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   The following books are recommended reading suggested by Santos Bonacci in his videos. Many of these books are listed at the end of the video below, while other books were suggested within his subsequent videos. Book Title & Author Amaon !escri tion A Short History of the Bible by Bronson #eeler This book is so com elling. $irst ublished in %%, it is 'an inquiry into the srcin and develo ment of the doctrine of divine revelation, beginning with a time when the books com osing the Bible were not considered ins ired, and following belief, in the light of history and a roved scholarshi , from its ince tion to the resent day. (n the course of the investigation it ... show)s* who +rst armed the books to be ins ired, whythey so armed, and the intellectual character of armants- who, so far as isknown, com iled them into the volume now denominated the Bible- what books are now included in the Bible which in earlier days were ecluded, and what are now ecluded which were then included- what councils of the churchvoted out, and where the theory srcinated that we must believe the Bible or be damned.'( got a %/0/ edition of the book about 1 years ago ... and am so leasantly sur rised to see that it is being re rinted and sold here in Amaon. This book is a required reading for 2hristians ... if they want to sober u . Ancient Christianity Writers - The Octavius of Marcus Minucius Felix by 3. 4. 2larke This work is a defense of 2hristianity com osed in clear and direct imitation of 2icero, by a racticing advocate at 5ome of African background, writing within the +rst third of the third century. Astral Worship by 6.7. 7ill 6. 7. 7ill discusses the beginnings of agan religions and the beliefs of the magi. 7e talks about the beliefs in nature and the beginnings of astrology. 7ill states, 'the votaries of the ancient Astral worshi divided into two distinct classes, the 8soterics, or 3nostics- and the 8oterics, or  Agnostics- the former com rising those who knew that the 3ods were mythical and the scri tures allegorical- and the latter, those who were taught that the 3ods were real, and the scri tures historical- or, in other words, it was hiloso hy for the cultured few, and religion for the ignorant multitude.  The initiates into the secrets of these two systems recognied them as the two 3os els- and 9aul must have had reference to them in his 8 istle to the 3alatians ii., : where he distinguishes the 3os el which he reached on ordinary occasions from that 3os el which he reached ' rivately to them which were of re utation.' Astral 4orshi discusses, 'the changes to which the creed and scri tures were sub;ected during the Middle Ages, and at the 5eformation in the siteenth century, through which they assumed the hases as now taught in the theologies, res ectively of 2atholicism and <rthodo 9rotestantism. 4e also resent an article relative to $reemasonry and !ruidism- for the ur ose of showing that rimarily they were but di=erent forms of the ancient Astrolatry. 4e also devote a few ages to the sub;ects of the Sabbath, and to that of 9ious $rauds.' Astrological Boy Types ! Face For# an $xpression by 6udith A. 7ill There is so little innocence, assion and authenticity out there. This book has it all. ( dare anyone who icks it u not to +nd somethinginsightful and delightful in it. The illustrations are so lovingly drawn and somehow succeed in relating the ideas contained in the book better than hotogra hs ever could. The reader gets a real sense of how astrological lacements re>ect how we look and use our bodies. ( found this, along with 7ill?s book on medical astrology es ecially useful in furthering my understanding and a reciation of how the chart describes face and body ty es. ( recommend this book highly, it?s a real gem. Astrological Worl Cycles by Tara Mata This is the @th anniversary edition of the tour de force series of articles in 9aramhansa ogananda?s 8astC4est magaine demonstrating the connection of the astronomical henomenon known as the recession of the equinoes with the great cycles of world history, astrology and ancient 7indu Scri ture. Tara was an astrologer, direct disci le and chief editor of the (ndian yogi 9aramhansa ogananda, author of the %/DE s iritual classic 'Autobiogra hy of a ogi'. Tara?s articles were based on the work of  ogananda?s guru, Sri ukteswar. At the time of ublication in the early 10s, yoga and ogananda were relatively unknown. Tara hel ed build ogananda?s organiation, S5$ (nc., and indirectly ins ired the creation of its largest s inCo=, Ananda, formed by its viceC resident Swami #riyananda. <ver the ast decades interest has dramatically increased as many of the guru?s redictionshave been roven.  Astrotheology % Sha#anis# by 6an (rvin and Andrew 5uta;it 6an (rvin and Andrew 5uta;it delve dee into  6udeoC2hristian symbolism and mythology in Astrotheology & Shamanism to reveal the true srcins of 2hristianity in fertility cults and entheogenic drug use. The authors show, with the use of numerous images, tetual citations, and etymological analyses, how the symbols used in 2hristian art and encoded in sacred tets reference sacramental use of sychedelic mushrooms as well as ancient astronomical knowledge. This knowledge has been ke t secret from the ublic, however, and the truth has remained concealed behind a cam aign to rohibit access to entheogenic sacraments through a 9harmacratic (nquisition Fof which the current G4ar on !rugsH is the latest manifestationI. Along with a call to wake u to the true history of  6udeoC2hristian tradition, the authors call for a return to direct s iritual e erience through visionary sacraments unmediated through dominating religious institutions. This is a owerful and rovocative book that is sure to challenge and ins ire. C Martin 4. Ball, 9h.!. Author, The 8ntheogenic 8volutionJ 9sychedelics, 2onsciousness and Awakening the 7uman S irit Astrotheology A Siereal Mythology by Michael Tsarion 2hristians do not need to +nd salvation from sin. They need to +nd salvation from riestly deceivers who have everything to lose should their congregations discover the true srcins of their religion. They need to be saved from mythCmongers and forgers guilty of cannibaliing and rescri ting the traditions of the ancient 2ults. 2hristian theology is based on AstroCTheology. (t is a corru t hybrid of (rish !ruidism and 8gy tian Amenism. The future of 2hristianity de ends u on this truth being widely known and acce ted. (t de ends u on the e osure of deceivers in high laces who continue to ro+t from the ignorance and blind faith of millions of men and women who, des ite their own resistance and a athy, deserve to know the truth...  Astro-Theology $xe#pli&e by Malik 7. 6abbar unavailable at Amaon Bible Myths an 'arallels in Other (eligions by Thomas !oane !oane resents a candid look at 2hristianity and its arallels in AKK the ancient systems of worshi . This book is com arable to Aleander 7islo ?s The Two Babylons and is very well referenced. The author illustrates his sub;ect matter with various archeological dilineations. Additionally, the author rovides clarity to an ancient diety or religious system by roviding a brief de+nition. This book is a great starting oint for those begining a study into ancient religions and rovides the ste ing  stones to take one?s study in a s eci+c direction. $or the informed researcher this book rovides a source who?s tetbook quality could be used as a foundation for further research. Blac)e Out Through White*ash by Suar Tillilating bits of history that are to ed o= in an eye o ening and concise e lanation of African 2osmology which was a direct source of the resent day faiths that we know of today. The author has great charts with the similarities of the cruci+ed saints worldwide. (n addition, the author e lains the srcins of tribal histories and eo le in 2hina, 8uro e, (ndia, The Americas etc. as they relate to only one source. The book is a wealth of information on other little known to ics which makes it a ecellent reference book as the author has im eccable sources of hisLher assertions which makesthe information dicult if not im ossible to im each. (t was worth every enny aid. This ain?t for the average Sunday school class grou nor the 2onservatively educated. Celestial +yna#ics A Course of AstroMetaphysical Stuy by Thomas 7. Burgoyne <ut of 9rintCCKimited Availability. Celsus on the True +octrine A +iscourse Against the Christians by 5. 6ose h 7o=man The works of many early critics of the 2hristian church were burned by ruling em erors or otherwise destroyed in the second and third centuries, but the writings of the 3reek agan hiloso her, 2elsus, have survived indirectly through his eloquent o onent <rigen of Aleandria. (n his a ologetical treatise, 2ontra 2elsum, <rigen argues against the ideas set forth by 2elsus and quotes from 2elsus? The True !octrine at length.  Through this treatise, 2elsus has come to re resent the detached agan voice of the ages. (n this translation, 9rofessor 7o=mann has, for the +rst time, ainstakingly reconstructed the main order of the hiloso her?s argument. 2elsus? discourse shows him to be an eclectic hiloso herCCa dabbler in various schools of thought, including 9latonism and Stoicism, and astudent of the history and religious customs of many nations. 7o=man su lements this de+nitive translation with an informative introduction, summariing 2elsus? remises and lacing the identity of 2elsus in its historical contet. Christ in $gypt - The ,esus Horus Connection by !.M. Murdock This com arative religion book contains a startling ers ective of the etraordinary history of the 8gy tian religion and its rofound in>uence u on the later 2hristian faith. 2hrist in 8gy tJ The 7orusC 6esus 2onnection uses a massive amount of rimary sources and the works of 
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