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bhagwat geeta
  Day-7  Practical application of Bhagavad-Gita  We have discussed how Bhakti-Yoga or acting in love and devotion is actually the supreme most activity that an individual can perform. nd this acting in Bhakti-yoga is actually the culmination of all yogas. !here are two ways one is direct process and other one is indirect process or gradual process. !he gradual process is rising as we have already discussed yoga ladder #ut direct process is straight away engaging in Bhakti-yoga and $rishna is recommending that to r%una. &ri $rishna says in Gita ninth chapter' first verse B.G. ().*+  Edö t:Ø t:ð g:Ø Êt:m:ö )v:xy:amy:n:s:Ü y:v:ð .   wan:ö ev:wan:s:eht:ö y:jwatv:a m::ðxy:s:ð|S:Ø B:at:Π..  ,r-#hagavn uvca / the &upreme Personality of Godhead said' idam / this' tu / #ut' te / unto you' guhya-tamam  / the most confidential' 0123245689: / ; am speaking' anas<yave / to the nonenvious'  %=nam / knowledge' vi%=na / reali>ed knowledge' sahitam / with' yat / which'  %=tv / knowing' 9?45625@ / you will #e released' a,u#ht / from this misera#le material eAistence. (!he &upreme Personality of Godhead said Cy dear r%una #ecause you are never envious of Ce ; shall impart to you this most confidential knowledge and reali>ation knowing which you shall #e relieved of the miseries of material eAistence.+ ; am going to give you not only this Gyana #ut also igyana. !heoretical knowledge along with the reali>ed knowledge or practical application of that knowledge #y knowing which you will #e completely relieved from all 1  inauspicious things in the world. Cost inauspicious thing which we have already discussed on the first day is Birth old age disease and death miseries caused #y #ody and mind other living entities and natural distur#ances. !oday what we shall #e discussing is practical application. fter you step out you should have no confusion as to how to #egin either today or tomorrow morning. Eow to continue on that information is going to #e given today. Without this particular knowledge all other knowledge is simply theoretical. ;t is %ust like suppose you want to go to Delhi you got ticket' you went to the platform #ut somehow missed the train. !hen the whole process of going to station F #uying the ticket etc. is useless. r you go to the #est doctor get #est medicine lock it in the cup#oard F lose the key. !oday what we are discussing is practical application of what we discussed in the past few days. ;t is very surprising that $rishna chose r%una to speak Bhagavad-Gita. ;t is very significant why specifically $rishna chose r%una to speak B.G. Hirst and foremost thing is that r%una was a householder and ninety-nine point nine percent of population in general are house holders. &o $rishna wanted to show the whole world that this knowledge of B.G. that Ee is giving can #e actually practically applied for not simply for renunciants #ut it is applica#le for people in all walks of life including the house holders. People in general have two misconceptions. !he first misconception is that spiritual life is a retirement program. &ome times children when seriously start speaking a#out spirituality we say no no this is not the time for you. Iow you en%oy life and later when your teeth have fallen when your eyes cannot see anything when your ears cannot hear anything you have nothing #etter to do then you can read B.G. Bhagavad-Gita tells us how to live life dynamically. t the fag end of your life when five #reaths are left at that time 2  you read how to live life dynamically. !hat is one of the misconceptions. !hey think it is a retirement program. !he second misconception is that people are afraid of speaking a#out spirituality #ecause they think that spiritual life is to give up everything. !herefore they are very very scared. !hey feel not only if you read #ut even if you keep Gita at home you may #e forced to give up everything. !hen some renunciation comes in your heart and you will have to lose taste for everything of this life you can not en%oy. But this is completely opposite to what $rishna is teaching in Gita. ;n fact at the #eginning of Bhagavad-Gita r%una wanted to renounce everything and go and #eg. r%una says in Gita second chapter' fifth verse B.G. (J.K+  g:Ø -n:htv:a eh m:han:Ø B:av:an:ΠÂ:ð y::ð B::ð Vt:Ø ö B:xy:m:!: h #::ð $% .   htv:a&:' $am:aö st:Ø g:Ø -en:h v:   B:Ø (j: y: B::ð g:an:Î e*:+)edg*:an:Î ..  gur<n / the superiors' ahatv / not killing' hi / certainly' mah-anu#hvn / great souls' L1@2M6 / it is #etter' #hoktum / to en%oy life' NM2:45629 / #y #egging' api / even' iha / in this life' loke / in this world' hatv / killing' artha / gain' kmn / desiring' tu / #ut' gur<n / superiors' iha / in this world' eva / certainly' #hu=%ya / one has to en%oy' #hogn / en%oya#le things' rudhira / #lood' pradigdhn / tainted with. (;t would #e #etter to live in this world #y #egging than to live at the cost of the lives of great souls who are my teachers. Oven though desiring worldly gain they are superiors. ;f they are killed everything we en%oy will #e tainted with #lood.+ 3   ather than en%oying the kingdom after so much of warfare so much of killing ; do not want to en%oy the kingdom. ; would rather #eg and live $rishnaQ ; do not want to fight. nd the whole B.G. was spoken to inspire r%una to go #ack to his profession. You are $shatriya you have to fight. ;t is ama>ing how people decide that it is other way around. !his is the foolishness. !his is #ecause of so many mis-interpretations of Gita and having not heard from a proper source. !his happens if we do not hear B.G. as $rishna himself recommends in B.G. &o these two misconceptions must #e driven out from our head. Ium#er one that it is retirement plan in fact &rimad Bhagavatam says at the age of five this knowledge should #e given so that ; can live a very purposeful and perfect life. $rishna teaches us how to #e in the world #ut not #ecome of the world. !he second thing is spiritual life does not mean to give up everything #ut to add $rishna to our life and $rishnite everything thatRs all. You do not have to change your dress you do not have to change your hair style you do not have to change your situation like from house to the temple you %ust have to change your consciousness. &ri $rishna says in Gita eighth chapter' seventh verse B.G. (S.7+  t:sm:ats:v:ð ' ,:Ø $a#:ð ,:Ø m:am:n:Ø sm:+ y:Ø*y: : .   m:yy:e!:' t:m:n::ð :Øe/m:a' m:ð v: ,y:sy:s:ö S:y:0 ..  tasmt / therefore' 5213@56T / at all' 48U@56T / times' mm  / Ce' anusmara / go on remem#ering' yudhya / fight' ca  / also' mayi / unto Ce' arpita / surrendering' 92V2M6 / mind' NTM:M6 / intellect' mm / unto Ce' eva / surely' @5625: / you will attain' 2529XL22M6 / #eyond a dou#t. (!herefore r%una you should always think of Ce in the form of 1656V62 and at the same time carry out your prescri#ed duty of fighting. With your activities dedicated to 4
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