Module 4 Nast. Livce (Future)

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Nastavno livce
  MODULE 3: UNIT 5: GOALSAName _____________________________________________ date_________ Class_______________ time: 20 minutesGRAMMAR: UTURE A. C!m lete t#e senten$es usin% t#e &e'( in ('a$)ets and a *utu'e *!'m 1.Ana: What __________________________ (you/do) tonight?___________________ (you /go) out? Bob: Yes, I ____________________ (meet) Alan. We _________________________ (go) to the pub..I_________ (be) an ast!onaut hen I g!o up.#.$om: It%s &ane bi!thday ne't ee *usan: Is it? I _________________ (buy) he! some +lo e!s..$om: -as -ugh got any plans +o! the eeend? e!!y: Yes, he _____________________ (isit) his g!andpa!ents.0.i22ie: 3id you get my e4mail?$om: 5o, I didn%t.i22ie: 67, I __________ (send) it again.8.y pa!ents ___________________ (9ome) +o! dinne! on *unday. .Wat9h out $he bo' __________________ (+all);.Ana: I 9an%t do this e'e!9ise. It%s !eally di++i9ult$om: 3on%t o!!y I_____________(help) you to do it<.In my opinion, be9ause o+ the Inte!net the!e __________________ (not be) any $= in +i+ty yea!s. +2 ,2-2. !ints _________  /C#!!se t#e $!''e$t *!'m !* t#e &e'( 1.A: Why a!e you o!ing so ha!d these days? B: Be9ause I’ll buy /I’m going to buy   a 9a!, so I%m saing as mu9h as I 9an..A: I haen%t got enough money to get home. B: I’ll lend /am going to lend   you some i+ you lie. -o mu9h do you ant? A: $ o pounds is enough. I’ll give /am going to give  it ba9 tomo!!o .#.A: et%s hae lun9h togethe! tomo!!o  B: I’ll see /I’m seeing   my mothe! +o! lun9h. *ome othe! time. .,+- . !ints ____________ N!1 $#e$) !u' *'iend4s 1!')TOTAL: 2 6OINTS 7 8OUR 6OINTS _____________________ 2 9 25  5 6OINTS E;CELLENT2. 9 20  . 6OINTS <ER8 GOOD+= 9 +5  3 6OINTS GOOD+. 9 +0  2 6OINTS O>= 9 0  + 6OINT TR8 ?ARDER  MODULE 3: UNIT 5: GOALS/Name _____________________________________________ date_________ Class_______________ time: 20 minutesGRAMMAR: UTUREAC!m lete t#e senten$es usin% t#e &e'( in ('a$)ets and a *utu'e *!'m 1.I thin people _______________ (lie) in 9ities on the moon a hund!ed yea!s +!om no ..>iona is studying medi9ine. *he ___________________________ (be) a do9to!.#.It%s ;:10 pm and Alan is still in bed. -e ____________________________ (not 9at9h) the ;: buss..Waite!: @o++ee o! tea? e!!y: I _______________ (hae) tea, please0.Alan: $he phone is !inging$om: 3on%t o!!y, I_______________ (ans e!) it8.Ana: When ________________________ (see) ete! again?*usan: I __________________ (see) him tomo!!o eening. We __________________ (go) to a9on9e!t togethe!. Why do you as?.Ana bought some blue paint yeste!day. *he ______________________ (paint) he! bed!oom.;.What do you thin ________________________ ( e/hae) boos in lib!a!ies in the +utu!e? <.$he 9hild!en a!e e'9ited be9ause they ______________________ (go) to the 66 tomo!!o .1.*usan: oo at the mess in you! !oom. I _______________(not help) you to 9lea! it up. 3o ityou!sel+. +2 ,2-2. !ints _________  /C#!!se t#e $!''e$t *!'m !* t#e &e'( 1.A: What will you buy /are you going to buy   &ill +o! he! bi!thday? B: *ome 9ho9olates. A: *he doesn%t lie 9ho9olates. B: 6h, I am going to buy /I’ll buy   he! a boo, then..A: Why a!e you 9ooing so mu9h +ood? B: Be9ause some +!iends  will come / are coming   +o! suppe!. #.A: 3ad, 9an you help me to mend this +o! me? B: I 9an%t, so!!y. As um. *he% ll do / is going to do it +o! you. .,+- . !ints ____________ N!1 $#e$) !u' *'iend4s 1!')TOTAL: 2 6OINTS 7 8OUR 6OINTS _____________________ 2 9 25  5 6OINTS E;CELLENT2. 9 20  . 6OINTS <ER8 GOOD+= 9 +5  3 6OINTS GOOD+. 9 +0  2 6OINTS O>  = 9 0  + 6OINT TR8 ?ARDER
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