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1. INTERVIEWSKILLS Dr. Cheruku Ravi Asst.Professor Dept.of Commerce & Business Management University P G College,Godavarikhani (S.U)…
  • 1. INTERVIEWSKILLS Dr. Cheruku Ravi Asst.Professor Dept.of Commerce & Business Management University P G College,Godavarikhani (S.U) Cell:9618180415
  • 2. Meaning • Formal or informal meeting between two people or among a group of people for the purpose of obtaining information about something in particular.
  • 3. Types of Interviews • 1.Personal interview: This method requires a person known as the interviewer asking questions generally in a face to face contact to the other person. • This method is mainly form of direct personal investigation • This is called structured interview and focussed interview.
  • 4. • 2. Telephone interview: This method of collecting information consists in containing respondents on telephone itself • It is not a very widely used method • But plays important part in industrial surveys. • It is more flexible and faster method • Cheaper than personal interview.
  • 5. Prepare for interview Before interview • 1.research the company • 2.practice interview • 3.dress professionally and neatly • 4.Arrival early
  • 6. During the interview • 1.first impressions • • 3.Body language • 4.Listen before answering • 5.Give brief answers • 6.Previous employers • 7.Be truthful • 8.Know your resume • 9.Keep things at a professional way • 10.Look for some thing in comman
  • 7. After the interview • 1.Back in touch • 2. Get every one business card • 3.Thank the interviewer • 4.Do not give up
  • 8. ADDITIONAL TIPS • Focus on presenting a positive and enthusiastic tone. • Think about three or four key points of your personal characteristics skills you have learned and relevant experiences • Find specific rather than general. • When answering the questions focus on experiences withflexibility,adaptability,responsibility,progress,achi evement,creativity,initiative and leadership
  • 9. Some interview questions • 1. Case questions • 2.Behavioural and situational questions • 3.Role play questions • 4.Industry specific questions
  • 10. General questions • Tell me about your self • What are your key experiences and accomplishments • How would you rank your achievements • what are your strengths and weaknesses • What is the reasons for leaving current job • How would you describe your management style • Describe the ideal position in our company • what qualities do you have for this job • Explain your understanding of the issues and trends in overall industry. • Why are you qualified for this position • Give an a example how you worked on a team
  • 11. Phone interview speaking • Smile and be enthusiastic • Speak in a conversational manner • sure to speak loud • speak with good tone • When he/she ask the question expound upon the manner. Use the opportunity to sell your ideas and skills and experiences.
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