OB Robbins Chapter 2

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OB Robbins Chapter 2
  OrganizationalBehavior15thGlobal Edition Robbins andJudge Chapter  2 DiversityinOrganizations 2-1  e  y    Chapter 2 Learning Objectives After studying this chapter you should be able to:   Describe the twomajor forms of workforce diversity   Identify the key biographical characteristics and describe how they arerelevant to OB   Recognize stereotypes and understand how they function in organizationalsettings   Defin intellectual abilit   and demonstrate its relevance to OB   Contrast intellectual from physical ability   Describe how organizations manage diversity effectively 2-2  Describethe Two Major Forms LO 1 of WorkforceDiversity Diversity Management 2-3 Deep-Level DiversitySurface-Level Diversity
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