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  MIVEC Remarkable MIVEC Engine makes power performance and environmental protection compatible MIVEC = Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system The dual-intake valve camshaft enables changing between low-speed and high-speed modes resulting in easy operation from low to high rpms improving the driving e!perience when starting froma stop light merging onto the freeway or accelerating to overtake another car In the pursuit of pure driving en#oyment potentially incompatible goals like fuel economy environment-friendliness and clean driving have all been achieved [Low-speed Mode] The difference in the dual-intake valve lift $low lift and medium lift% and enhanced in-cylinder streaming further stabili&e combustion without compromising fuel economy emissions and tor'ue [Hig-speed Mode] E!tending the in#ection valve opening time and e!panding the valve lift range increases intake air mass and achieves output close to best in class The (randis is e'uipped with the ) *+ MIVEC and the Colt is e'uipped with with the ,  and , .+ MIVEC 4G69 MIVEC (2.4L SOHC 16-valve, 4-cylinder)(Grandi)MIVEC S!i c#in$ Mec#ani%  GrandiMIVEC En$ine &er'r%ance Crve (4G69)
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