Good Old Days, Stress-Free Ways

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1. Good Old Days Stressed-Out Days 2. For all our good friends who might miss the good old days... 70 sen from our parents was sufficient for cheap matinee shows which…
  • 1. Good Old Days Stressed-Out Days
  • 2. For all our good friends who might miss the good old days... 70 sen from our parents was sufficient for cheap matinee shows which normally started at 10.30 am on Saturdays and Sundays - 50 sen for the ticket and 20 sen for return bus fare, makan not included. Nobody paid 1 ringgit for the 'Reserved' seat. Reflection Simplicity and contentment bring us much peace. In this fast-paced and sophisticated world many cannot find contentment but are constantly in a state of restlessness and dis-ease.
  • 3. Whenever we boarded the double-decker bus, we would run to the upper deck to get a view of the journey. Reflection How many have lost the ability to appreciate and enjoy simple things? In this high-tech time, there is an over stimulation of the senses and people remain unsatisfied.
  • 4. 5 sen for kacang putih and 10 sen for ice "ang tau". Sometimes, ice ball for only 5 sen "pau ang tau" and half red sugar, and the other half black sugar or sarsi. Reflection Today, how much money do the ‘modern’ people spend to titillate their taste buds with so much rich food and junk food?
  • 5. Parties in the olden days were simple and decent … Waltz, Cha Cha, Rhumba, Foxtrot and Offbeat Cha Cha. No smoking, no boozing, no promiscuous sex and no doing drugs. Reflection We hear of wild parties and orgies today. Smoking, boozing, sex and drugs are becoming more prevalent. Beware before you fall into great suffering and misery.
  • 6. We did take sweet stuff like candy floss, fizzy drinks, shaved ice with syrups in moderation but diabetes was rare. Sometimes simple medicine was taken for headaches. The young in the old days ate in moderation, had exercise, proper nutrition, rest and sleep. Reflection Are more and more modern young people suffering from ill- health due to stress, overeating, lack of physical exercise, rest and sleep? Beware! There will be a heavy price to pay for unwise lifestyles.
  • 7. Reflection Despite all the luxurious living conditions of many young people today, they still complain and want more and more in a never-ending game. Hardship is alien to them. It’s time they count their blessings. In the old days many people had to make do with tough conditions … ‘bucket system’ toilets, simple bathrooms using pails of water … and yet they did not complain but embraced these things peacefully.
  • 8. In the old days there was so much fun, exercise and healthy interaction involved in traditional games like ‘5 Stones’, tops, kites and a host of outdoor activities. Reflection In this high-tech age, overindulgence in the internet, computer games and the attractions of smart phones can be detrimental to the physical and mental health of the users.
  • 9. We caught guppies in drains/canals and when it rained, we swam there. Reflection How many young people today are keen in ‘slow’ hobbies like keeping pets, maintaining an aquarium, stamp collection, reading, gardening, cooking and so on? More are drawn to the fast world of computer and internet games. More restlessness, impatience, boredom, poor interpersonal skills etc seem to be setting in.
  • 10. We ate some salty, sweet and oily food… candies, bread and real butter, and drank condensed milk in coffee/tea, iced kacang, but we weren't overweight because we walked, ran, cycled or climbed trees so often. Reflection Couch potatoes who spend hours on TV and the Computer addicts take heed … your lack of exercise will take its toil in a matter of time.
  • 11. We never had birthday parties until we were 21. Rare were the occasions where we spent lots of money, time and energy on celebrations etc. We were thrifty and things were done on a modest scale. Reflection Today, aren’t we going overboard with so many festivals and celebrations … we overeat and spend lavishly. The ‘eating business’ is booming! Danger lurks.
  • 12. In the good old days, there was so much racial harmony …there was great understanding, trust, goodwill and friendship? Reflection What can we say about racial harmony and unity today? Is there more mistrust? Is there more racial segregation at the different levels? Have more conflicts and animosity arisen?
  • 13. School life in the old days was more enjoyable, meaningful and better disciplined. We had our share of corporal punishment and none complained. We learnt important moral and life lessons. Reflection Has school life become more of a drudgery, stress-laden with sole emphasis on academic achievements? Has education lost much of its meaning? Is discipline becoming a greater and greater problem?
  • 14. We flew kites with string coated with pounded glass powder and horse glue, and we cut our hand on the string. We made our own kites to suit our "fighting styles". We spun tops and played marbles. There was much fun, happiness and peace in our minds. Reflection Has the modern child lost the innocent fun, peace and enrichment things of childhood?
  • 15. We were the last generation to know how to use logarithm tables and slide rulers. Reflection Today, have we become too dependent on high-tech gadgets to the extent that our mental calculations and skills are declining?
  • 16. For our communication we used letters and the simple old-fashioned telephone. However we got on well without the high-tech gadgets of today. Reflection Have all the modern gadgets of communication made us more happy and peaceful? Undoubtedly these gadgets can be useful but the foolish use and abuse have brought problems and stress.
  • 17. Village folks enjoying an outdoor movie. Life was one of simplicity. It was more care-free, and stress-free. Reflection It is not so much of how much we have, own or possess that determines happiness and peace. It is that inner contentment and the wise embracing of things that come along life’s way that give inner peace and joy.
  • 18. The End May Peacefulness come your way as Wisdom grows day to day With Metta, Bro. Oh Teik Bin
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