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Technical Information: TV & FM DX-ing, Equipment: Antennas, Notch Filters, Phasing Units, D-100 Converter, TeleRadio News magazine (FM and TV DX-ing, archive broadcasting topics), Archive Publications, Broadcasting Nostalgia, Test Cards.
   1   HS CATALOGUE 2018 TV & FM DX-ING  ANTENNAS, NOTCH FILTERS, PHASING UNITS, AMPLIFIERS, TELERADIO NEWS (DX-ING, TEST CARDS & NOSTALGIA MAGAZINE) TV CLOCKS, BOOKS & DVDs  HS PUBLICATIONS 7 Epping Close, Derby DE22 4HR, UK FOR THE LATEST VERSION OF OUR FULL CATALOGUE PDF AND CURRENT PRICES E-mail: GarrySmith405625.hs@gmail.com   2   LOTS OF EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS! Thank you for accessing this pdf. HS Publications  was established in 1975 when Keith Hamer and Garry Smith launched ‘Guide to Worldwide Television Test Cards’, a World-wide seller. Our involvement in the DX-TV hobby and a massive interest in TV graphics, especially test cards, has attracted quite a following over the decades. Requests for non-mainstream products from other enthusiasts involved with both hobbies created a situation where HS Publications  has been able to offer these specialised products. Today, many products are unique and exclusive to HS Publications . A small selection of catalogue items are featured within the sample TeleRadio News magazine featured later. Feel free to request the latest version of our full catalogue pdf or even comment on your hobby interests or experiences. E-mail: GarrySmith405625.hs@gmail.com Below are some of the many products that we can supply:-   TV & FM DX-ING ã   FM Notch Filter, Rejector, Phasing Kit ã   Telescopic Dipoles & UHF/VHF Survey Antennas ã   D100 & D500 DX-TV Converters: ã   Antennas: BAND I, FM, Band III, DAB & Airband ã   Amplifiers, Distribution & Power Units ã   Band I Notch Filters, Band II Rejector ã   4G Filters, UHF Bandpass, Combiners/Splitters ã   Coax, Connectors, Plugs, RF & AV leads ã   Mast Parts including Pivots, Brackets & Clamps. TV & RADIO NOSTALGIA TeleRadio News (A bi-monthly magazine devoted to TV, FM DX-ing + Archive Broadcasting), Broadcasting History in Print magazine packs, Books, DVDs, Test Card Music CDs, Clocks and Test Card Pictures Information within this pdf Copyright HS Publications  February 2018. FOR THE LATEST VERSION OF OUR FULL CATALOGUE PDF AND CURRENT PRICES E-mail: GarrySmith405625.hs@gmail.com   3   TV DX-ING   Most activity occurs between May and September (November-March in the Southern Hemisphere) when Sporadic-E ionisation allows the reception of Band I TV signals over distances in excess of 1000km. Reception occurs randomly and so you cannot pick and choose the countries that appear. This is one of the fascinations of the hobby. THE BASICS   You need a receiver and an aerial covering Band I (48-70MHz). Most modern flat-screen receivers will provide analogue tuning and cover Bands I, II & III but their wide bandwidth will often disappoint as they will only perform well on strong signals – this also applies to PC tuner cards. Don’t neglect the aerial and always use the correct type. An FM array may seem to work in Band I but it will not be very efficient. The designs in our catalogue have proved VERY effective over the years and are TRIED AND TESTED. For Sporadic-E reception where signals arrive at a shallow angle, aerials installed at heights of around 5 metres work fine. For weak-signal work we recommend the D100 or D500 DX-TV Converter with vision I.F. bandwidth reduction. A reduced IF bandwidth provides greater selectivity (better rejection of unwanted signals) and has the ability to lift weak signals from the noise. This array covers 48-110MHz, a neat answer to TV & FM DX-ing during the summer. The D-100 Converter first launched in 1983. The unit has been exported to all corners of the globe and has received enthusiastic praise in the technical press and club magazines. We can still supply these on a ‘built-to-order’ basis while components are still available. If interested, please contact us at GarrySmith405625.hs@gmail.com for availability, prices and supply times.     4     Lower Antenna: Manually rotatable Band I array. Top: VF-100 array covering 48-110MHz (Bands I, II & FM) + 175-230MHz (Band III). Location: Derby UK. A wideband UHF array was added to the boom for local/DX reception. A pole mast is easy to create using a pivot and retaining bracket (available via our catalogue). The mast can be lowered single-handed in seconds. Test cards from Russia, Spain and Poland in 1970 - the good old days of DX-ing! FOR THE LATEST VERSION OF OUR FULL CATALOGUE PDF AND CURRENT PRICES E-mail: GarrySmith405625.hs@gmail.com
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