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Learning activity 1 Evidence: Take a break Select a celebration around the world and describe it according to the format. Include images to illustrate your ideas. You can find and example in Introductory material section 1. Describing celebrations and special occasions around the world. You have to make your description in minimum 250 words. Aspects Description Image What it is Christmas Eve is celebrated on c
  Learning activity 1Evidence: Take a break Select a celebration around the world and describe it according to the format.Include images to illustrate your ideas. You can find and example in Introductory material section 1.   Describing celebrations and special occasions around theworld. You have to make your description in minimum 250 words. AspectsDescriptionImage hat it iscelebrated.!hristmas ve is celebrated on the eve of !hristmas #ay. It is the !hristian celebration of the night that $esus was born.  %lthough the customs vary fromcountry to country& it is 'uite common a family reunion to dine and exchange gifts.here andwhen it iscelebrated.hen !hristmas is !elebrated!alendar showing 25th #ecember  %lthough #ecember 25th is the date when most people celebrate !hristmas& there are some other dates as well(Some churches )mainly *rthodox churches+ use a different calendars for their religious celebrations. *rthodox!hurches in ,ussia& Serbia& $erusalem& -kraine& thiopia and other countries use the old $ulian calendar and people in those churches celebrate !hristmas on $anuary /th.ost people in the 1reek*rthodox !hurch celebrate  !hristmas on #ecember 25th.ut some still use the $uliancalendar and so celebrate!hristmas on /th $anuary(Some 1reek !atholics alsocelebrate on $anuary /th.In %rmenia& the %postolic!hurch celebrates !hristmason $anuary 3th. It alsocelebrates  piphany on thisday.hat peoplewear. ost people do not necessarilywear special costumes or clothes for !hristmascelebrations44although in somecountries they might. owever&because the entire !hristmasseason is a time of celebration&many people go to specialfamily parties or spend timewith friends and may dress upmore than usual. *n !hristmas day& if people areat home or in their familycontext& many will 6ust wear comfortable clothes while theyopen presents and spend timetogether.7he good news is that we never have to wear special costumesto celebrate the Savior. Someof the first people to worship$esus were shepherds. 7heywere not rich. 7hey didn8t havefancy clothes. 7hey came toim in their dirty& scruff&raggedy clothes. e to cancome to worship $esus today&!hristmas day& or any timedressed in our ordinary clothes.e accepts us as we are.  hat people do.In !olombia& the beginning of the celebration of !hristmas becomes official with the night of the candles& which takes place on #ecember /& the eve of the religious feast of the Immaculate !onception of ary. *n this date& families gather to light a large number of candles or lanterns in front of houses and& in this way& chart the way for the 9irgin ary to bless their homes.In addition& the streets are filledwith lights and the most famouslights of cities like ogot:& edell;n and !ali create a colorful party at night& with pyrotechnic shows that attract visitors from all regions of the country and the world.!hristmas in !olombia is a great holiday& it is time for family reunion and reunion< Is aspecial time to express affection& to share with friends and& of course& to pray the =ovena de %guinaldos.>or nine days& gathered aroundthe manger and !hristmas tree&!olombians pray& sing carols& en6oy the 6oy of the holidays and share with the little ones the message of the birth of the !hild 1od.hy it is aspecialcelebration.!hristmas( It is a time of year when people are looking forward to it. hy? >or some it is the family party where they  gather for a special meal and gifts. It is a time for other festivities that are pointing to the day of !hristmas& such as meetings with friends or co4workers. >or many& its time to greet and exchange cards& its the occasion to catch up with friends and family. It is also the time of preparation and anticipation. any days are spent decorating the house& cooking& thinking about gifts for everyone. aking gifts can be areal art. Some like to choose very carefully the appropriate gift for the person they love.hen you finish your work& send the file to your instructor through the platform asfollows@ A.!lick on the title of this evidence . 2.!lick on Examinar mi equipo  and look for the file in your computer. ake surethe file is attached.B.Ceave a comment for the instructor )optional+.D.!lick Enviar  . Note: 7his evidence is an individual activity. ,emember to check the learningguide in order to know if you have done all the assigned activities& know how todevelop them and deliver them correctly. Criterios de evaluación Describe celebraciones con la estructura y el vocabulario requeridos.
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