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  Oral Exam- Children V Part I-A (To both Ss)  T: Good morning. T:   I’m _______. Now, what’s your name? (Ask the following questions to Ss. First Student A) T: What’s your   last name? T:  How do you spell it? Back-up prompts T: How do you write your surname? T: Where do you live? T: Do you study English at school? T: Do you like it? Back-up prompts T: Where are you from?  Part I-B (Select one or more questions from the list to ask each candidate. First Student B)  T: Do you like swimming? T: Do you like watching TV? T: Describe your brother / sister. (Physically) T: Describe your best friend. (Physically) Back-up prompts T: What do you like doing? T: Describe yourself. (Physically) Part II (Give Student A and Student B the following cards. Student A starts the conversation)  T: I’m going to give you these maps and these cards. Then, complete the conversation with there is / there isn’t / there are / there aren’t.   Student A Student B 1- ___ ___ any milk? 3- ___ ___ any eggs? 6- Yes, ___ ___ some in the fridge. 7- ___ ____ chocolate cake? 9- Let’s eat it then.  2- Yes, ____ ____. It’s in the table.  4- No, ____ ____. 5- And, ___ ___ any ice cream? 8- Yes, ___ ___some in the oven. 10- Let’s do it.    Part III (Picture Description. Prepositions of place   & food) (Select a topic for each Student. Then, ask 3 questions to each of them. First Student B)  T: I’m going to show you some pictures. Please answer the questions I’m going to ask you. 1- Where’s the ice cream?  2- Where’s the soda?  3- Where are the carrots? 4- Where’s the coffee?  5- Where are the cookies? 6- Where’s the cheese?  7- Where’s the pineapple?  8- Where’s the chicken?  9- Where are the tomatoes? 10. Where is the bread?  
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