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LFS 001 Module 1 PPT 2016-17_2
  1 CHS University of BahrainCollege of Health SciencesIntegrated Sciences Department LFS 1 : HUMAN BIOLOGYMODULE 1 Introduction to Human Biology Revised September 2 16  © 2016 by the Integrated Sciences Division, College of Health Sciences, Bahrain  2 CHS College of Health SciencesIntegrated Sciences Department LFS 1 : HUMAN BIOLOGY This course was prepared and revised for Integrated Sciences Department, College of Health Sciences by the following faculty : ã Ms. Manijeh Mistry ã Ms JaleelaAlawi ã Dr. Ailiya Abbas ã Ms. Sarah Sulaiman ã Ms. Mariam Annan ã Ms. SafeyaAl Baharna  OBJECTIVES At the end of this module, the student should be able to: ã Demonstrate the correlation between anatomy and physiology. ã Describe the level of organization in an organism from the very simple to the very complex. ã Define terms relating to anatomical positions and body sections. ã Identify the major body cavities and their associated organs and membranes. ã Explain the process of homeostasis citing relevant examples. ã Analyze the given scenario and answer the relevant questions. 3  Introduction What is anatomy ? What is physiology ?Why is it difficult to separate the topics of anatomy and physiology? Structure & Function are closely related 4
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