Evidence Describing Outfits and Likes

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  Learning activity 4 /  Actividad de aprendizaje 4 Evidence: Describing outfits and likes / Evidencia:Describiendoatuendosy  gustos In this evidence, you will be evaluated on vocabulary on clothes and expressing likesand dislikes regarding clothes. /  Por medio de esta evidencia se evaluarán losnombres de las prendas de vestir y los gustos en cuanto a vestimenta. Find four photographs showing people (they could be unreal) and describe what theyare wearing. You also have to describe their preferences and likes by using thestructure:  She likes  or   He likes . /  Ubique cuatro fotografías de personas (puedenser ficticias) y describa sus atuendos. Igualmente describa los gustos y preferenciasusando la estructura:  She likes  o  He likes .  Likes She likes jeans.She likes blouses.She likes jackets. Clothes She’s wearing a write blouse.She’s wearing Brown pants.She’s wearing an orange belt.She’s wearing a Brown jacket.  Photo Likes She likes basketball.She likes the jackets Clothes Click here to write She is wearing a dress. She is wearing a black jacket. She likes dresses.  Photo Likes She likes tennis.She likes white blouses.She likes blue jeans. Clothes She is wearing a writing blouse.She is wearing blue jeans. She is wearing a long coffee jacket.
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