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   _________________________________________________________________________ LCA LabPage 1   _________________________________________________________________________ TITLE:Verification of Thevenin TheoremDATE OF EXPERIMENT:30A!ri #0$%LA& N'M&ER:0%('&MITTED &):'mair A taf* (hehar+ar Ahme,* -am.a I/a (hie1hROLL NO:$2020$00$*$2020$02%*$2020$03$ Ta1 $: Thevenin Theorem LCA LabPage 2   _________________________________________________________________________ Objective: Verify Thevenin theorem by obtaining the Thevenin equivalent voltage (V TH)  andThevenin equivalent resistance (R TH ) for the given circuit Introduction: Thevenin!s Theorem   #t is a $rocess by %hich a com$le& circuit is reduced to anequivalent series circuit consisting of a single voltage source (V TH )' a seriesresistance (R TH ) and a load resistance (R L ) After creating the Thevenin quivalent Circuit' the load voltage V L  or the load current # L  may be easily determined#t also hel$s us to choose the best value of this load resistance for Maximum PowerTransfer  THEVENIN’S THEOREM  as a$$lied to the dc net%or circuit may be stated as thecurrent *lo%ing through a load resistance RL connected across any t%o terminals Aand + of a linear bilateral net%or is given by VTH , RTH-RL %here VTH is the o$encircuit voltage and RTH is the internal resistance of the net%or from terminal A to+ %ith all voltage sources re$laced %ith their internal resistances and current sources %ith in*inite resistanceLCA LabPage 3   _________________________________________________________________________ .igure /01 Observations and Cacuations: Sr. No Applied Voltage V TH (T) V TH (P) R  TH  I L (P) I L (T) R  L   ! 1 5V 4.11V 4.10V 3.218K 1.175mA 1.178mA 0.2702 5V 0.961V 0.975V 4.67K 0.098mA 0.0958mA 9.9273 5V 2.2V 2.21V 41.29K 0.059mA 0.051mA 6.8 LCA LabPage 4
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