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1. The Vision This NYC-founded men’s sportswear formed around the fundamental principles of: ã Contemporary fit ã Clean silhouettes ã Quality craftsmanship…
  • 1. The Vision This NYC-founded men’s sportswear formed around the fundamental principles of: • Contemporary fit • Clean silhouettes • Quality craftsmanship Zachary Prell reimagined the sport shirt in exclusive European fabrics cut for an active, urban lifestyle. Collections include a complete range of effortless, everyday luxe essentials – from outerwear to swim.
  • 2. In 2005, Zachary Prell left his job as an investment banker with one goal – to design a sport shirt that would not only fit well, but suit the dynamic needs of men like himself who wear sport shirts day-in and day-out. Unsatisfied with his own closet, Prell tossed aside traditional American cuts and decided to design the sport shirt from scratch. After years of testing prototypes on men of all shapes and sizes, Prell developed his signature cut and a sport shirt that is perfect in every detail… Details that matter to the urbanized American business male. • Precision Manufacturing • Day to night versatility • Barrel cuffs • Uncollapsible Collars • Hand Selected Fabrics • Quality Buttons • Perfect Fit The Pursuit of the Perfect Sport Shirt
  • 3. The User’s Journey of Product Discovery & Conversion 45% eComm Revenue comes from Google Organic Search 65% of sessions are conducted by Returning Users Returning Users Produce a 3.02% Conversion Rate vs. 1.39 % from New Users
  • 4. Capturing Opportunities in the Conversion Funnel • Find more shoppers who are interested in products similar to those of Zachary Prell using Facebook Ads • Capture More Emails: During Q1, 11% of eCommerce revenue was produced by Email Subscribers with conversion rate of 2.38% (Solid eComm industry Avg = 2.0%) • Recategorize products based on what users are searching for. For example, • Add “You May Also Like” section to the Product Description Page to upsell the user and increase AOV • Implement Abandon Cart Email/ Remarketing Campaign in order to capitalize on users with the most intent
  • 5. Pay- Per- Click: Facebook Ads Increase your user-base by identifying other users interested in luxury menswear products with Facebook targeting.
  • 6. Implement Website Enhancements: Email Capture Modal ZP generates a 2.3% conversion rate from users subscribed to their email (2.6% for Returning Users,) so why not increase that list of subscribers?
  • 7. User Experience/ User Interaction: Search Making it easier for users to navigate your website and decreasing the time it takes for them to shop will make them want to visit your site again. Solution: Implement more descriptive category names and refined Filter By/ Sort By options on product listing pages.
  • 8. User Experience/ User Interaction: Product Upsells Adding a “You May Also Like” section to each product description page will give the user more opportunity to add items to their cart, therefore increasing Average Order Value (AOV).
  • 9. Email Marketing: Abandon Cart & Retargeting Sure, increasing the frequency of your email campaigns is great, but why not spend more effort targeting users with more intent?
  • 10. Using Analytics to “Bring it Home” Tracking Traffic & Conversions • Make sure General GA tracking is enabled in order to track user behavior & traffic • Implement eCommerce tracking to make sure revenue is being accounted for • Add additional goal tracking for other conversion points such as email sign-ups • Make sure all tracking is enabled in your email campaigns so you’re gaining maximum visibility.
  • 11. Top Quality Assets Always Help Too ;-)
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