GE 11 Fieldwork # 1 - Pacing

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  1 GE 11 Fieldwork # 1 Pacing Objectives: 1.   To be able to determine individual pace factor. 2.   To be able to quickly estimate distances by means of pacing method. Instruments: Tape, Markers and Range Poles, Safety Cones as needed Group Members: Assign a group leader and list all the members of your group.   1. 2. 3. Procedure: 1.   Establish a 50 meter distance on a fairly level ground using a meter tape. 2.   Walk casually from one end of the line to the other end taking note of the number of steps that you make. Try to estimate up to 1/10 th  of a step using the heel or toe as basis. 3.   Repeat walking until you complete five (5) trials. Compute the mean of these five trials. 4.   Determine pace factor by dividing the 50 meter distance over the mean number of paces or steps for the five trials. The quotient is the pace factor (rounded off to 3 decimal places) with unit of meter/pace. Table 1 with the necessary fieldwork data is shown below. Table1. Pace Factor Determination 5.   Consider the polygon bounded by the sidewalks around Melchor Hall engineering building. Determine the lengths of the engineering block by casually walking at the center of the pavement starting from the Tau Alpha Corner, going in a LINETAPED DISTANCETRIALSNUMBER OF PACESAVERAGE OF PACESPACE FACTOR 1-2 12-1 21-2 32-1 41-2 550 meters  2 clockwise direction, until you reach the starting point. Take note of the number of paces that you make for each line. 6.   Make a sketch of the traverse indicating the perimeter paced distances. 7.   Compute the relative precision of the pacing method by comparing the perimeter distance estimated by pacing and the perimeter distance determined from Google Earth or Google Maps. Relative Precision (RP) = [ ∑ Map Distance (MP) – ∑ Paced Distance (PD)]/ ∑ Map Distance (MP). Show all necessary computations. The table indicating discrepancy and relative precision is shown in Table 2 below. Table2. Discrepancy and Relative Precision LINE   NO. OF PACES   PACED DISTANCE   MAP DISTANCE   DISCREPANCY RELATIVE PRECISION  1-2 MD-PD   ∑∑∑  = ∑ /( ∑∑ )   =     2-3 3-4 4-1 ∑  = ______ ∑  = ______ 8.   Write an individual typed report of this fieldwork in A4 size bond papers. Present properly the required results of the followed procedures, brief discussion of the results and a conclusion. 9.   Include a description of the location, weather, date and time when fieldwork was conducted. Present a group picture and two (2) individual photos while doing this activity as evidence of your hard work. 10.   Submit report on or before 5:00 PM of 19 February 2018 at Room 324, Melchor Hall. Late submissions have corresponding penalties.
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