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learning and memory in birds
  Learning & Memory 2 Neuroethology:  Memory Learning paradigms for two memory types Declarative (‚conscious‘)Non-DeclarativeEpisodic learning (events)Semantic learning (facts)Non-Associative learning (habituation/ sensitization)Procedural learning (skills, habits)Priming & perceptual learningAssociative learning (classical and operant conditioning)  1) Before Training. . . . UnConditioned Stimulus (UCS) produces UnConditioned Response (UCR) 2) During Training. . . UCS is paired with Neutral (“Conditioned”) Stimulus 3) After Training. . . Conditioned Stimulus (CS) produces a Conditioned Response (CR) Pavlov’s Classical Experiment with Dogs:  Classical Conditioning of the Gill Withdrawal Reflex: ConditioningSensitizationSensitizationConditioning
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