Nanotechnology in Civil Engineering Practices

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nanotechnology application in Civil Engineering
  NANOTECHNOLOGY IN CIVIL ENGINEERING PRACTICES DR Nekkanti KumaraSwamyPh.D,M.E,M.B.A,B.E.,Dip.I.T,M.A.(astrology) F.I.E,F.I.E.E,F.I.P.H.E, F.I.W.R.S,M.I.A.E.M,M.I.W.W.AM.I.S.T.E, M.I.E.A, M.I.R.C.SDean(academic) and Professor of Civil EngineeringVasireddyVenkatadri Institute of TechnologyNamburu-GollamudiRoad, Namburu, Andhra Pradesh  CONCEPT OF NANOMATERIALS AND TECHNOLOGY ã young technology whose initiation is often referred to a speech by RichardFeynman at the end of the 1950s under the heading there's plenty of room at the bottom ã (Feynman, 1959) making reference to the immense amount of possibilities of technological innovations on a smaller and smaller scale ã engineered nanomaterial a term representing intentionally produced ã materials that have one or more dimensions on a scale between about ã 1 and 100 nm  CONCEPT OF NANOTECHNOLOGY ã Nanotechnology is the creation of materials and devices by controlling of matter at the levels of atoms, molecules, and supramolecular (nanoscale) structures.  NANOTUBE
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