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  C. Machinery, Equipment, Furniture, and Fixture The propose business needed some necessary machineries and equipment to be the apple to operates and get the satisfaction and want of the customers to perform the service they want once they enter our shop. The other machineries and equipment such as computer,  printer will be purchase from The extension wire use in the business is four meters long the total amount of all the machineries and equipment is 96,862.00. Table 3.2 Building Perspective The proponents will use the created logo of the proposed business to be the sign of the  building to easy recognize the shop. The business logo use color in light shades to be more attractive. The toilet bowl in the comport room, florescent lamp, it is already installed in renting space.  Table 3.3 Workspace Elements Code Item A Kornit IDG Printer B Computer C Electric Fan D Generator E Flourescent Lamp F Fire Extinguisher G Extension Wire H Table I Monoblock Chairs J Toliet K Cabinet L Switch M Bulb  N D. Building and Facilities The proposed business will rent a space with a total area of 20 square meters for 3,500.00 a month. The location of the business is at Brgy.9, Mamburao Occidental Mindoro. The facilities such as sanitation and power are also provided.  E. Location The propose business is located near the Occidental Mindoro National high school. It is a high visibility to customers since it is near the road and there are people and vehicles that  passed every day. G. Capacity and Scheduling The above table shows the capacity of the propose business machineries in terms of printing and designing t-shirts. The computation use by the proponents is based on the number of  pieces of printed t-shirts every hour and multiplied by the number of hours by the machine will consume a day which is ten (10) hours to be able to get the total pieces of printed t-shirts  produced a day. Then the total number of printed t-shirt produce per day is multiplied by the numbers of days in a month the business operates which is twenty seven (27)days to be able to get the total number of printed t-shirts per month and multiplied by twelve (12) to get the yearly capacity the proponent compute for the capacity of the shop to determine the projected revenue of the propose service in a year. Table 3.4 Capacity to Print/Designing a T-shirts Machine Quantity Hourly Daily Monthly Yearly Kornit DIG Printer 1 5 50 P1,350.00 P16,200.00  Table 3.5 Working Schedule Employee Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday General Manager Assistant Manager Cashier Design Personnel Printing Personnel 1 Printing Personnel 2 Legend: 8;00-12;00nn- 1:00- 5:30 11:00am  –   7:00pm The table below shows the daily working schedule of the employees of the propose  business. All employees need to report everyday to the owner and will have 30 minutes allotted for their break time. The propose business will operate from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm it depends upon the consumer demand. Every Sunday will be the day of every employee. H. Service Cost The costing is the part of operating cost which is used in all business that provide services. For calculating the price of each service, it is every necessary to collect all the expenses relating to the service offered.
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