Franklin Capital Plan 2018

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The initial look at the capital plan for the town of Franklin.
   1 Memorandum February 14, 2018 To: Town Council From: Jamie Hellen Re: FY18 Capital Plan Proposal Please find the attached Capital Plan for FY18, as well as the five-year capital plan. The Capital Subcommittee voted to recommend the capital program as described below on January 31, 2018 by a unanimous 4-0 vote. The Finance Committee also recommend the Capital Program below by a unanimous 9-0 vote on January 30, 2018. Free cash was certified at almost $1 million less than last year (FY17). From the certified total, there are several major policy commitments that eat into the total right off the bat, most notably the OPEB contribution (per Council policy), the turf fields stabilization fund contribution, scheduled fire engine replacement stabilization fund contribution and annual snow and ice funds. These recommendations are Round 1 of the FY18 Capital program. Once we know the final totals of the winter costs for snow removal, if there are remaining funds, staff will propose a “Round 2” Capital later in the Spring. The following is an overview of certified free cash status for FY18: Request Amounts FREE CASH CERTIFIED 2,821,988 Snow and ice removal/other -750,000 OPEB Trust fund; per Council policy 10% of Free Cash -280,000 Fire Truck Stabilization (7-year plan) -100,000 Fields Stabilization (Replace in 2027-ish) -150,000 Remaining Free Cash for Capital Requests 1,541,988   2 Administration & Town Policy Requests 1.   OPEB Contribution  - $280,000 a.   $280,000, of 10% of the overall certified free cash, will be deposited into the OPEB Trust. This is consistent with Town Council policy to set aside this amount annually. b.   The OPEB Trust Fund currently has $4,050,000 million. 2.   Fire Truck Stabilization Contribution -  $100,000 a.   This amount is set aside to get the Fire Department to the $700,000 estimate needed to replace a new engine 4 in approximately 2023. b.   The stabilization account currently has $0, as we just purchased a new engine this year. 3.   Turf Field Stabilization Contribution -  $150,000 a.   This amount will begin to set aside enough funds in the stabilization account to be prepared for the full cost of implementing new fields at the High School/Track and Beaver Street in approximately 2027. Estimated costs will be around $2 million. b.   The Stabilization account currently has $0 due to newly installed fields this year. 4.   Snow & Ice Removal - $750,000   a.   Each year the Town reserves $750,000 for snow and ice removal until April when we see the full costs of this winter. Town Department Requests 5.   Conservation Department  - $25,000 a.   Delcarte Infrastructure Improvements - $25,000 For Infrastructure improvements to the Delcarte Rec. Area, including new entrance signage, wood chip removal and plant grass in the picnic area, create new gravel trail from the parking lot through to the pond, and additional invasive species remediation (due to the illegal dumping of wood chips). 6.   Facilities Department (School Projects) - $305,000   a.   Remington-Jefferson Playground - $250,000. The Remington-Jefferson Playground is as old as the school and needs to be replaced in its entirety based off recent inspections. b.   Keller-Sullivan School Playground resurface - $55,000. Based off recent inspections, the K-S Playground needs a new base. The actual equipment will be maintained. 7.   Facilities Department (Town Projects) - $50,000   a.   Facilities Delivery Truck replacement – $50,000.   3 The current van barely passed inspection this year and we expect it to continue to either fail inspection or barely pass. Not recommended at this time: ●   Police Station Renovation Architectural study is on hold until we fully complete the punch lists at the Senior Center and Library, Recreation Center, new playgrounds and other projects that have been in the cue. Further, there is a possible discussion pending about a regional lock up facility which would alter the renovation plans for a police station. ●   Remington-Jefferson Security Cameras $80,000. 8.   Fire Department - $492,500   a.   Ambulance - $325,000 According to our fleet replacement plan, this year the FD are scheduled to replace Rescue #3 which will in turn, places Rescue #2 in reserve status. Instead of retiring Rescue #3 this year, however, we are requesting to keep this vehicle to provide the department with two reserve Ambulances, which is becoming increasing necessary due to the increased in call volume which, in turn, generates addition down time. Last year we experienced several occasion with two ambulances out of service for repairs leaving only one ambulance service ready. The additional reserve ambulance will not have a great burden on the operation budget but will insure two service ready ambulances at all times. NOTE: The ambulance does not get purchased with Free Cash. The Ambulance will be purchased through a separate fund that the Town collects through ambulance reimbursement receipts. The fund currently has enough money to exercise the requested policy from the Fire Department of two front line rescues and two in reserves for backup calls. b.   Protective Clothing Replacement - $46,000 This year begins a multi-year request to replace old, outdated protective gear. Funds requested will allow the department to replace the entire protective ensemble for each firefighter to include helmet, hood, coat, boots and gloves. c.   Replacement Fire Hose - $16,500 The funds requested in this item will allow the department to replace the entire cache of hose on one fire engine. Periodic replacement of fire hose insures that hose lines are in good working order and will not fail under fire combat conditions. d.   Replacement Tools & Equipment for Engine #1 - $66,000 With the replacement of a new engine in last years CIP, the FD are seeking funds to purchase replacement tools and supplies for the new engine when delivered. We began the process of replacing equipment during the last fire engine replacement and found that it provided firefighters with the latest version of tools and equipment. The list of replacements include items such as hose, nozzles, hose adapters salvage covers and forcible entry tools (including saws). e.   New Radio Repeater - $39,000   4 These funds will allow to install a radio repeater for the North side of town where there are currently some frequency gaps. Not recommended at this time: ●   Replacement Lighting - Engines, Replacement auto extraction devices, Forcible entry training prop, Replacement Gym Equipment, Storage Shed at Fire HQ. 9.   Police Department  - $209,000 a.   Police Cruisers - $171,000 Will fund the replacement of three cruisers. b.   Equipment & Technology - $38,000 To replace older protective body armor, tasers and to replace the live fingerprint scanning system due to outdated software. Not recommended at this time: ●   One additional cruiser replacement.   10.   Public Works  - $305,000 a.   Class B Dump Truck w/ plow & Sander - $180,000 To be used for all town work, hauling debris, snow removal, sanding, etc. Approaching twenty years in life span, well past usual age with rot, wear and tear. b.   1-ton dump truck - $60,000 Current truck needs to be replaced due to rot, wear and tear. c.   30” Cold Planer - $25,000 The DPW would like to upgrade to a 30 Cold Planer to be able to be more productive on repairing roadways. d.   Paver - $40,000 The DPW would like to purchase a paver to be able to do a better smoother job repairing asphalt patches on public ways. Not recommended at this time: ●   Streets and roads improvements 1,000,000 (on hold until spring). ●   Vehicles: 4x4 Pickup Truck $40,000; Elgin Street Sweeper $200,000; Dump truck $180,000; Mini Excavator $80,000; Sidewalk plow with snow blower $160,000; Class B Dump Truck w 11 ft plow; Town Fields renovation $80,000; Utility Body $10,000; 20’ Artificial Tree $15,000. 11.   Recreation Department  - No recommended expenditures Note:  Recreation is continuing to work on projects funded from last years CIP (King Street Memorial Park Basketball Courts & Beaver St Challenge Course). The Administration is also requesting a state grant for additional assistance in expanding the improvements at King Street Memorial Park.
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