to   explore and   adapt  myself in different fields and   realize my   potential and   contribute to the development   of the organization   with an impressive performance . Open to relocating, to moving abroad and anywhere in Gulf, Europe countries and maybe in Africa. University Studies ………...………………………………………………………………………… BAC+6   Certified Complementary Training ………………………………………………………………………… .. ….  Professional Experience History ... …………………….… ...................................  (From 2003 to date)   -09/2002 to 09/2003 :  INSTN (National Institute of Sciences and Nuclear Technical / CEA SACLAY- FRANCE   Diploma : DEA METALLURGY    / MATERIALS (Postgraduate Training was carried out to approximately 95%)  Research Theme : Deformation modes in cyclical solicitations of magnesium and AZ80 alloy - Central School of Paris.  -10/2001 to 08/2002 : Bethune University - FRANCE   Diploma : DEA in Urban Engineering (Postgraduate Training -80 % -not Finalized )   - 09/1995 - 06/2001 : Polytechnic National School of Algiers  –  Great Engineers School   Diploma obtained : METALLURGY Engineer (Mention: Very well)  Project of end of study : Thermal fatigue behaviour of a welding on stainless steel (A312 TP 304).   - Trainings 10/13  –   03/14 : Corrosion   / Cathodic protection & Coating Inspection - (IAP institute /Sonatrach)·  2010 : Industrial Radiography Inspector-RT ( γ +x) -(Certified level 02  –   COFREND certification)· equivalent to ASNT  2009 : Ultrasounds Inspector - (Certified level 02  –   COFREND certification). equivalent to ASNT Level II  2003 : Welding Inspector - (GTP  –   Grand Travaux Pétrolier - National Company)  2005 :  Alication of the reulations and international orientations in the event of situation urentl radioloical.     Said AIT KOUFI  –  42 years old (ALGERIA) Nationality : Algeria - Married (Children) Address : Algiers (ALGERIA) Tel : (+213) 0663.113.390 - Email:     I am experienced in Manufacturing and erection inspections of Structures, pipeline, pipes, piping, valves, flanges, storage tank, pressure vessel and all pressure equipment. Main Qualifications / Competences: Metallurgy Engineer     –   Polytechnic National School of Algiers  Welding - NDT Certified Level 02 (RT-UT-Visual Examination)  –  COFREND certification equivalent to ASNT Level II Working as an Engineer in a Tests laboratory More than 12 years of experience in the field of construction of oil and gas structures (pipelines storage tanks ...). More than 8 years working within EPC Project (QAQC - Welding Engineering, NDE, Coating, Cathodic protection)   Welding engineering; welding management; Experience in Welding supervisory.   Knowledge and practice of ASME, AWS, API and ASTM codes, specifications and standards and European norms (API 5L, ANSI B 31,  ASME Section V and IX, API 1104, 620,650 and 653, AWSD1.1 ...etc. European standards: CODAP- EN 10208-NF EN 14015   Prior work experience with industry Construction of pipeline and Tank of storage.   Proficient the welding processes and its applications, including GTAW, SMAW, FCAW and SAW   Ability to interface with Contractor and local jurisdiction in matters affecting welding and quality. Supervised Projects and demonstrated expertise in Onshore: Project supervised 2008-2013   Gas Pipeline Projects : Gazoduc RGK1, Gazoduc RGZ1, Gazoduc GK3, RG3 ( Diameter : 42’’, 40 '', 42 '')   Supervision of construction works of six storage tanks in Hassi Messaoud -HEH Project supervised 2013-2015:   Rehabilitation of Gas Pipeline GZ3 42 '' ,   Rehabilitation of Switching station / GZ4 -MEDGAZ   Gazoduc Tidikelt  –  Tamanrasset - Diameter 16’’     Gazoduc Illizi Djanet - Diameter 10’’   Tube manufacturing supervised: Supervision of manufacturing more than 1000 km of various diameter pipelines in several plants in Algeria, Asia and Europe     Manufacturing plant of Pipeline - ALFAPIPE (Algeria) , ALTUMET (Algeria) , AMPTA/ ArcelorMittal (Algeria)   Manufacturing plant tube - NOSKSEL (TURKEY) , ERSIYAS (TURKEY) , …..etc.      2   From 07/2007 to 01/2009: National Company, SONATRACH /   Pipeline Transportation Activity . The position: Inspection Engineer ( Project QAQC Engineer  )   Main missions: Quality Control Projects construction of Pipeline and tanks storage   Supervise all Welding, NDT and Coating operations.   Supervise the manufacturing of the tubes, pipelines... etc.) - Inspection of Blasting & Coating operations.   Quality control of the supply of the equipment (valves, valves and fittings, tube, sheets, etc...).   Study and checking of the technical documents relating to the supply [data sheets, control procedures DT and NDT (UT, Radiographic Testing Film), welding, heat treatment, plane quality, planning of manufacturing... etc.].Supervise and carry out the non-destructive tests. (Interpretation of the radiographic films (X/Y) and ultrasonic investigations. Supervision of welding, tests and measurements on sites projects   Checking and control of the conformity of the fabrication and construction of pressure equipment in accordance with the codes, standards and specifications.   June 2014 to date: National Company, SONATRACH / Pipeline Transportation Activity . The position:  Senior executive- Quality Control Responsible Job Duties and Main missions: (Referent Welding Engineer - NDT, Coating, Inspection)   Carry out the inspections in factory and on construction site the conformity of the welded structures and manufacturing of pressure equipment.   Approval and supervision of the Projects Quality Plan (PQP).   Upholding the project specifications and Sonatrach Procedures, ensuring all work is executed in compliance with the project plans and the contractual provisions.   Monitoring of the site welding program; establishing processes if necessary for ensuring that the welding procedures, qualifications, NDE exams and documentation requirements are followed.   Ensuring that welded structures are produced to the correct level of quality as required by the project welding & quality requirements.   Management of the QA/QC and Inspection teams in the projects site;   Provide technical expertise and support for supervision of the construction and engineering in order to ensure compliance to the applicable codes and client specifications;   Responsible for welder qualification and maintenance and approval of records. (WPS, PQR, etc...)   Manage and coordinate the NDE subcontract and QC personnel. Scheduling and coordinating of NDE with supervision of construction and engineering to ensure least impact to production.   Follow up the welding activity & process (before, during and after welding)   Follow-up and approval of the technical and lawful dossiers for launching the manufacture of pressure equipment - (Preliminary and Final dossiers).   Approval of the technical documents relating to the supply [data sheets, control procedures DT and NDT (UT, Radiographic Testing Film), welding, heat treatment, plane quality, planning of manufacturing... etc.].     January 2009 to June 2014: National Company, SONATRACH / Pipeline Transportation Activity. The position: Head of Material Department   Follow up the fabrication activities into the Workshops and factories for all equipment such as (pressure vessel, skid, steel structure, piping, Valves,..) from the Quality Control point of view.   Checks of the packing list of fabrication of the equipment according to the requirements of the codes and manufacturing standards (re-examine the non-destructive testing reports, checking of the material certificates, writing and examination of the procedures, checking of the welding dossiers, WPS, PQR...etc.)   Ensure the implementation of standards, quality and inspection of quality operations from the suppliers of the company.   Ensure the approval of the technical documents relating to the supply [data sheets, destructive and nondestructive control procedures (Interpretation of the radiographic films (X/Y) and ultrasonic investigations), Welding, heat treatment, quality plan, planning of manufacturing... etc.].   Review the welding documents WPS & PQR before any welding activity. Review the ITP for each project ã  Ensure the inspections on construction site for each project to evaluate the conformity of Welded assembly of structures and Installation of pressure equipment in accordance with the contractual requirements.   Ensure and erform eriodic audits of ualit records - Ensure the Suervision of non-destructive testin in site.    3   From 10/2003 to 07/2007: GTP  –  National Company of Great oil Work The position: Metallurgy Engineer  :   Main missions: (Destructive Test and Non-destructive tests Responsible  –  Inspection/Welding/Coating/Heat treatment)   Function Strengths:   Welding Process: SMAW, MIG/ MAG, TIG, SAW   Inspection of pressure equipment and Structural items   Inspection of Piping Items: Launcher, Pipe spool, Header, Sprinkler system etc.   Testing: Mechanical (Tensile, Bend, Sharpy test), NDT, Hydro testing and WPS & Welder qualification tests…   Resource: Work supervision, Team working attitude.   Communication and Languages skills : French and Arabic : Read and write  –  bilingual (Excellent -Fluent)  English :   Intermediate level The ability to communicate in written and oral formats with diplomacy and tact  An aptitude for exercising the independent thinking and reasoning Computer: Windows; Excel, Word, Power Point Competent in using Microsoft Office products, email systems, and Windows Driving license: Category B Expected salary : Negotiable. Notice period : Negotiable.   From 08/2006 to 10/2006: Ministry for Energy and the Mines  –  Direction of Heritage protection The position: Welding Engineer    Main missions: Detached to the Sub-directorate Quality Control and standardization of ministry.   -  Approval of the welding dossiers and the lawful tests in site and the analysis laboratories. - Study and approval of the technical and lawful dossiers of the pressure equipment.
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