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Spectrum lab
    Mobile Communications WNW2124 LAB REPORT NO. 5 REMARKS BY INSTRUCTOR LAB TITLE Using the Vector Signal Analyzer and ime!omain Measurements NAME OF THE STUDENT rera# atel STDUENT ID C$%21524 DATE OF SUBMISSION &1'2('2&1)   1    Mobile Communications WNW2124  LAB 1: Using the Vector Signal Analyzer and Time Domain Measurements Obecti!e:   o learn using the VSA and its main *ro*erties+ and utilizing the VSA ,or time domain measurements and analyses- Section A: Using the ecto! Sign # An #$%e! . o load the )./&& Vector Signal Analyzer a**lication0 lic# Start $ %All& 'rograms $ Agilent ()*++B VSA $ Vector Signal Analyzer O! !ouble'clic# the SA  icon on the des#to*-he a**lication chec#s ,or installed hardare to establish system con,iguration and *resets- , no hardare is detected a arning message is shon and the analyzer illinitialize using the simulated hardare con,iguration and associated *resets-he ,olloing ,igure shos the initial dis*lay ith simulated signals and de,aultcon,iguration- , your analyzer includes measurement hardare3 the trace dis*layedill be di,,erent-When you are using a demo license3 the trace grid dis*lays !emo icense3 imited unctionality as shon belo02    Mobile Communications WNW2124he VSA a**lication is no ready ,or use- &. Main Measurement rocessAnalyzing signals ith the )./&&6 generally starts ith this se7uence01- reset the analyzer- 2-Choose an n*ut to the analyzer0 83 baseband3 or ,ile- (-8ange the analyzer ,or the e9*ected signal *oer- 4-Set re7uency and S*an to include the signal:s; o, interest- 5-Con,igure the !is*lay ,or the number and orientation o, measurement traces- /-Choose the desired race!ata- %-Choose a race ormat- )-Scale or Autoscale the trace- .-A**ly Mar#er ,eatures to yield measurement results- Ste' (. P!eset the n #$%e! Clic# ,ile$ 'reset   to recall a <sa,e< initial instrument setu*he selection  'reset Setu-  ill initialize the =ector signal analyzer and many o, its *arameters3 but ill not reset the demodulator setu*3 data registers3 math ,unctions or other instrument states that ha=e been sa=ed-  'reset Menu.Toolbars  ill set anymenu>toolbar customization bac# to the ,actory'shi**ed state- Custom setu*s can besa=ed under ,ile/ Sa!e -  'reset Dis-lay A--earance ill set any dis*lay customization3 colors3 ,onts3 etc-3 bac# to the ,actory shi**ed state- Custom dis*lay setu*s can be sa=ed under ,ile/ Sa!e -  'reset All is a com*lete system *reset to the ,actory'shi**ed state-he ,ile menu also allos you to0(    Mobile Communications WNW2124  Sa=e>recall instrument setu*s- Sa=e>recall custom menus and toolbars-  Sa=e>recall dis*lay setu*s :a**earance;- Sa=e>recall >? demodulation state de,initions  Co*y trace data to a data register  Sa=e>recall recorded signals-  rint the acti=e trace-  Close :e9it; the VSA indo Ste' ). Choose n In'*t to the n #$%e!: RF+ & se& n,+ o! -i#e he  0n-ut   menu con,igures the analyzer to acce*t data ,rom the V@ hardare or ,rom a data ,ile re,erred to as a <recording<-he  0n-ut   menu is also accessed to setu*0  he in*ut channel :hen the o*tional second channel is a=ailable;-  Set u* and control signal recording and *laybac#- Ste' . R nge the n #$%e! -o! the e/'ecte, sign # 'o0e! Set the range ,or the ma9imum total signal *oer at the in*ut o, the analyzer and the system ill con=eniently con,igure all attenuators and gain stages to ma9imize dynamic range and minimize analyzer distortion-  ange  can also be set directly on the measurement grid- ust clic# the  ange  ,ield and ste* the =alue or ty*e a =alue in directly- ailure to set the range abo=e the *oer o, the signal ill result in an <o=erload< condition and signi,icant measurement distortion-4
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