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1. Engaging Influencers<br />November 24, 2009<br />Sean Moffitt @SeanMoffitt<br />President & Chief Evangelist,<br /> Agent Wildfire<br…
  • 1. Engaging Influencers<br />November 24, 2009<br />Sean Moffitt @SeanMoffitt<br />President & Chief Evangelist,<br /> Agent Wildfire<br />Oct 22, 2009<br />
  • 2. Speaking of Influencers….<br />It’s Movember time – join my team<br />http://bit.ly/3MIf4x<br />
  • 3. We find and work with Influencers<br />
  • 4. <ul><li> 40 industry/social media experts
  • 5. 100 brand communities/ initiatives
  • 6. Ongoing…</li></li></ul><li>Some of these people are not like the others….<br />
  • 7. Huh?….<br />
  • 8. If anything the social web has demonstrated the importance of influencers….<br />
  • 9. The open web has exposed our social graph….<br />
  • 10. Influence is distributed unevenly in life, social media ….and in this room<br />
  • 11. The social web works based on a small passionate group providing benefit to the masses<br />
  • 12. Me in 1992<br />Me in 2009<br />150<br />1855<br />X 12<br />X 170<br />150<br />X 12<br />2000<br />8000<br />X 500<br />X 72<br />5000<br />1700<br />X 170<br />X 120<br />2.8 Million<br />People<br />Strength<br />1800<br />People<br />Strength<br />
  • 13. For less than 15% of your audience this is actually true:<br />“I don&apos;t know how to put this but I&apos;m kind of a big deal. <br />People know me. <br />I&apos;m very important.” <br />
  • 14. Should we really be surprised that some people/customers are more influential than others?<br />
  • 15. Only 25% of people in the world are supertasters….<br />
  • 16. Only 5% of people in the world have absolute pitch….<br />
  • 17. Only 3% of people are tetrochromats….<br />
  • 18. Less than 1% of people have photographic memory….<br />
  • 19. Only 10% of golfers can break 90, 1% break 80 and 1.25 × 10-10 play like Tiger<br />
  • 20.
  • 21. And shouldn’t we want to account for them as being more valuable?<br />
  • 22. Let’s consider another industry<br />
  • 23. Salary Multiple Over<br /> Ave. Income<br />Top 100 Players NHL - $6.2 Million 177.1x<br />Next 900 Players NHL - $1.5 Million 42.9x<br />Next 1,000 Players AHL - $75,000 2.1x <br />
  • 24. Now the Influencers<br />ExpensePer Capita Multiple Over<br />Joe TV<br />Top 25 Journalists $50k $2,000 22222x <br />Top1000 Influencers $xxk ???? ??? <br />An Acquisition $50k $10.00 111.1x<br />TV Viewer $50k $ 0.09 1x<br />
  • 25. The Law of The Few: <br />“The answer is that the success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.” <br />Malcolm Gladwell, The Tipping Point<br /> <br />
  • 26. Should we care? Why do we care?<br />
  • 27. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room…<br />
  • 28.
  • 29. Fundamental changes are occurring in – the environment we build brands……<br />Shifts in media<br />Shifts in technology<br />Shifts in demographics<br />Shifts in customer needs<br />Shifts in business models<br />
  • 30. To sum up…<br />
  • 31. Brand Prerogative – <br />Engaged Brands Grow, Closed Brands Don’t<br />Engaged brand value +18%<br />Non-engaged brand value -6%<br />Source: Interbrand 2009 Best Global Brand s report<br />
  • 32. Who are we turning too…<br />
  • 33. We’re turning the marketing model upside down<br />
  • 34. The Fastest Growing Marketing/Media Segments<br />Expected 5 year <br />Compound Annual Growth Rate<br />Word of Mouth 27%<br />Internet/Mobile 14%<br />Branded Entertainment 13%<br />Custom Publishing 11%<br />Out of Home 10%<br />Source: VeronisSuhler Stevenson<br />
  • 35. What forms of new media/marketing will experience the biggest growth in the next few years (out of 22 types)?<br />Social media marketing 37%<br />Social network marketing 35%<br />Mobile marketing 34%<br />User-generated Content 31%<br />Influencer marketing 28%<br />Source: Agent Wildfire Buzz Report 2009<br />
  • 36.
  • 37.
  • 38. Why are they so damn valuable?<br />
  • 39. Brand Advocacy - as a marketer, Influencers are your “people market” multipliers<br />Brand Buzz- as a media person, Influencers are a grassroots complement and amplifier <br />Brand Perception – as a PR person, Influencers are game changing allies <br />Brand Content – as an agency or innvoator, Influencers are creative partners and crowdsourced sources of solutions and ideas<br />Brand Insight - as a researcher or innovator, Influencers are a savvy alchemy of wisdom and feedback<br />Brand Support- As an organization, Influencers, when dealt with appropriately, are extraordinarily effective and valuable brand ambassadors and cust. service agents<br /> <br />
  • 40. R<br />E<br />C<br />S<br />Four sources of Influencer power<br />x<br />x<br />x<br />Reach<br />Exposure<br />Credibility<br />Suasion<br />
  • 41. Who are they?<br />
  • 42. Not Everyone Participates Equally<br />
  • 43. The Influencers – Word of Mouth Powerbrokers<br />
  • 44. Six Types of Influencers<br />
  • 45. “The Message Creators” – 1.1% of the population<br />- Creators, The Vanguard, Prosumers, Innovators, Activists, Trailblazers, The Edge, Mavericks<br />“The Message Radar” – 0.7% of the population<br />- Conversations Starters, Alphas, Coolhunters, In-the-know, Early Adopters, Style hounds, Culture savvy,<br />“The Message Sellers” – 1.9% of the population<br /><ul><li>Evangelists, Salespeople, Persuaders, Change agents, Rainmakers, Proselytizers, Bellwethers, The Momentum</li></ul> <br />
  • 46. “The Message Credibility” – 3.6% of population<br />- Gatekeepers, Databanks, Authorities, Filters, Gurus, Torture Testers, Filters<br /> <br />“The Message Magnets” 0.8% of the population<br />- Endorsers, Mega Hubs, High Priests, Fame Magnets, A-Listers<br />“The Message Spreaders” - 1.8% of population<br />- Organizers, Sneezers, Bees, Social Glue, Converters, Chatterers, Promiscuous, Connectors <br />
  • 47.
  • 48. Tastemaker Motivations: To innovate, to create, to push the envelope, to be different <br /> <br /> <br />Tastemaker Roles in Word of Mouth:<br />· Prosumption—building new stuff, collaborative production<br />· Innovation Sounding Board—providing stimulus for innovation <br />· User Generated Content—creating marketing content<br /> <br />Profile Questions for A Tastemaker:<br />- Are you adventurous?<br />- Will you try anything once?<br />- Do you refuse to participate in mainstream activities?<br />- Would you rather lead than follow?<br />- Have you vacationed outside of Canada in the last 12 months?<br />- Do you like to create new stuff in your spare time?<br /> <br />
  • 49.
  • 50. Trendspotter Motivations: To be aware, to be first in line, exclusivity, privileged access, new styles, change, the unusual & pioneering <br /> <br />Trendspotter Roles in Word of Mouth:<br />· Beta Testers— optimizing preliminary product <br />· Advance Previews—the first to be exposed <br />· New Trialists—testimonial group for new products<br />  <br />Trendspotter Profile Questions:<br />- Do you always want to be the first to own new things?<br />- Are you a source of fresh intelligence to your friends?<br />- Are you very aware of latest styles and fashion?<br />- Can you instinctively predict what’s next?<br />- Do you love the unexpected?<br />- Are you on the cutting edge of culture and society?<br /> <br /> <br />
  • 51.
  • 52. Opinion Leader Motivation: To lead, to convince, to be recognized, to debate, to be given the stage, passion and enthusiasm <br />Opinion Leader Roles in Word of Mouth:<br />· Testimonial Advocates—public supporter of ideas<br />· Brand Ambassadors—converting others to the cause <br />· Seeded Adopters — the first to receive in-market product<br /> <br />Opinion Leader Profile Questions:<br />- Are you good at getting what you want?<br />- Are you expressive with your emotions? Do you lead conversations?<br />- Are you self-confident?<br />- Do you like to take responsibility on important stuff?<br /><ul><li> Do you participate in a lot of groups?</li></li></ul><li>
  • 53.  Expert Motivations: To be right, to be recognized as an expert, to share knowledge, to understand the details, to be asked for recommendations, to know insider information <br /> <br />Expert/Maven Roles in Word of Mouth:<br />· Product Raters/Validators— test existing products<br />· Key Stakeholders—get invited to talk to company staff <br />· Collaborators/Advocates—authentic credibility in building/advocating products <br />  <br />Expert/Maven Profile Questions:<br />- Do you consider yourself an authority on a number of subjects?<br />- Do you frequently get asked for your opinion?<br />- Do you investigate and scrutinize facts?<br />- Are you known for making the right choices?<br />- Do you rarely accept things at face value?<br /> <br />
  • 54.
  • 55. Celebrity Motivations:<br />To be known, to be recognized, to get access, to become connected with popularity, to be visible, to be a winner, to build an entourage, to stand apart <br />Celebrity Roles in Word of Mouth:<br />· VIP Insiders—getting exclusive access and star treatment<br />· Cause Torchbearers—publicly recognized ambassadors <br />· Buzz Marketing—launch parties, red carpet events<br /> <br />Celebrity Profile Questions:<br />- Do you like being the centre of attention?<br /><ul><li> Do you enjoy being noticed for your taste/fashion?</li></ul>- Are you known publicly by a wide audience?<br />- Do you enjoy being extravagant? Do you publicly reveal details of your life to others?  <br /> <br />
  • 56.
  • 57. Social Ringleader Motivations:<br />To be social, to share, to gift, to connect, to rally teams and groups, to provide a public service, to organize <br />Social Ringleader Roles in Word of Mouth:<br />· Word of Mouth Influencers— seeded brand ambassadors<br />· Referral Network — inviting others to join cause <br />- Viral Marketing —pass along content to others<br /> <br />Social Ringleader Profile Questions:<br />- Have you had a conversation with a new person recently?<br />- Do you find it easy to make friends?<br />- Do you have a lot of friend s you regularly connect with?<br />- Do you entertain/hoist events frequently?<br />- Do you have lots of different types of people in your social circle?<br />- Do you go out of your way frequently to help others?<br /> <br />
  • 58.
  • 59. How are they motivated?<br />
  • 60. Word of Mouth – A Different Mission<br />Scout/<br />Mystery<br />Shopper<br />Thinktank/<br />Sounding<br />Board<br />Turning Users, Customers and<br />Consumers <br />User<br />Customer<br />Consumer<br />Into Authors, Advisors, Producers, Scouts, Testers and<br />Collaborators & Broadcasters <br />Collaborator/Producer<br />Community<br />Member/<br />VIP Insider<br />Influencer<br />Evangelist/<br />Ambassador/<br />Advocate<br />Into Community Members, Advocates, Ambassadors <br />and Evangelists<br />Seeded<br />Adopter/<br />Beta Tester<br />AdvisoryCouncil/<br />Cause<br />Torchbearer<br />
  • 61. Three Basic Reasons Why Ideas Spread<br />“It’s Who They Are”<br />“It’s What You Do”<br />“It’s Who You Are”<br />10 Audience Attributes<br />15 Buzz Firestarters<br />11 Inescapable Traits<br />
  • 62. THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF WORD OF MOUTH <br />– THE 36 REASONS WHY PEOPLE BUZZ -<br />The Brand/Product<br />The Experience<br />The Person<br />Intrinsic-ally Motivated<br />Passionate About the Topic<br />Rallying Cry<br />Authentic<br />Altruistic<br />Intimacy<br />Likable<br />Influence<br />Involved/<br />Committed<br />Brand Experience<br />Trustworthy<br />Logo Lovers<br />Tight Boundaries<br />Extrinsic-ally<br />Motivated<br />Ritualistic<br />Social Currency<br />Edgy<br />Social Brokers<br />Network Effects<br />Innovative<br />Feedback Seekers<br />The Best At What You Do<br />Memes<br />Self-Expressives<br />Visibility<br />Easy to Talk About<br />Remarkable/<br />Outrageous<br />Ego-Driven<br />Scarcity<br />Explicitly<br />Motivated<br />Fame<br />Expertise<br />Knowledge Seekers<br />Sensory<br />Bite-Sized Participation<br />ReciprocityDealers<br />Liberating/<br />Problem Solving<br />VIP treatment/<br />Customization<br />Rewards<br />$$<br />
  • 63. The <br />Who<br />
  • 64. Sophisticated “Who” WOM Marketers<br />
  • 65. The What<br />
  • 66. Sophisticated “What” Word of Mouth Marketers<br />
  • 67.
  • 68. …Influencers notice differences<br />Top 8 Value Desirability Drivers<br />- High Quality<br />- Trustworthy<br />- Good Value<br />- Reliable<br />- Original<br /><ul><li>Simple</li></ul>- Fun<br />- Leader<br />Top 8 Differentiating Drivers<br /><ul><li> Unique
  • 69. Dynamic
  • 70. Different
  • 71. Distinctive
  • 72. Innovative
  • 73. Visionary
  • 74. Daring
  • 75. Progressive</li></ul>Source: Y&R Brand Asset valuator<br />
  • 76. Sophisticated “Product/Company” Word of Mouth Marketers<br />
  • 77. The Dos with Influencers<br /><ul><li>Be Genuine and Authentic
  • 78. Offer something exclusive
  • 79. Create an unexpected surprise
  • 80. Make it about the customer need, not your need
  • 81. Cement online influencers offline
  • 82. Answer the questions
  • 83. why will they feel good
  • 84. why will they look good
  • 85. what’s in it for them?</li></li></ul><li>The Don’ts<br /><ul><li> Have a clear focus - make it link back to business goal/strategy
  • 86. Don’t build it and leave, staff/resource for a marathon not a sprint
  • 87. Highlight contributions/show that you’ve changed
  • 88. Engage in heavy brand sell
  • 89. Never, ever….lie</li></li></ul><li>Never Forget – Humans are Hard Wired Social Animals<br />72<br />
  • 90.
  • 91. Inquire: info (at) agentwildfire.com<br />Phone: 416-255-4500<br />URL: www.AgentWildfire.com<br />Twitter @seanmoffitt<br />Blogs:Buzz Canuck<br />Spread Like Wildfire<br />Explore: The Buzz Report (e-newsletter)<br /> Signup at www.AgentWildfire.com <br />Learn: Executive, WOM Seminars<br />
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