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Examen general Mi Vida en Otra Lengua
  MI VIDA EN OTRA LENGUA1. Choose de connector for the sentence  _______I play soccer, everybody shouts.  A) When B) Which C) Wht D) Who!. Choose de connector for the sentence e sin#s $on# the %&sic on the rdio '''''' he t(es  shoer. A) When B) Wht C) Which D) Who.*. Choose de +er, for the sentence. -&sn end eter  ______ very early. A) W(e B) W(e &/ C) U/ (e.D) Wo(e &/0. Choose de correct nser. Wht is the /&r/ose of the /osterA) The store se$$s 2ee$s t  $oer /rice this ee( B) The se$$s 2ee$s store t  $oer /rice this ee( C) The store se$$s 2ee$s $oer /rice t this ee(.3. Choose the #r%%4c$$5 correct ne#4+e for% of the fo$$oin# sentence6 A) I7% t(in# cre of Mr57s /et. B) I7% not t(in# cre of Mr57s /et. C) I7% don7t t(in# cre of Mr57s /et D) I7% don7t t(in# cre Mr57s /et.8. Co%/$ete the fo$$oin# 9&es4on6  ____ were you born?  A) When B) Who C) Wht D) Which:. Wht7s the #r%%4c$$5 correct nser to the fo$$oin# 9&es4on What were you doing yesterday al 3:00 !?   A) I s or(in# on %5 C.B) I % or(in# on %5 C.C) I ent or(in# on %5 C.;. The fo$$oin# 9&es4ons re #r%%4c$$5 correct.A) Wht do 5o& do Wht is Loren<o /$5in# Wht re 5o& doin# B) Where do 5o& do Wht7s is Loren<o /$5in# here re 5o& doin#.=. Wht do 5o& consider is the ,est 5 to correct s/e$$in# on 5o&r ri4n#s A) Loo(in# &/ in ,oo(s the ords 5o& ren7t s&re ,o&t B) Loo(in# in &/ ,oo(s the ords 5o& ren7t s&re ,o&t C) Loo(in# in &/ ,oo(s the ords 5o& not s&re ,o&t.1>. Co%/$ete de fo$$oin# sentence ith the correct +er, for%. We planted an apple tree in the bac#yard$ un%ortunately it ____. A) died B) dedC) dieD d5in#11. Choose de correct for% of the +er, ?to ,e? for the sentence in f&t&re. I ________ hot chips. A) % #oin# to et B) ent to et C) % e4n# 1!. Co%/$ete the fo$$oin# sentence6 The si%/$e /st ith re#&$r or irre#&$r +er,s indictes n c4on6A) Co%/$eted or @nished in the /st B) Co%/$ete or @nished in the /stC)Co%/$eted or @nish in the /st.1*. Chn#e the net sentence to /st con4n&o&s. A$$ of the reindeer re $e/in# ro&nd in the sho. A$$ of the reindeer ''''''' ro&nd in the sho. A) ere $e/in# B) h+e $e/t C)hd $e/t D) hd ,een $e/in#.13. i$$ in the ,$n(s ith the co%/r4+e nd s&/er$4+e d2ec4+es6 Co%/r4+e or s&/er$4+e6 Lr#er the $r#est6 ) Which stte is ''''' Chih&h& or ctecs ,) Michocn is ''''' thn id$#o.c) Which cit5 hs the '''' /o/&$4on6 G&d$2r Meico Cit5 or Monterre5 d) Meico Cit5 hs '''' /o/&$4on of the co&ntr5 A) $r#erthe $r#estthe $r#est$r#er B) $r#er$r#erthe $r#estthe $r#est  C) the $r#est$r#er$r#er the $r#est.18. The fo$$oin# sentence hs the /$&r$ /rono&n6 A) The chi$dren re nice. I h+e so%e %ice in %5 ho&ses B) The chi$dren is nice I h+e so%e %o&se in %5 ho&se 1:. TF sesor de$ %od&$o 1! ?Mi +id en otr $en#&? te d %teri$ de &n te% n&e+o /r 9&e $o est&dies so,re ?e$ &so de $os /$&r$es irre#&$res? /ero no $o#rs entender$o H& hces A) B&scs %Js referencis /r entender$o si es necesrio /ides 5&d  t& sesor. B) Le /ides direct%ente $ sesor 9&e te $o e/$i9&e /r no co%/$icrte /or t& c&ent. C) Es/ers  9&e $#&ien %Js $e /re#&nte $ sesor /r co%/render$o. D) Te reFnes con co%/Keros /r 9&e e$$os $o n$icen 5 te $o e/$i9&en.1;. Indicte hich of the fo$$oin# ords is n &nco&nt,$e no&n6 A) noise B) street C) str D),o$e1=. i$$ in the ,$n(s hit the correct ords. -o%e or n5 ) We h+e one do# to cts nd ''''' @sh. ,) There re '''' choco$te ,isc&its in the c&/,ord.c) I cn7t @nd '''' ,oo(s ,o&t Meicn %o+ies. d) M5 d&#hter doesn7t h+e '''' friends in $isco. e) Wo&$d 5o& $i(e '''' #r/esA) so%e  so%e  n5  n5  so%e B) so%e  n5  so%e  n5  so%e C)n5  so%e  so%e  n5  n5!>. i$$ in the ,$n( ith the correct ord6 &he telephone rang ____ the doorbell  A) t B) on C) er!1. In the net sentence do 5o& need n5 of these /re/osi4ons A$$ o&r re$4+es c%e for  ce$e,r4on'' $st Christ%s. A) in B) on C) t D) nothin#.!!. Co%/$ete the net sentence ith the correct o,2ect /rono&n6 I $o+e Mr5 I7+e 2&st ,o&#ht  nice ,&nch of oer for''A) her B) she C) 5o&D) it!*. Mr( the fo$$oin# sentences s correct ?C? or if the5 h+e errors ?E? ''''' Mri e$i s n ctress''''M5 ,rother nd %e $e er$ier thn &s&$.  '''''E+er5,od5 (nos ,o&t she ne s re tht so%ethin# s/eci$ occ&rred to hi%. !0. Iden4f5 the o,2ect /rono&n6 Which o,2ect for% of the /erson$ /rono&n cn s&,s4t&te the &nder$ined /hrse in the sentence &he boys are riding their bicycles   . A) %e B)5o& C) hi% D) herE) it )&s G) the%!3. Wh5 is the fo$$oin# 9&es4on incorrect Why do you did that during last class?  A)   Bec&se the &i$ir5 in /st is ?did? the +er, sho&$d ,e in in@ni4+e itho&t ?to? B) Bec&se the &i$ir5 in /resent is ?do? the +er, sho&$d ,e in in@ni4+e itho&t ?to? C) Bec&se the &i$ir5 in /st is ?did? the +er, to ,e in in@ni4+e itho&t ?to? !8. Co%/$ete the sentences ,e$o ith the //ro/rite ord6  '''' 5o& #o to Vercr&< on -t&rd5 No e ''''. We ent to Ac/&$co. A) Did  didn7t B) Didn7t  did C) Does  doesn7t D) Do  does.!:. C$ssif5 the fo$$oin# sentences s Tr&e PT) or $se P) ''' Ne#4+e in the si%/$e /st tense re for%ed ,5 ddin# DID NOT ,efore the si%/$e for% of the +er,  '''The +er, BE is not n ece/4on to the /re+io&s sentence.   '''QE-NO 9&es4ons in the si%/$e /st re not creted &sin# the &i$ir5 DID  '''H&es4ons ith W ords in si%/$e /st re creted ,5 &sin# the &i$ir5 DID ,efore the s&,2ect!;. Co%/$ete the fo$$oin# sentence in si%/$e /st &sin# the correct +er, for% nd &i$ir5. Wht 4%e ''''' the $st trin ''''A) $e+e  did B) did  $e+eC) $e+e  $e+e D) did  did!=. Rerite the sentence &sin# the si%/$e f&t&re tense. &he tea' has a party  .A) The te% i$$ h+e  /rt5 B) The te% o&$d h+e  /rt5 C) The te% s h+e  /rt5 D) The te% is h+e  /rt5*>. Wht does this sentence e/ress It will probably rain to'orrow 'orning.  A) A /redic4on ,o&t the f&t&re. B) A /redic4on ,o&t the /st*1. Wht does this sentence e/ress I7% @ne no. When I #et %rried I7$$ h+e  $ot of ,,ies.A) -o%ethin# the /erson ,e$ie+es i$$ h//en in the f&t&re B) -o%ethin# the /erson ,e$ie+es in the f&t&reC) -o%ethin# the /erson in the f&t&re D) -o%ethin# the /erson ,e$ie+es s h//en in the f&t&re*!. Co%/$ete the sentence ith the correct for% of the +er, ?,&5? nd the for% of f&t&re &sin# ?#oin# to? I '''''  ne cr net 5er. I7% $red5 s+in# %one5.A) % #oin# to ,&5 B) 7$$ ,&5 C) % ,&5in# D) is #oin# to ,&5**. Co%/$ete the sentence &sin# f&t&re6 ?#oin# to? L&/it nd L$o Prent) '''''''  cr to tr+e$ $on# the co&ntr5. A) #oin# to rent B) rent is #oin# to C) re #oin# rentD) re #oin# to rent*0. Wht is the ri#ht short nser for this Would you li#e to go the 'ovies ne(t wee#end?  A) No I o&$dn7t B) no I on7t C) no I don7t D) No I o&$d*3. Order the fo$$oin# ords to %(e  coherent sentence. he the  or#ni<in# S e+idence  ,e  o&$d A) e the or#ni<in# ,e e+idence B) e o&$d the or#ni<in# ,e e+idence C) The or#ni<in# he o&$d ,e e+idence D) Wo&$d he ,e or#ni<in# the e+idence*8. Write the correct connector for the net sentence6 I s st&d5in# '''' Mo% s %r(in# dinner.A) Whi$e B) When C) Where D) Who*:. Red the net sentence6 It7s not /o$ite to %(e  $ot of noise ,ec&se 5o& (no tht other /eo/$e re s$ee/in#. No co%/$ete the s%e ide in  9&es4on of c&se nd eect. It is not /o$ite to %(e  $ot of noise '''''''' 5o& (no tht other /eo/$e re s$ee/in#. A) When B) Whi$e C) Where D) Wht*;. Choose  +er, for the sentence. eter '''' TV in the e+enin#.A) tches B) tch C) not sees*=. Red this sentence6 Mr5 or(s. Chn#e it to /resent /ro#ressi+e in the net for%s6 Ar%4+e Ne#4+e Interro#4+e 0>. The net sentences re in si%/$e /resent. 1. I oen rite /oe%s to %5 ife !. The s&n ,re$5 shines ith this ether  *. I Oen rote /oe%s to %5 ife 0. the s&n shines in this ether01. If I nt to te$$ so%ethin# tht h//ened d&rin# the d5 nd the /erson in front of %e does not &nderstnd hen I s/e( in En#$ish ht h//ens to %eA) I fee$ fr&strted B) I fe$t fr&strted C) I fr&strted0!. Anser the fo$$oin# 9&es4on6 Wht re the5 doin#A) The5 re dncin#B) is dncin# the5 dnce0*. Which sentence is #r%%4c$$5 correct A) Wh5 is &$iet or(in# s  hos/it$ d%inistrtor this 5er B) Wh5 &$iet is or(in# s  hos/it$ d%inistrtor this 5er C) Wh5 is &$iet or(00. Write  +er, ith correct for% of the +er, to ,e for the sentence in /st /ro#ressi+e It ____ last winter. A) s snoB) ere snoin#C) ere snoD) s snoin#03. Co%/$ete the net sentence &sin# the correct tense nd for% of the +er,6 When 5o& rn# %e 5esterd5 I ''''  shoer. A) s t(in# B) t(e  shoer C) i$$ t(e  shoerD) #o t(e  shoer08. Wh5 do e &se the +er, in /st for% on$5 in r%4+e sentences A) In ne#4+e nd interro#4+e e h+e the &i$ir5 ?Did?B) in ne#4+e nd interro#4+e did not h+e the &i$ir5C) In ne#4+e nd interro#4+e h+e the &i$ir5 ?Did?3>. Rerite the sentences &sin# /$&r$ no&ns nd chn#e the n&%,er 1 for 1>> &here is one 'ouse in the #itchen.  A) There re one h&ndred %ice in the (itchen B) There is one h&ndred %ice in the (itchen C) There re one h&ndred %o&se in the (itchen31. Deter%ine hich of the fo$$oin# sentences &se the correct 9&n4@erA) eo/$e sho&$d drin(  $ot of ter B) I h+e  $ot of or( to do B) eo/$e drin( ter C)I h+e or( to do3!. Choose the correct /re/osi4on Pt on in or er) for the sentence6 idalgo was born ___ *uana+uato ___-3 A) t  in B)on er C)in  in D) er  t3*. Choose the correct e/ressions ? in t on to co%/$ete the sentences M5 %other7s ,irthd5 is ''' A/ri$. I $5s #et &/ er$5 '''' rid5 %ornin#s. $ese tr5 to ,e ho%e '''' $&nch 4%e A) in  on  t B) t  on  in C) on  in  tD) in  t  on30. Co%/$ete the fo$$oin# sentences ith the corres/ondin# /rono&n. L&r s '''' Pher friends) $st ee(.A) the% B)hi% C) her D) then33. Which o,2ect /rono&n cn s&,s4t&te the &nder$ined /hrse in the sentence /an you tell ____ the way to the train staon?  A )   the /eo/$e B) the %on(e5s C) the ni%$s38. Which o,2ect /rono&n cn s&,s4t&te the &nder$ined /hrse in the sentence Cn 5o& he$/ ''''''''''' to @nish the ho%eor( /$eseA) %5 sister nd to %5 B) %5 sister nd %5 C) %5 sister nd I3:. T&rn this stte%ent into  9&es4on6 Mo$$5 ,&5s #i cer4@ctes t the de/rt%ent store. Did Mo$$5 '''' #i cer4@ctes t the de/rt%ent store
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