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Artwork & Descriptions
  LAILA NEMER PORTFOLIO             C           o           n           t           e           n           t           s  BiographyPaintingBody ArtGraphiteInkOther 01:02:05:07:06:03:  Printmaking 04: 1 231521273339  Born on September 23rd, 1994, Laila Nemer is an Emira, srcinally Palesnian visual arst. Her arsc journey began when was inspired and encouraged by her family to create a career out of her hobby. She started drawing various areas in her house then it turned to an enre Summer of research on art and design. She later earned her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from Zayed Uni - versity in 2015. Laila has exhibited her work 3 mes since she was in university. First me in 2014, she sent a printmaking piece to Bulgaria. Later she exhibited her senior project in her home town, Abu Dhabi. Then exhibited in Sharjah Art Museum in 2016. Her art varies in styles, mediums and scales. The work is somewhere between pop art and street art. Laila’s work is dierent as it could be on the street or it could be exhibited in a presgious gallery or museum. She is curretly applying to earn her masters degree in Fine Arts with the plan to start her studies in the Fall of 2018. BIOGRAPHY 01: 2  3 Disambiguation I could be anyone but myself. However, I am stuck and blessed with what I have. Kill the idea of judging by appearance. We all live dierent lives, so, allow me to live my own. MEDIUMSYEAR Spray paint on wood2015 PAINTING 02:
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