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Halfen technical sheet HBT 16.1
  HBT 16.1-E CONCRETE HALFEN HBT REBEND CONNECTION  ã DIBt Approval Z-21.8-2035 ã Type tested acc. to approval and EUROCODE 2  2 HALFEN HBT REBEND CONNECTION © 2017 HALFEN · HBT 16.1-E · www.halfen.com CAD drawings for HBT-Elements can be found in the HALFEN CAD library under rein-forcement technology. All drawing can be downloaded free at www.halfen.com.Following file formats are available:ã CAD - DWG and DXFA free DVD is also available if preferred. Our contact details, addresses, telephone and fax numbers can be found on the back cover of this catalogueFollowing approval and type test apply in this document:ã German National Technical Approval (DIBt Deutsches Institut für Bautech-nik) No. Z-21.8-2035 for HALFEN HBT Rebend Connectionã Type test report no. 4117-6131/14 for HALFEN HBT Rebend Connection according to approval no. Z-21.8-2035 General - Introduction and system description 3 - Type overview/application examples 4–5 - Single-row profile 6–7 - Double-row profile 8–9 - Product selection 10 Calculation  - Calculation basis according to approval Z-21.8-2035 10–11 - Selected load capacity values in accordance with the type test 12–14 - Calculating reinforced concrete corbels 15 - Layout of the reinforcement in the case 16 - Application suggestions 17 - Assembly Instructions 18 - Order examples 19 - Order form 20 References/ Tender texts/Contact  - Tender text examples 21 - HALFEN HBT references 23 - Contact addresses 24 Contents   l  3 HALFEN HBT REBEND CONNECTION © 2017 HALFEN · HBT 16.1-E · www.halfen.com ▪ improved planning-reliability through general building authority approval based on real-world load capacity tests▪ type tested load capacity tables▪ more safety in planning and execution due to factoryproduction and third party control ▪ rebar (8, 10, 12 mm) B500B steel (stainless steel B500 NR on request)▪ the back is galvanised sheet metal with a specially profiled surface▪ dimensionally stable, galva-nised, sheet metal cover with a pre-punched hole to facilitate removal Optimal connections for a multitude of applications with 57 possible combinations of rebar and profile widths. A standardized range of product with element lengths of 0.8 m and 1.25 m are available for the most common appli-cations. Lots of reasons, one conclusion: safety, quality and protec-tion – for you and your company. SimpleSafetyVersatile ▪ simplified calculation concept with only two basic load cases – shear load longitudinal to joint – shear load transverse to joint▪ both shear and longitudinal load transfer using standard type profiles▪ if required a verification of combined shear and longitudinal load in the concrete joint is possible▪ standard type is suitable for constructive connections as well as for static critical connections – no risk of mix ups on-site or in the precast plant▪ reduced case height – ideal for thin elements or precast concrete elements with minimal concrete coverHALFEN HBT Rebend connections allow a simple and effec-tive connection of reinforced concrete elements, which are cast in different phases. All types of slabs, from floor slabs, walls and stairs can be subsequently cast with sufficient bond. The rebar are bent and secured in a case with a back and a removable cover. The HALFEN profile cases are available in different widths. The case is cast into the concrete element; after striking the formwork, the case cover is removed and the rebar is straightened.The customer can select either a single-row or double-row profile. The single-row profile has a regular spacing of holes in a single row penetrated by reinforcement bars designed for the required application; the double-row profile is similar but has two rows. The HALFEN HBT is the first rebend connection with general building approval. The simplified calculation method accord-ing to the approval requires verification of only two basic load cases, this results in higher shear load capacity than previously. HBT ‒ the connection solution Introduction and System Description  Shear load transverse to the case, for example; floor-slab ‒ wall   ApplicationVertical section Rebar type Shear load transverse to the case, for example; landing-slab ‒ wall ApplicationVertical section Rebar type 4 HALFEN HBT REBEND CONNECTION © 2017 HALFEN · HBT 16.1-E · www.halfen.com Type Overview/Application Examples Type 52 × Type 1 Construction jointCantilever slab Cantilever slab Type 23 Type 2 + type 3
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