How You Can Remotely Run Your Business

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1. 3/19/2018 How You Can Remotely Run Your Business - Steve Sorensen Networth…
  • 1. 3/19/2018 How You Can Remotely Run Your Business - Steve Sorensen Networth 1/3 Steve Sorensen Networth ABOUT ME MY PASSION STEVE SORENSEN NETWORTH'S BLOG CHOW TAI FOOK: THE SUCCESS OF HONG KONG'S BIGGEST JEWELER COUNTRY LEGENDS: THE BIGGEST COUNTRY SINGERS OF ALL TIME ECO-INVESTMENTS: INVESTING FOR THE ENVIRONMENTALLY CONSCIOUS GROWTH AND BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: BEST PRACTICES OF TOP TECH COMPANIES HOW TO GET YOUR STARTUP FUNDED HOW YOU CAN REMOTELY RUN YOUR BUSINESS IMPROVE YOUR TENNIS GAME WITH THESE TIPS SMARTPHONE MAGIC: HOW THE IPHONE7 IS HELPING THE COMPANY SOAR IN THE STOCK MARKET THE DIRECTION OF SOCIAL NETWORKING IN 2017 THE YOUNG AND THE PASSIONATE: THE LEADERSHIP STRATEGIES OF MARK ZUCKERBERG Steve Sorensen Networth's Blog > How You Can Remotely Run Your Business posted Sep 4, 2017, 4:41 AM by Steve Sorensen Networth   [ updated Sep 4, 2017, 4:41 AM ] Whether it’s being able to temporarily unplug from the business or actually managing it from afar for a long time, business owners may have at one point wondered if they could run their operations on remote control. Several factors come into play, including the level of operational control one seeks to maintain and the need for business travel. Image source: Search this site
  • 2. 3/19/2018 How You Can Remotely Run Your Business - Steve Sorensen Networth 2/3 WHY MICROSOFT OWNS HALF THE WORLD SITEMAP According to Entrepreneur Magazine, here are some ways to set up one’s business to be run remotely. Outsource A business owner would find it useful to have someone else handle the logistics side of the business. If one is selling directly to customers through Shopify, a fulfillment partner could ship all products on one’s behalf, and the setup could come with a plugin in the actual online store. It also proves crucial to streamline the different areas of business that are not really essential at the core to remote- control successfully. Hire a virtual assistant Virtual assistants could make a huge difference in how one functions in his or her own business. An efficient, high-quality, trustworthy, and passionate one could be better than actual team members and deliver great value. Platforms such as Upwork could offer the incredible talent one is looking for, with a transparent application and review system to boot. Set parameters After building a relationship based on trust, it is smart to set specific parameters when dealing with outsourced talent and other employees. A web developer may be given complete control over a website, but an additional password would not hurt and could limit certain controls to the owner.
  • 3. 3/19/2018 How You Can Remotely Run Your Business - Steve Sorensen Networth 3/3 Image source: Tools such as email marketing, a cloud-based accounting solution, remote IT support, and inventory management could also be helpful in allowing for remote-control operations in one’s enterprise. Steve Sorensen looks into the stories behind the net worth of some of the world’s most successful companies. Learn more about business and sound investment strategies on this blog. Sign in | Recent Site Activity | Report Abuse | Print Page | Powered By Google Sites Comments You do not have permission to add comments.
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