Max Pivonka Campaign Platform Student Body Treasurer 2018-2019

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This document details some of the initiatives I would work to make a reality for Elon students this upcoming year.
  To the Student Body of Elon University: Often times, the simplest questions prove to be the most difficult to answer. When people ask why I’ve decided to run for Student Body  Executive Treasurer, it is challenging to state a single reason. There are so many opportunities to improve campus life for current and future Elon University students; there are so many students I have met who I would be humbled to represent and collaborate with. Still, there is one constant that is at the core of every single issue that I would hope to address if elected: my love for Elon University. To me, Elon University is more than just an education, it’s a way of life and its home. It is where I feel I bELONg as admissions would say. From the srcinal walkways in Historic Neighborhood to the vibrant off-campus community, and ultimately, to the future development of East Neighborhood and Elon, one underlying principle connects us all. We are Elon University. This does not stop when we receive our Oak Tree Sapling upon graduation, but continues as we begin exciting professional careers all over the country; from cinematography in Los Angeles to business just outside of Boston, the Elon community represents something greater than just our four years on campus. At the end of the day, despite all of our differences, we are all united through our love for Elon University. This love manifests itself in different ways; sometimes it comes in the form of criticism, other times in the form of praise. Both forms are valid, both are important, and ultimately, both want to see Elon University be a place that continues to grow and be more inclusive for students of all walks of life. Detailed below is my platform. This is a list of ways I feel that we could improve, as well as recognition for some of the organizations and events we have done well in the past and should build upon. I hope that you take the time to read this  platform in order to understand how I think we could change Elon University for the better in hopes that one day, every single student who walks on the same brick paths we walk on every day can feel welcome, valued, and that Elon truly is their home. Please reach out to for any comments, questions, or thoughts you may have. Sincerely, Max Pivonka  Student Body Treasurer Positions/Initiatives    Top Priority Initiative:  My goal as Student Body Treasurer would be to help every student organization on-campus to accomplish their most important initiative. I would work to accomplish this by being open to learning more about organizations and what they are working on through attending various events and meeting for different organizations from different clusters with an open-mind in order to learn more about how they are enhancing the Elon student experience. By working to help every student organization on-campus accomplish their top priority initiative, it will help every organization on-campus continue to grow, develop, and enhance the student experience of their members and other Elon students. In addition to supporting top priority initiatives, I would also work with the members of the Finance Committee to allocate funds to support as many other student organization initiatives as possible. One specific advantage of learning more about the top-priority of every organization is the ability to help introduce organizations with mutual goals to increase collaboration on-campus.    Increase Information Flow between Organizations and SGA Finance Committee: As the member of several organizations on-campus, I have often been very confused about opportunities for funding for my organization. If elected, at the start of my term I would consolidate the resources that different organization clusters have to obtain SGA funding and provide this in a single e-mail to the President of these organizations to either use themselves or pass on to their treasurers. Providing more knowledge about funding opportunities will allow organizations to more actively pursue funding that can support their current goals and objectives, as well as saving time for all parties involved by eliminating confusion.    Increase Exposure of the Acorn Fund, Collaboration Fund, and Fun Fund: Currently there is a sizable amount of money that is not being actively utilized by different students and organizations at Elon University. For example, the Acorn Fund  provides two $4,500 investments to help students launch ideas that can be capable of working successfully over time, whether that is with a non-profit or for profit idea. In the  past years, the Acorn Fund has struggled to get over ten applications. In addition, the Fun Fund and the Collaboration Fund offer opportunities for Elon organizations to put on a large event that they may not be able to accomplish without the additional support. The  Fun Fund encourages students to create a non-profit event open to all Elon students. The Collaboration Fund is a $5,000 dollar pilot program that rewards organizations for collaborating with organizations outside of their organization cluster by providing additional funding for the event/idea. By increasing the exposure of these funding opportunities I hope to help increase the quantity and quality of applicants to provide students’  on-campus more opportunities to learn and grow.    Pilot Student Engagement Fund:  Work with the Finance Committee and members of the University Administration to create a fund that focuses on helping student organizations promote their events on-campus. While there are centralized locations to see events happening on- campus (PhoenixConnect), often time’s students find out about events through additional ways. This fund would be to support organizations who are working to promote their events on-campus and would be a reimbursement for expenditures used to do so. These reimbursements would be contingent on the funds  being used to promote events that are open to all Elon students and provide some benefit to those who attend, whether it be academic or extracurricular. This would allow organizations to focus their funds on the quality of their event instead of on promotional logistics.  Mental Health Resources/Support for Students    Headspace: Work with the Student Health and Wellness to investigate the possibility of getting a campus subscription to Headspace to improve access to mindfulness and  personal wellness opportunities for students and staff. Headspace is a resource that works to create the health and happiness of the world through guided meditations, animations, articles, and videos. This would provide a resource for students who may not feel comfortable using Counseling Services.    ULifeline:  Partner with ULifeline to provide and connect students with wellness and mental health resources and make them readily available for students. ULifeline is an anonymous and confidential resource that can help connect students to resources specifically related to college student mental health on a campus-wide and national level. This would serve as an additional resource to those already offered by Counseling Services.     Out of the Darkness : Partner with D-MAX, Active Minds, Alpha Kappa Psi, and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention ( AFSP ) to host an Out of the Darkness walk. Out of the Darkness is the AFSP ’s largest sig nature student fundraising series, designed to engage youth and young adults in the fight to prevent suicide. Suicide is the second-leading cause of death among 18-24 year olds and an issue that has hit the Elon community hard this past year. This event would raise money that is funneled directly  back to the University to improve the resources we have on-campus as well as raise awareness on-campus. This walk would also help students realize they are not alone, as well as work to end the stigma surrounding not having conversations about mental health.    ENDTHESTIGMA Student Anonymous Stories : Partner with ENN or another  platform to create an avenue for student’s to anonymously share their own stories about their own experiences with mental health in college. The goal of this would be to provide students a space to anonymously share their story in order to help other students’ on -campus who may be struggling realize they are not alone.  Inclusivity on Campus      Provide additional support for BSU, LHU, the CREDE, and other organizations promoting racial, ethnic, and diversity education: The Black Student Union ( BSU ), the Latinx-Hispanic Union ( LHU ), the Center for Race, Ethnicity & Diversity Education ( CREDE ), as well as additional organizations on-campus already host a number of events that promote inclusivity on-campus. In addition to continuing SGA sponsorship of these events, I would like to continue to work with leaders from different groups to find additional ways Student Government could better work for their organization and help promote their events.    Work to further develop SICC:  The Student Inclusive Campus Committee ( SICC ) works to create a more inclusive campus for students from different backgrounds, including but not limited to race, religion, sexuality, gender identity, socio-economic status, and ethnicity. This is a relatively new SGA committee that works to collaborate with different organizations on-campus to promote learning of different perspectives and experiences. I would like to work closely with SICC to help ensure that they have the
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