Is there a reason we should praise God?

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We praise famous painters, architects and brand manufacturers. Is there any reason we should also praise our Creator asks Yousuf Mahbubul Islam, PhD
   Article appeared Friday, February 9th, 2018 in The News Today, Bangladesh The Reelation ! 12#yousu$ %ahbubul &sla%, 'h( )o%eti%es, in our conersations, we %ention *od+ (o we, howeer, eer as -uestions about .i%/ hat could be such -uestions/ For ea%ple, would the $ollowing -uestions be releant/ Who is God? What is our relationship with Him? Does He deserve any praise?  Be$ore analyingthese -uestions to wor out possible answers, let us consider eeryday analogies that we eperience+The world has %any uni-ue buildings designed by architects who hae beco%e $a%ous because o$ their building design+ &$ not physically, we can see pictures o$ these buildings on the &nternet+ hen we see such a building do any -uestions co%e to %ind/ For ea%ple, do we want to now the identity o$ the architect/ (o we wonder how the person ca%e up with such a design/ hen we discoer3identi$y a speci$ic3s%art aspect o$ the building, do we ad%ire3praise the architect/ hy/e so%eti%es label a product by the na%e o$ the %anu$acturer+ e tae pride in owning such aproduct+ 'eople are proud owners o$ a 45erc6, i.e.,  a 5ercedes7Ben car or a 4Rolls6, i.e.,  a Rolls Royce car+ e carry this conention $urther while identi$ying $a%ous paintings, e.g.,  its a Picasso  or its a da Vinci!   (oes this highest leel o$ praise leae us in any doubt about the identity o$ the artist/Taing the analogy a step $urther  let us discuss da :incis painting Mona isa + &$ it were possible $or 5ona ;isa to hae hu%an lie -uestioning intelligence, would it be logical !as she has no hand in %aing hersel$# $or her to be curious and as -uestions lie, how come  am so amous? Who has given me this meaning ul smile?  <en i$ she is not able to see ;eonardo, what should be her attitude towards hi%/ )hould she be grate$ul to hi% and adore hi% $or %aing her what she is/ )hould she e-ually praise hi% $or his sills in designing and cra$ting her/Turning these thoughts to the creation o$ hu%an beings  is there any reason we should not turn our thoughts to *od/ (o we hae any reason not to praise our =reator/ Not unlie the uni-ue painting 5ona ;isa, each o$ us is one o$ a ind  a totally uni-ue indiidual+ And co%pared to the alue o$ 5ona ;isa, what would be the cost o$ a hu%an being/;et us wor out the nature o$ *ods -ualities+ For ea%ple, would the %anu$acturers o$ a 5erc thin o$ including a tongue and say en#oy the diesel as you are ed?  &n contrast, *od says in the .oly )cripture Al7>uran, “ ? you who beliee@ <at o$ the good things that e hae proided $or you and be grate$ul to *od i$ it is .i% you worship+ ”  2+12Chich $oods would be good/ Those that are bene$icial and palatable/ ?ur tongues can test the $ood as we taste it+ ?ur tongues can taste %ultiple $laors {1} , e.g.,  sweet and sour tastes as weeat sweet and sour prawn+ .ow do our brains recognie a $laor/ To recognie a $laor, our brains %ust already now the nature o$ each $laor in order to %atch and recognie a particular $laor@ )o, not only has *od created the $unctions o$ tongue and brain, but also the $oods with a huge ariety o$ $laors+ )o does *od desere gratitude and praise $or creating a syste% $or .is hu%ans to enDoy/ hat about the rest o$ creation/ “ They celebrate .is praises night and day nor do they eer $lag or slacen+ ”  21+20CEust lie the eistence o$ the 5ona ;isa painting is proo$ o$ the -ualities o$ ;eonardo, eery created thing3obDect is proo$ o$ the )ill and *reatness o$ *od+ )o, how should a belieer respond to *od/ A belieer should be coninced and say,  “ &t would not be reasonable $or %e i$ & did not sere .i% ho created %e and to ho% we shall !all# be brought bac+ ”  G+22C&$ we do -uestion the $act o$ our eistence and turn to *od in hu%ility and gratitude, .e ass, 21.21 “Or have they taken (for worship) gods from the earth who can raise (the dead)?” There is only ?N< supre%ely intelligent and power$ul being+ <erything else is created by .i%+ 21.22 “f there were in the heavens and the earth other gods !esides ##ah there wo$#d have !een conf$sion in !oth% &$t g#ory to ##ah the 'ord of the hrone (high is *e) a!ove what they attri!$te to *im%”21.2+ “*e cannot !e ,$estioned for *is acts !$t they wi## !e ,$estioned (for theirs).” ?n the (ay o$ Eudg%ent, each o$ us will hae to account $or how we responded to *od, while deriing pleasure out o$ the blessings gien by .i%+ 21.2- “Or have they taken for worship (other) gods !esides *im? ay /&ring yo$r convincing proof this is the 0essage of those with me and the 0essage of those !efore me./ &$t most of them know not the r$th and so t$rn away”21.2 “ot an apost#e did  send !efore thee witho$t this inspiration sent !y 3s to him that there is no god !$t 4 therefore worship and serve 0e.” ;ogically, all reealed religions %ust carry the sa%e %essage  only ?N< power$ul (eity to who% we are accountable  ?N< *od, one hu%anity+ 21.25 “ nd they say /( ##ah) 0ost 6racio$s has !egotten offspring./ 6#ory to *im% hey are (!$t) servants raised to honor.” “ ? people o$ the Boo@ =o%%it no ecesses in your religionH nor say o$ Allah aught but truth+ =hrist Eesus the son o$ 5ary was !no %ore than# an Apostle o$ Allah and .is ord which .e bestowed on 5ary and a )pirit proceeding $ro% .i%H so beliee in Allah and .is Apostles+ )ay not ITrinityIH desistH it will be better $or youH $or Allah is ?ne AllahH glorybe to hi%H !$or <alted is .e# aboe haing a son+ To .i% belong all things in the heaens and on earth+ And enough is Allah as a (isposer o$ a$$airs+ ”  J+11C 21.27 “hey speak not !efore *e speaks and they act (in a## things) !y *is command.”  All abilities hae been created by *od  there$ore .is is the $irst word+ 21.28 “*e knows what is !efore them and what is !ehind them and they offer no intercession e9cept for those who are accepta!#e and they stand in awe and reverence of *is (g#ory).”  All situations and tests are created by .i%+ 21.2: “f any of them sho$#d say / am a god !esides *im/ s$ch a god  sho$#d reward with *e## th$s do  reward those who do wrong.” =an any prophet say anything but the truth/77777777777 {otes} H {1}  httpsH33www+ncbi+nl%+nih+go3pub%edhealth3'5.002 923
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