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  English Task    *In the morning at the hospital Padang area*    Nurse 1 : “Good morning Mr and Mrs” (gereted with a friendly) Mr : “Good morning nurse.”  Nurse 1: What can i do to help you Mr and Mrs ? Mr : What’ s wrong with your daughter Mr ?  Nurse 1 : “ She throat very painful suster .” Mr : “ Ok ,please come to the examination room”   *Examination room*  Nurse 2 : “Well , I will to collect your daughter personal data. I’m going to ask you some question Mrs : “Certainly, nurse.”  Nurse 2 : “Ok Mr  s, what is your daughter name?”  Mrs : “She name is Lusi ,suster.”  N urse 2 : “How old lusi ?” Mrs : “she old 13   years old.”  Nurse 2 : “Where do you live?”  Mrs : “We  live in Pasar Baru .”  Nurse 2 : “She   have any health Insurance?” Mrs : “Yes, my family have health insurance.”  Nurse 2 : “What is it?” Mrs : “We health insurance is ASKES, nurse.”  Nurse 2 : “What grade school ?” Mrs : “She is school grade two SMP ”  Nurse 2 : “Dou you have a doctor’s referral?” Mrs : “No, I don’t have. Because he is never sick nurse, if we have pain usually we just eat vitamins.”  Nurse 2 : “Ok, first I’m going to check your vital sign your daughter  .” Mrs : “Ok”  Nurse 2 : (Doing it) “Sorry Lusi . what do you feel now? Patient : “My throat is very painful,nurse.”  Nurse 2 : “Are you sayin g that your throat is painful .?  Patient : “Yes nurse”  Nurse 2 : “When did you first notice your pain?” Patient : “I have this pain since 3 day ago, Is my condition very bad nurse? I’m very afraid”  Nurse 2 : “Don’t be afraid Lusi , you will be ok  .” “What is your pain like? Sharp, dull, stabbing, or acching?” Patient : “It’s like dull pain,nurse.”  Nurse 2 : “Owh, on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten the worst, how would you rate what you feel right now?” Patient : “I think it is about 4.”  Nurse 2 : “oke,, I have a finish to check your vital sign, your blood pressure is 100/80 mmHg, your temperature 36,5°C, your respirate is 21x/minute, and your heart rate is 86x/minute. Patient : “Is that normal nurse?”  Nurse 2 : “yes Lusi doesn’t be afraid, this is never mind” Patient : ‘oke nurse”.  Nurse 2 : “Excuse me, ok.. . .Now I want to asses your head, face, and neck”. Patient : “oke nurse”  Nurse 2 : “ Lusi, Please do my intruction...ok?? Patient : “okk”  Nurse 2: Excuse me lusi,.. I will to observe your head and your hair.. ’ Patient : Oke Nurse  Nurse 2 : Would you rise your eyebrows? Patient : “yes”  Nurse 2 : “ Please close your eyes tighly ” Patient : (close my eyes)  Nurse 2 : “now, I want to observe you eyes colour”. Patient : “oke nurse”  Nurse : “it’s time for me to check check your nose” Patient : “yes nurse”  Nurse 2 : “I’m going to press you on the spot (frontal sinus),  if you fell painful, please talk to me... Patient : “oke”  Nurse 2: Lusi please breathe with your other nostril, And I will press the other one ” Patient : ‘oke nurse”   Nurse 2 : “do you have difficultly breathing throught the nose”? Patient : ‘no”  Nurse 2 : ‘Will you do the same the opposite part?” Patient : ‘yes ..of course”  Nurse 2 : ‘Do you have nasal discharge?” Patient : “no,”  Nurse 2 : “have you experienced any injury to your nose?” Patient : “no, Nurse”  Nurse 2 : “have you ever head bleeding from your nose  Lusi ? Patient : “no, nurse”   Nurse 2 : “oke, next... I would like to examine your mouth, Are you ready Lusi? Patient : “oke, I ready”  Nurse 2: “Lusi. Please smile” Patient : (doing the instruction)  Nurse 2: Would you show your teeth? Patient : (doing the instruction)  Nurse 2 :”Do you brush your teeth every day?” Patien t : “yes...of course”  Nurse 2 : “How many time in the day? Patient : “3 x nurse”  Nurse 2 : “it’s good..can you open your mouth? Patient : “yes...AAAAAAA”  Nurse 2 : “now, I want to check your reflex    please say “AAAHHH” Patient : “AH”   Nurse : sipppp Pati ent : “okkk”  Nurse 2 : “Please, put of your cheeks” Patient :“upppsss”  Nurse 2 : “Please shurg your shoulders” Patient : “eehhhhmmmm”  Nurse 2 : “Would you flex your neck with ear toward your left and right shoulder?’ Patient : “oke”  Nurse 2 : “oke Mr. I  have finish to asses your personal data and assesment your head,face, and neck. I will consultation with the doctor about your condition ,”  Patient : “thank’s you very much nurse”  Nurse 2 :“you’re welcome” (Dr. Mitha come to the nurse room, He want to consult with nurse about a patient in the room..) Doctor : “assalamu’alaikum”  Nurse 1 : “waalaikum salam” Doctor : “What happen with a new patient Nurse?”  Nurse 1 : “I did the anamnesa and phisical assesment to  patient .” Doctor : “What she   feel nurse?”  Nurse 1: “She say that her    throat is very painful” Doctor : “owh. Okeh nurse. Thank’s you.. I will go to patient room for check general condition of patient” (Doctor and Nurse go to patient room for check the general conditions of patient.)   Doctor : “Assalamu’alaikum” Patient : “Wa’alaikumsallam” Doctor : “Are you Lusi?” Patient : “yes, Doctor I’m Lusi” Doctor :“w hat do you feel now Lusi? Patient :“my trhoat is very painfull,doc” Doctor : “oke.. I want to check your throat now.Please open your mouth ?” Patient : “How is it Doc ?“ Do ctor : “Don’t be afraid Lusi . You will be fine, now i want to write prescription for you. Please Nure give me his medical record.”    Nurse : “Oke dok.” (Nurse give medical record to doctor, and doctor Mitha write prescription for patient) Doctor : Mr this is prescripton your daughter Mr :“oke thank    you very much Doctor and Nurse.” Doctor : “You’re welcome.“    Nurse 1: “you’re welcome , we are permission, later If you need something you can call me in nurse room.”
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