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  GENERAL MATHEMATICS  (x +5) (2x-3) is the factor of 2x 2  + 7x -15  .0.09 is equivalent to 9%  0.0125 expressed as fraction in lowest term  1/80  1 allon of !0% solution of h drochloric acid should #a added to 2 allons of 15% solution of the same acid to ma$e a 20% solution  1& in percent is  12.5%  120 is least common multiple of 12 and '0  15 is  20% percent of 75  2 is the value of x to ma$e x(&)*(1' true  2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 5 are the prime factors of 120  25  is the probability that both will be alive if the probability that a a! will be alive 25 years is 3/5 a! that of his wife is 2/3  2 s#$are root of 5 is the distance #etween !,2 and -1,*  3 a! 5 are the prime divisors of '0  120 is *5 of   150  !' is *7 of   3  !  is the !$ber of that $st be s$btra&te fro both !$erator a! e!oi!ator of the fra&tio! 11/23 to 'ive a fra&tio! whose val$e is 2/5  !2*00  is a $ltiple of 8 be&a$se a !$ber of ivisible by 8 if the !$ber fore by the last three i'its by 8  * units  is the &ir&$fere!&e of a &ir&le with a! area of  s#$are $!its  5(*)15(12  is a proportio!  50  pie&es of *  i!. wire &a! be &$t fro a 31 , ft roll of wire  *2 is  !$ber of 9'  10  is 25% of  of 80  & cu#ic ft  is the vol$e of a &$be e 'e 2 ft   coefficient  is a fa&tor i! a ter   decimal  is a! iplie fra&tio! with a e!oi!ator of 10 100 1000..   eter sti&h was &$t i!to two pie&es of the  & ar. he ratio! of the saller pie&e to the lar'est pie&e is  9(1'   mixed num#er  is efi!e as the s$ of a whole !$ber a! a fra&tio!   neative num#er  is o!e that less tha! ero pre&e e by a i!$s si'! (-)   !$ber is divisi#le # 2 if   it e! s i! 02 or 8   !$ber is divisi#le # !  if the s$ of the i'its is ivisible by 3   !$ber is divisi#le # *  of the !$ber fore by the last 2 i'its is ivisible by    !$ber is divisi#le # 5  if it e! s i! 0 or 5   !$ber is divisi#le # &  if the !$ber fore by the last 3 i'its is ivisible by 8   !$ber is divisi#le # 9  if the s$ of the i'its is ivisible by 9   pa!&ae was &$t i!to 8 pie&es. hree brothers ate o!e pie&e ea&h so 5&  part of the &ae was left   photo'rapher &a! arra!'e  people i! a ro to pose for a photo'raph in 720 wa s  (4)   poly!oial is an ale#raic expression consistin of one or more terms that have real num#er coefficients   positive num#er  is that is 'reater that ero pre&e e by a pl$s si'! (+)   proportion  is a! e#$atio! both si es of whi&h are fra&tio!s   ratio  is a &ertai! relatio! betwee! 2 !$bers expresse i! ters of a #$otie!t   re&eipt &alls for 2 e''s for every &$p of fo$r. f a hea &hef $ses 28 &$ps of flo$r 5' es will be !ee e   re&ta!'$lar blo& steel has ie!sio!s of 5 atters x 10 eters x 15 eters a! wei'hs 10006. the blo& sho$l be pla&e o! the 10 meters # 15 meters  si e s$rfa&e to exert theleast press$re o! the s$rfa&e.   se&ret wor that $st be e!tere i!to the &op$ter before a perso! is allowe to 'et or &ha!'e i!foratio! is &alle password   saller sta! ar eviatio! ea!s the scores are near the mean   so&ial !etwori!' servi&e available thro$'h the &op$ter is face#oo$.    oyota &ar travelli!' at a rate of *0. per ho$r leaves the ho$se 2 ho$rs after a ia &ar has left a! overtaes it i! 5 ho$rs. 7ia &ar was travelli!' at 50 s/ho$r  &tivities &o!!e&te by a &op$ter syste are es&ribe as !etwor  ll ri'ht a!'les are equal  ! ale#raic expression  is a!y &olle&tio! f variables &o!sta!ts 'ro$pi!' sybols a! sybols of operatio!  ! equilateral trianle  is a tria!'le with all e#$al si es  t *0 ph re! &a! rea&h his hoe withi! 50 i!$tes he sho$l rive hs &ar at a rate of 100$ph  if he wa!ts to rea&h hoe 15 i!$tes earlier  /ar raph  ill$strates a parti&$lar ata series thro$'h re&ta!'les  3 + 4  is $se to ope! the fo!t &oa!  3 +   is the sybol $se to ope! a o&$e!t  ave has hp 15000.00 i! the ba!. f he expe&ts it to ear! hp *50 a year the rate of i!terest is 5%  $pitas :op!ay a!$fa&t$res be s. ! its &atalo' a o$ble be is pri&e at 5000.00 less a is&o$!t to the tra of 20%. ;a&tor eparte!t <tore has to pay 6*,000.00  for the be  =a&h pa'e has its $!i#$e web a ress. >?@ sta! s for niform esource 3ocator  8ractions is efi!e as ratio or #$otie!t of 2 !$bers  oole is a sear&h e!'i!e  f a letter is &hose! at ra o fro the =!'lish alphabet the probability that the letter to be&hose! will be after the letter A is 192'  f a o!th has 30 ays lie <epteber april B$!e a! 6oveber a one da  to the first ay of the o!th  f a o!th has 31 ays lie Ca!$ary Dar&h Day C$ly $'$st E&tober a! e&eber a two da s  to the first ay of the o!th  f a pair of i&e is rolle  the probability that the s$ 8 will appear is 5!'  f a st$ e!t has a! avera'e of *% o! his first two tests a! has a! avera'e of 85% o! the !ext fo$r tests &2.0%  is his fi!al avera'e o! all six tests  f pril 18 201 fell o! ;ri ay pril 18 201 will fall o! :onda  be&a$se 201 is leap year  f ea&h of the five ebers i! basetball tea shaes ha! s with every other eber of thetea before the 'ae starts there will be 10  ha! shaes i! all  f Beff b$ys 3 apples for hp 50.00 she will pay 6hp *00.00  for two oe! of apples  f elvi! was 25 years of a'e i! 1983 he &o$l have bee! bor! i! 195&  f 6iel will &$t  , y s of plasti& &over fro a bolt &o!tai!i!' 35 1/8 y !0 7& ards will beleft i! the bolt  f <epteber 25 201 fell o! h$rs ay <epteber 25 201 will fall o! ;unda  be&a$se 20 is a leap year  f the avera'e or aritheti& ea! of x a! -5 is 10 the! 25  $st be the val$e of x  f the probability that it will rai! to ay 5/8 the probability that it will 6E is !&  f we siplifyF G(3x-12/ (3x)H ivi e by (x-) the a!swer wo$l be 1x  f we siplifyF - G3 I (-) + 11 + 8H the a!swer wo$l be -20  f x is a! o i!te'er a! y is a! eve! i!te'er x 2 + ! + 1  is a! eve! i!te'er  ! a! =!'lish test ei'ht st$ e!ts obtai!e the followi!' s&oresF 10 15 12 18 1 2 12 1. herefore 1*.5  is the e ia! s&ore  ! $ltipli&atio! of powers of the sae base add the exponents  ! the exaple of 10 to he 5 th  power + x the expo!e!t is 5  ! writi!' a letter word processin  is the pro $&tivity tool $se  <nformation technolo  is the pro&ess of stori!' re&overi!' a! issei!ati!' re&or e ata thro$'h the &op$ter  t will tae two da s  for  a! J to'ether to fi!ish a Bob whi&h &a! be o!e by  alo!e i!  ays a! be alo!e ! 3 ays  t will tae a typist 15 minutes  to fi!ish 10 pa'es if he &a! fi!ish  pa'es i!  i!$tes.  =oint pro#a#ilit  is the probability of two eve!ts o&&$rri!' si$lta!eo$sly i! a si!'le trial.  @ie the typewriter the &op$ter has $e #oard  :ean is the eas$re of &e!tral te! e!&y ostly affe&te by extree s&ore or o$tliers   :edian  is the eas$re of &e!tral te! e!&y is 6E i!fl$e!&e by o$tliers  Dessa'e are easily tra!sporte a!ywhere i! the worl thro$'h the >-mail  :ode  is the eas$re of &e!tral te! e!&y &a! best es&ribes the style of ba&pa&s &oo!ly $se by travellers  :ode  is the eas$re of &e!tral te! e!&y that &a! best es&ribes the sie of -shirts &oo!ly wor! by tee!a'ers  :onitor  is !ot a! i!p$t evi&e  #lique trianle(  rea K <#$are root (s-a)(s-b)(s-&) where sK (a+b+&+)/2  Ef i!p$t evi&es of the &op$ter  mouse  is the evi&e for poi!ti!' a! sele&ti!' &oa! s  E!e a!'le of the parallelo'ra is 35. he eas$re of the three other a!'les are 1*5?, !51, 1*5?  6aralleloram F reaKbase x altit$ e  6arameter  'ives the !$eri&al val$e of the pop$latio!  6entaon is a type of re'$lar poly'o! whose i!terior a!'les eas$res 108 e'rees  6ercent is efi!e as a! expressio! whi&h i! i&ates the !$ber of parts tae for a h$! re  hp200 sho$l be i!veste at 5%  rate of i!terest so that it will ear! hp 80.00 i! 8 o!ths  6hp 2**.11  is the exa&t i!terest of hp15000.00 i!veste at 5.5% siple i!terest rate for 108 ays  6hp '0,&75.00  is the fi!al ao$!t $e i! i!vesti!' hp50000.00 at a siple i!terest rate of 1.5% for 18 o!ths  here are !!*3 i! 353 #$arts  he axi$ !$ber of boos ea&h 1. & thi& &a! be p$t verti&ally i! a shelf whi&h is & lo!' is *5  he circular pi@@a with radius of 1!cm  has left lar'est paraeter  6ie raph  ill$strates how a portio! of the ata relates with the whole  6 thaorean theorem(  (hypote!$se) 2 K s$ of the s#$ares of the 2 le's (& 2 Ka 2 +b 2 )  ectanle(  areaKbase x altit$ e  iht trianle F reaK1/2base x altit$ e  <iplifyi!' 3(x-y) I (y-3x)-(2x+y) wo$l lea to x-1*y  <i! L/&os L e#$al to tan A  <ix perso! &a! for a &oittee of 3 i! 20 wa s    ;quare(  reaK (e 'e) 2  <$pplee!tary a!'les have a total s$ of 1&0 derees  erm  is a!y &o!sta!t variable or i! i&ate pro $&t #$otie!t or roots of &o!sta!ts a! variables  he a&ro!y MD@ ea!s Myper ext Dar-$p 3anuae  he altit$ e of a tria!'le is 5 eters a! the base is 20 eters.. the area of the tria!'le is  50 square meters  he area of a &ir&le with a iaeter of 8 i!&hes is 1'0 sq in.  he avera'e of  , a! 1/3 is 1!!'  he e'ree of the ter -x 2 y is ! rd  he ia'o!al of a s#$are with a! area of 1 s#. $!its is * square root of 2  he iffere!&e betwee! 'ross profit a! &ost of 'oo s sol is !ow! as net profit  he i'it * will appear 20 times  betwee! 1 to 100  he e 'es of a &$bi&al fraer are a e of plasti& straws. he total le!'th of the plasti& e 'esof a &$be whose e 'e is 10 & &opare to a &$be whose e 'e is 8 & is 2* cm  he first ay of <epteber is Ne !es ay. he last ay of <epteber wo$l be hursda  he for$la for the vol$e of a ri'ht &ir&$lar &yli! er is B) r 2 h  he fra&tio! halfway betwee! 3/* a! /* is   he 'reatest &oo! ivisor of 91 39 a! *8 is 1!  he 'reatest &oo! fa&tor (A:;) of 22 15 a! * is  1  he reatest ommon 8actor4ivisor  of two !$bers (a a! b) is the lar'est fa&tor or ivisor &oo! to both a a! b  he hei'ht of a fla'pole whi&h &ast a sha ow 5 ft whe! the a!'le of elevatio! of the s$! was5O is *5 ft  he i!foratio! hi'hway is &alle internet   he isla! of @$o! is estiate to be 100000 s#$are iloeters. ! expo!e!tial for it &a!be expresse as 10 5  he lar'e prie !$ber less tha! 110 is 107  he least &oo! $ltiple (@:D) of 2 3 a!  is 12  he least &oo! $ltiple of 18 a! 2 is  72  he least common multiple  of 2 !$bers (a a! b) is the sallest !$ber that is ivisible by a a! ivisible by b at the sae tie  he least &oo! $ltiple f 5 2 * is  70  he le's of o!e ri'ht tria!'le are 9 a! 12 while those a!other ri'ht tria!'le are 12 a! 1. he perieter of the lar'er is 12  lar'er tha! the perieter of the saller tria!'le  he eas$re of a! a!'le is 25 ore tha! its s$pplee!t. he eas$re of the lar'er a!'le is 102.5 derees  he eas$re of the bi''est a!'le is 90?  if a! 180O a!'le is ivi e i!to 3 with the ratio 1F2F3  he ori'i!al pri&e of a boo is hp1*5.00 if it sells hp105.00 after a *0% discount  he per&e!ta'e e&rease i! the pri&e of the P set that ori'i!ally &ost hp20000 a! !ow sol hp20000 a! !ow sol at hp 18000 is 10%  he perieter of re&ta!'le with a! area of x 2  a! with the le!'th of 2x is 10x  he pri&e of 'asoli!e has 'o!e hi'h s$ e!ly. he 'as statio! or ere 120000 liters before the pri&e i!&rease. Mowever o!ly 1500 liters were sol . herefore 11&,500  liters are !ow sol o! the !ew pri&e  he probability that a! eve!t = 2  will o&&$r that soe eve!t = 1  has alrea y o&&$rre is &alle conditional pro#a#ilit  he probability that the ball is 6E bl$e if yo$ will raw a ball at ra! o fro a box &o!tai!i!' 3 re balls  white balls a! 5 bl$e balls is 712  he property of real !$bers whi&h es&ribes (5+)-3K -3+ (5+) is commutative.  he 6 thaorean heorem  states that the s#$are of the hypote!$se is e#$al to the s$ of the s#$ares of the other two si es  he s&hool &afeteria raise the pri&e of a plate of ri&e fro 8 to 10. f the sae rate of i!&rease was applie to a re'$lar or er of via! whi&h $se to &ost 20 a! or er of via! wo$l &ost 625.00  he sallest positive !$ber that is a $ltiple of both 15 a! 18 is 90  he s$ of the 20 first &o$!ti!' !$bers is 155  'reater tha! the s$ of the first 10 &o$!ti!' !$bers  f a ie rolle  the probability of 'etti!' a !$ber ivisible by 2 is C  he s$ of the si es of a poly'o! is the perimeter  he s$ of three &o!se&$tive i!te'ersF *0, *1, *2 is 12!  he tho$sa! ths i'it of the !$ber 123.5*8 is 7  he total ao$!t after a i!' i!terest of 8% o! 10000.00 for 3 years is 612,*00.00  he total s$rfa&e area of a box of ie!sio!s  i!. x 8 i! x 12 i! is *!2 sq in  he val$e i! 'ras of 3.5 ilo'ras is !500 rams  he val$e of 3O i! ra ia!s is 5  he val$e of 3a 2 -2b 2  a! bK3 is -'  he val$e of -5 0 is 1  he val$e of 7 for whi&h *58 is ivisible by  is  #ecause the last diits *& is divisi#le # *  he val$e of se& L/ &os L I ta! L/ &ot L is 1  he val$e of the &ar e&rease by 5%  if it ha bee! epre&iate by hp 20000.00 a! is !ow worth hp 380000.00  he vol$e of the re&ta!'$lar soli with e 'es eas$ri!' 1.5 ft x . 0.5 ft x 3 i! is  !2* cu#icinches  he yo$th is &o!si ere 55% of the voti!' pop$latio!. Darii!a has 130 illio! voters therefore 7*&,000  voters are the yo$th
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