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  1. Robert Frost wrote the poem Acquainted with the Night from which the stanza is taken:I have been one acquainted with the night.I have waked out in rain!back in rain.I have out waked the farthest cit ight#he poet in the stanza taks of$a. isoation and oneiness b. %o getting out of the housec. outhfu deight pa ing in the raind. happiness in having been acquainted with the night Answer: A &. 'hich is the ()*# 'A+ to write the underined portion of this sentence$ Researchers aso specuate that some teachers might have given bo s more computer time because parents and teachers e,pected bo s to need computers for future careers.a. e,pected b. e,pectingc. wi e,pectd. wi have e,pected Answer: D -. #he wounded sodiers were visited b the president who honoured them with  for their  .a. medas / vaor  b. gun saute / braver c. appointments / dedicationd. mone / sacrifice Answer: A 0. )ver une2 3ania has its festiva of outstanding Fiipino fims. #his was a pro%ect initiated  b a. Arsenio 4acson b. 5erman 3orenoc. Antonio 6iegasd. Ramon (agatsing Answer: C 7. 'hich among the sounds beow is voiceess$a. 8b8 b. 8z8c. 8g8d. 8p8 Answer: D 9. ;n the heart can see right .< #his statement is ifted from what particuar nove$a. #he =rince and the =auper  b. #he 4itte =rince  c. #he Right ;ned. #he =ear Answer: B  >. ?e was the American =resident who said2 Ask not what America wi do for ou2 but what together we can do for the freedom of man.<a. 5erad Ford b. Frankin Roosevetc. ?enr #rumand. ohn F. @enned Answer: D . ?istor is the witness that  passing of time.a. testifies b. wi testif c. testifies for d. testifies for the Answer: D B. 'hen I met 4iza esterda 2 it was the first time I  her since Christmas.a. saw b. had seenc. have seend. have been seen Answer: D 1D. #he commander ordered his men to hod on the fort. 'hat was the message$a. *urrender in arms b. @eep on with the fightc. Eisregard the peace negotiationd. Rescue the hostage victims fast and ear Answer: B 11. *he is a vision of feminine puchritude.< #his stands for the foowing )C)=#a. 4oveiness b. Comeinessc. ?omeinessd. =h sica beaut Answer: C 1&. #he Nibeungenied is aa. 4atin 3 th b. Chinese egendc. Russian fok songd. 3edieva 5erman epic Answer: D  1-. An association wherein the name of something is substituted b something that represents it.a. 3eton m  b. Comparisonc. )uphemismd. =ersonification Answer: A 10. (ecause the moon rotates on its a,is at the same time as it  around the earth2 we see the same sidea. Revove b. Revovesc. Is revovingd. ?as been revoving Answer: B 17. In )ngish verse2 a poetic foot having 1 stressed s abe foowed b 1 unstressed s abe is  .a. #rochaic b. Iambicc. Eact icd. Anapaestic Answer: A 19. *enators were accused b activists of washing their hands with the perfumes of Arabia. #his state is common known asa. 5uit b. #riumphc. Indecisiond. Aggression Answer: A 1>. It is a coection of reigious poetr written b Rabindranath #agore.a. 3ahabharata b. 5itan%aic. #he Rama anad. (hagavad 5ita Answer: B 1. I suggest that he  in the room for one week.a. *ta  b. *ta edc. *ta ingd. *ta s Answer: A 1B. #he manager tod his workers2 'e have to reduce our workforce.< 'hat did he mean$  'orkers are free to eave'orkers are warned of possibe a off 'orkers have to doube time on their %obs'orkers shoud submit themseves to a reducing g m Answer: B &D. #he parent remarked2  I come ate2 %ust ock the door.<a. In the absence b. In the processc. In the eventd. In the case Answer: C &1. #he cop reader found the news stor boring. ?e found it fu of .a. Ad%ectives b. 6erbsc. =ronounsd. Adverbs Answer: C &&. #here were three guests on the stage. #he were made up of a parent2 the governor and the  principa. 'ho shoud be acknowedged first b the vaedictorian$a. #he cassmates b. #he principac. #he governor d. #he parent Answer: C &-. 'hat is suggested in the opening ine$ une 1-2 1B9 ! the came from a over America ! &DD2DDD heroes strong2 with their famiies.a. #he writer hods great admiration for the veterans b. #he writer is opposed to the 6ietnam 'ar c. #he writer was a veteran of the war d. #he writer is a fag!waving patriot Answer: A &0. A readabiit mismatch happens when the reading eves of books e,ceed the reading eves of the students. In this situation2 the students e,perience frustration and the fa short of the e,pected or desired output. A student who finds himsef8 hersef in such a mismatch wi ike do which of the foowing$a. 5ive an inteigent critique of the seection or stor read b. 'rite a comprehensive reaction paper regarding the seection or stor readc. =resent an argument that the seection or stor read was not proper writtend. 3anifest an e,pected and commensurate emotiona reaction to the seection or stor read Answer: C
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