Hymenolepis Nana vs Hymenolepis Dimunota

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  Hymenolepis nana VS Hymenolepis dimunota 4 years ago by Dr.E.I 0  Hymenolepis nana :   eggs are usually spherical transparent  30-47 µm in diameter    hyaline shell is thin  contain a -hoo!ed oncosphere.   polar ilaments#4-$ % &hich are ound bet&een the de'eloping embryo and the egg shell. Hymenolepis diminuta :  spherical orm and yello&-transparent co'er    70-$( µm by 0-$0 µm in diameter # larger %  hyaline shell are thic! #thic!er than nana %  contain a -hoo!ed oncosphere.   polar ilaments are absent  diferent ovas o H.nanadiferent ovas o H.diminuta
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